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3:13 Three Thirteen
3:13 Three Thirteen (2014)
  • Director:
    David Jaure Rosenbaum
  • Category:
  • Writer:
    David Jaure Rosenbaum,David Jaure Rosenbaum
  • Cast:
    Paul Alexandro,Marina Vidal,Julio Lousav
  • Time:
    1h 25min
  • Budget:
  • Year:
From living a normal life to surviving homelessness in the city of Miami, Peter is a victim of the turbulent US recession during late 2000's. A drama based on true events. A heartbreaking chronicle witnessing a drastic character transformation when he is exposed to the harsh cruelties the streets reveal.
Credited cast:
Paul Alexandro Paul Alexandro - Peter Grecco
Marina Vidal Marina Vidal - Beautiful Woman
Julio Lousav Julio Lousav - Handsome Man
Giselle Torres Giselle Torres - Little Girl
Rest of cast listed alphabetically:
Vincent Alvas Vincent Alvas - Park Cop
Sarah Ann Sarah Ann - Older Lady
Celina Beach Celina Beach - Young Lady
Bob Cady Bob Cady - Peter's Father
Omar Caraballo Omar Caraballo - Cop #2
Sheryl Carbonell Sheryl Carbonell - Michelle Wallace-Reporter
Charlotte Curbow-Healey Charlotte Curbow-Healey - Young Girl
Angel Delagarza Angel Delagarza - Cop #1
Anderson DeSouza Anderson DeSouza - Mike Back
Kimberly Epstein Kimberly Epstein - Waitress
Amedeo Falgiatore Amedeo Falgiatore - Peter's Boss

3:13 Three Thirteen (2014)
Having seen this at a festival recently I can't express how much of an emotional experience those two hours were. Based on true events, the story sucks you straight in from the very start. With great direction and an astonishing performance by the lead actor, it is a film that will live on in my memory for some time to come. An important piece of work, especially considering the key issues it addresses such as crime, homelessness and the unwillingness of society to act on something that could happen to any of us. It's sheer evidence that cinema is a powerful tool in not only raising awareness, but engaging audiences on an experience that could quite literally change their lives.
It's not everyday that you get to work on a project that has such depth and meaning. As an actress, these projects are far and few. So when this film came along I jumped at the opportunity to be a part of it. This film is one of the most compelling stories about a social problem that we are all not only responsible for but deeply affected by.

The story of Peter Greco could be the story of us all. Any one of us can fall on hard times and in an instant become the "waste" of society. Beautifully written, this story will move you to tears and make you think twice when you see a homeless person on the streets.

Homelessness in the United States is an issue that has plagued us for far too long.

3:13 is a beautifully made film, bringing the streets of Miami to life from the eyes of a man thrust into homelessness almost unavoidably.

This film brings light to several key issues related to homelessness in a unique, in your face way. It will leave an indelible mark on you, undoubtedly causing you to view the issue in a different light.

The film promotes compassion and understanding, something all of us could use more of. Bravo to the filmmakers for boldly bringing new light to a dark, sometimes forgotten world.

This is a must see film.
fire dancer
fire dancer
This movie was an interesting experience, it puts you in the shoes or actually no shoes of the main character playing as a homeless that losses all.

It droves you into the pain and misery of the character leaving you with a good sense of the point of view of homeless persons that they lost everything including, and mainly, their self esteem and confidence to return to a hard society that is no good for sensitive people.

Love the night shots in Miami streets and the tense and melancholic score that connects you to the powerful message that this movie has to tell.
A touching and heartbreaking story that brings home the reality of homelessness in America. Most of us have come into contact with people living on the streets but 3:13 gives a deeper view into the struggle of those who continually live that reality. Paul Jaure's portrayal of Peter is extremely real and causes you to think- could this happen to me? Watching it is truly an emotional experience and it will cause you to have a new appreciation for life, love, and family. The world needs to see this. It concerns a global issue that I've never seen portrayed in film. The streets of Miami serve as the backdrop for this well thought out and attention-grabbing story. Bravo, Team Jaure.
Difficult to watch but impossible to look away, "3:13" sheds a light on one man's experience with homelessness in a way that is frighteningly easy to relate to--and is based on a true story.

From his gradual descent, through the everyday indignities, minor triumphs and major setbacks, "Peter" is poignantly played by Paul Alexandro with respect and finesse. This is a film to watch with a friend, to help process the experience of it.

Filmmakers, the Jaure brothers, donate a percentage of the film's revenue to Homeless World Aid, the advocacy foundation they established.
I watched this film at Big Island Film Festival. Everyone was talking about this film at the Festival. What a great story! It really pulls you in and live every moment the main character breathes, feels, and thinks. IF you really love a good Dramatic Independent Film, then you will love this Film. The Film takes you through the life of the main character, and the ending is totally unexpected!

It is a Film that stays with you for weeks...that is what makes a great film and story. It touches a very important social issue we are living today, which is homelessness- This film portrays the real issues of being homeless. Love it!!!
I spent the first half of this film messing around with my AVR's sound settings. Music playing perfectly but voices and sounds muffled and almost inaudible. This improves as the film goes on so I think it might have been done for effect. Either that or my equipment is on the blink.

Oh yeah, the film is ok. Not sure how he's so dirty, yet his rucksack is pristine. Also, why can't he fold money up like a normal person?

A solid 7/10.
I don't want to comment on society and homelessness. It is what it is. However, the movie itself is just OK. The first third is interesting to follow. In the second third, it starts to deteriorate and get repetitious. The last third of this movie is very bad. I don't need a movie to preach to me. I could hardly finish watching it.
First, the recession was actually improving in the "Late 2000s" - which I assume is 2008-2010, based on when the movie was made.

Second, while it is not unheard of for a working class person to experience homelessness, it really is more common in addicts and the mentally ill. And yes, I can back that up based on people I have known. I'm not saying it's impossible, just improbable. But for someone making 55K, well, I'm pretty sure they could have found a living wage.

From my observation, the majority of homeless people are either mentally ill or suffering from addiction of one sort or another. Many refuse help, or assistance in getting back on their feet. Obviously, that does not apply to everyone. People really trying can find themselves in this very unfortunate situation. But they are a minority.

I lived in Austin Texas, which has a large homeless population, primarily due to the services available there. So no, I don't find the romantic impressionism other reviewers did. In fact, I wonder if any of them have actually met anyone homeless.

As for the ending, bear in mind it's Florida. There's something in the water there.
Beautifully moving film that truly gives homelessness a face. Extremely thoughtful portrayal of protagonist Peter by lead actor Paul Alexandro whose struggle to survive is both inspiring and heartbreaking and whose story resonates with viewers. Everyone who is homeless has a story and Writer/Director David Jaure brings one to life in this gripping, compelling film. 3:13 will open people's eyes and change perspectives. The film has been making the rounds on the film festival circuit, both winning awards for acting and directing and garnering plenty of attention for this worthy cause. A portion of all proceeds of the film are being donated to Homeless charities.