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Blade: Bad Blood
Blade: Bad Blood (2014)
Creative Work
  • Director:
    Sharife Jones
  • Category:
  • Writer:
    Sharife Jones
  • Cast:
    Marques Archie,Mateo DePaz,Devan Dunson
  • Time:
  • Year:
Blade's mission to rid the world of hominus nocturna (vampires) forces the vampire to mount a counter attack. The Vampire Council vows revenge against Blade, by researching Blade. The council enlists the aid of an enemy with ties to Eric Brooks, the half man half vampire hybrid we know as Blade. What happens when Blade's past catches up with him? The Marvel fan-film, Blade: Bad Blood is an action-packed and suspenseful fight between the day-walker and the vampires; from the creators at Shado Vision Entertainment.
Credited cast:
Marques Archie Marques Archie - Sparx
Mateo DePaz Mateo DePaz - Anubis
Devan Dunson Devan Dunson - Kanibal
Jackson Flowers Jackson Flowers - Whistler
Darius Foster Darius Foster - Skarr
Erica Gray Erica Gray - Lynn (Familiar)
Darin Hicks Darin Hicks - Jaws
Mark Hudson Mark Hudson - Bash
Brandon Jones Brandon Jones - Razor (gang leader)
Sharife Jones Sharife Jones - Eric Brooks / Blade
Shawn Wen Shawn Wen - Shin

Blade: Bad Blood (2014)
Lost Python
Lost Python
"A" for effort and "F" for results. Poor effects and poor acting. Fair enough, it's a YouTube video, but there is a lot of GOOD and AWESOME short movies out there... and this one does not reach up. Credits shall be given where credits is earned; costumes and tattoos was good. The guy that played Blade had the looks for his role, yet not the acting for it. I lost count on how many times the title of the movie appeared IN the movie... 4 or 5 times; NOT good. A plot does not exist. Some of the fighting has "impressive" choreography considering it's fan made. I do love the Blade movies, and I'am a huge fan! Yet I had a hard time to enjoy this.