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Stand Up: Muslim-American Comics Come of Age
Stand Up: Muslim-American Comics Come of Age (2009)
  • Director:
    Glenn Baker,Omar Naim
  • Category:
  • Cast:
    Ahmed Ahmed,Tissa Hami,Dean Obeidallah
  • Year:
Credited cast:
Ahmed Ahmed Ahmed Ahmed
Tissa Hami Tissa Hami
Dean Obeidallah Dean Obeidallah
Azhar Usman Azhar Usman
Maysoon Zayid Maysoon Zayid

Stand Up: Muslim-American Comics Come of Age (2009)
I found this documentary to be refreshingly different, where it profiles five different Arabic/Muslim stand up comedians. It shows them in a different light, where if you think of an Arabic and/or Muslim person, the first thing that may come to mind are stereotypes such as terrorists, taxicab drivers, but stand up comedians? I thought just like others would be no way, considering what you see on the news, TV or movies.

As a fan of stand up comedy, prior to seeing this documentary,I have never really heard of any Arabic/Muslim comedians, with the exception of Dan Ahdoot, but I found my sides aching from laughter the whole time I saw this.

Each comedian tells their story of why they became a stand up comic, living in the post 9/11 world, as well as their ambitions, such as Maysoon Zayid, hoping to get into acting.

This documentary is worth watching and will have you laughing. My favorite is Ahmed Ahmed telling the story on why he took the role of Terrorist #4 in the Kurt Russell movie, "Executive Decision", despite the negative stereotypes the movie can promote.

If you are a fan of stand up comedy like me, this is a documentary you should watch. Better yet, buy the DVD; It's a keeper.
This is a fascinating look at contemporary America, viewed through the lenses of the media, the place of Muslims in American society, the public obsession with the war on terror, and how this all works out somehow through comedy. It is a strange contrast, how these comedians are becoming part of the comedy tradition by highlighting their discomfort at being pegged as extreme outsiders by most media outlets. The five individuals do an excellent job of relating how difficult and rewarding it is as they find themselves in an unusual position: spokesperson for a religion. In describing their work, they leave no stereotype untouched. Their passion for their craft is contagious, and you feel as if they are on the verge of something great, an historical and cultural breakthrough for the audiences they entertain and for the maligned religion they represent. These individuals embody the best of the American dream, which also is an Islamic commandment: work hard, and believe. The only problem I have with this film is the dour tone of the narrator, who sounds like he is describing a school bus crash, not a comedy documentary.