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The Tomboys
The Tomboys (1906)
  • Director:
    Gilbert M. 'Broncho Billy' Anderson
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This subject is certainly one hilarious laugh from start to finish and a feature that will make good wherever it is shown. It is full of clean, wholesome, legitimate comedy, such as makes the whole world kin and abounds in humorous incidents from the first to the last foot. Two little girls are the heroines of this story and one of them is seen trying to, hide from her mother and escape the duty of going to school. But at last she starts off, apparently on her way to her daily studies. On the way she calls for her chum, and the two girls decide to play "hookey' and start off for a day of fun. Their first victim is an old gentleman seated in his front yard. He gets up to buy a paper from a passing newsboy. The Tomboys put his chair over a bucket of water with which a colored woman has been scrubbing the steps, and with a piece of string pull it from under him and let him fall into the bucket. They next pin a "Kick Me" sign on a young dude who is strolling with his sweetheart, and a ...

The Tomboys (1906)