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TV Series
Gigantes is a story of fraternal love and hate. Family, drug dealing and police chases in Madrid's Gypsy underground world. The Guerrero brothers have controlled drug dealing between the Peninsula and the rest of Europe for decades. Now they face one of the most crucial moments in their history.
Series cast summary:
Daniel Grao Daniel Grao - Tomás 8 episodes, 2018-2019
Isak Férriz Isak Férriz - Daniel 8 episodes, 2018-2019
Nene Nene - Clemente 8 episodes, 2018-2019
Elisabet Gelabert Elisabet Gelabert - Márquez 7 episodes, 2018-2019
Yolanda Torosio Yolanda Torosio - Sol 6 episodes, 2018
Daniel Holguín Daniel Holguín - Carlos 6 episodes, 2018
Óscar Higares Óscar Higares - Caracaballo 6 episodes, 2018-2019
Sofía Oria Sofía Oria - Carmen 5 episodes, 2018
Roberto Enríquez Roberto Enríquez - Ortiz 5 episodes, 2018
Eduard Farelo Eduard Farelo - Pérez Estrada 5 episodes, 2018
Xenia Tostado Xenia Tostado - Bárbara 4 episodes, 2018
Antonio Dechent Antonio Dechent - Lobo 4 episodes, 2018
José Manuel Poga José Manuel Poga - Alfonso 4 episodes, 2018
Manolo Caro Manolo Caro - Pátina 4 episodes, 2018
José Maya José Maya - Viejo Elegante 4 episodes, 2018
José Manuel Muñoz Cheto José Manuel Muñoz Cheto - Gitano Enjuto 4 episodes, 2018
Bernardo Acuyo Bernardo Acuyo - Chófer Tomás 4 episodes, 2018
Jose Coronado Jose Coronado - Abraham 3 episodes, 2018
Ariana Martínez Ariana Martínez - Lorena 3 episodes, 2018
Juana Acosta Juana Acosta - Lucía 3 episodes, 2018
Manuel Gancedo Manuel Gancedo - Juez Matas 3 episodes, 2018
Mariano Llorente Mariano Llorente - Iriarte 3 episodes, 2018
Franky Martín Franky Martín - Hijo de Pátina 3 episodes, 2018
Javier Lara Javier Lara - Salgado 3 episodes, 2018
Raúl García El Vaquilla Raúl García El Vaquilla - Gitano Fuerte 3 episodes, 2018
Sergio Torrico Sergio Torrico - Calvo Cachas 3 episodes, 2018
Iván Pérez Rodríguez Iván Pérez Rodríguez - Gitano Chitos / - 3 episodes, 2018
Miquel Gelabert Miquel Gelabert - Felipe 2 episodes, 2018
Ismael Martínez Ismael Martínez - Lucio 2 episodes, 2018
Amparo Vega León Amparo Vega León - Señora María 2 episodes, 2018
Mercedes León Mercedes León - Mujer Gitana 2 episodes, 2018
Antonio Mora Antonio Mora - Antonio 2 episodes, 2018
Juan Romero Juan Romero - Chispas 2 episodes, 2018
Jonathan Maravilla Jonathan Maravilla - Vargas 2 episodes, 2018
Ariadna Polanco Ariadna Polanco - Niña Gitana Ojos Claros 2 episodes, 2018
Sergio Domínguez Sergio Domínguez - Gitano Celda 2 episodes, 2018
Lucía Caraballo Lucía Caraballo - Laura 2 episodes, 2018
Paloma Paso Jardiel Paloma Paso Jardiel - Aurora 2 episodes, 2018
Luis Jaspe Luis Jaspe - Sicario Colombiano 1 2 episodes, 2018
Josan Grau Josan Grau - Pablo 2 episodes, 2018
Raúl Sáez Raúl Sáez - Gasolinero 2 episodes, 2018
Jason Matilla Jason Matilla - Tipo 2 episodes, 2018
José Chaves José Chaves - Patrón 2 episodes, 2018
Julio Perillán Julio Perillán - Subastador 2 episodes, 2018-2019

This is a story of power , drug's mafia , fraternal love and mutual hate that results in violent happenings. It deals with the Guerrero brothers : Daniel Grao, Isak Ferriz, Nene, and their tyrant father, Jose Coronado. The Guerrero family has controlled drug dealing between the Peninsula and the rest of Europe for decades. Nowadays, things go wrong. Gypsy mobster families dispute their drug businesses and a violent war takes place.

Really enjoyable series with an intense family drama , high doses of violence with grisly killings committed in cold blood , strong love scenes, thrills , twists and turns. At the begining it is a simple story about a strange family to do business with dope , but little by little the engaging roles result to be more and more complex and disturbing . The plot spreads to the surprising breaking point filled with massacre and extreme violence. It is rated ¨R¨ for a lot of loving scenes , nudism , slaughters , profanity and violent events . This one deals with a mobster family, as a stiff father magnetically played by Jose Coronado who controls and mistreats their children, though he only appears in a few episodes . The sons are the following ones : Tomas well played by Daniel Grao, he marries a beautiful gypsy woman: Yolanda Torosio, who has a daughter called Carmen : Sofia Oria. Nene plays as Clemente, the professional boxer brother who subsequently falls for the underground fights dominated by a gypsy family . And Isak Ferriz plays competently as Daniel , the tough and vengeful brother who spends years in prison, once freed he seeks vengeance and reckoning. Other important roles are : Daniel Holguin as a gypsy who has relationships with Daniel. Elisabet Gelabert as a stubborn cop who investigates the suspect brothers. Xenia Tostado as another police officer who falls for Daniel. Furthermore, other notorious secondarious giving acceptable interpretations such as Ismael Martinez, Juana Acosta, Antonio Dechent, Eduardo Farelo, Manolo Caro, Juan Pablo Shuk, among others.

It contains a colorful and appropriate cinematography by Unax Mendia. As well as an atmospheric and evocative score by Mario de Benito. There has been shot six episodes and a second season is being filmed . The series was well directed by Enrique Urbizu and Jorge Dorado. Urbizo is fine writer , producer and filmmaker . An expert on moving thrillers and provoking dramas as Box 507, No rest for the wicked, Cachito, Todo por la pasta, La vida mancha, Captain Alatriste and screenwriter of Roman Polanski's Ninth gate . And Jorge Dorado has made a few films as Anna and TV series as The Ministry of time, La verdad, Teresa and The Pier. Rating 7/10 notable series.