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Collieu0027s Free
Gunsmoke Collie's Free (1955–1975)
TV Episode
  • Director:
    Harry Harris
  • Category:
  • Writer:
    Kathleen Hite
  • Cast:
    James Arness,Milburn Stone,Amanda Blake
  • Time:
  • Year:
Released after eight bitter years in prison, Collie Patten has difficulty adjusting to the fact that things have inevitably changed with respect to his relationships with his wife, his son, and the citizens of Dodge.
Episode cast overview:
James Arness James Arness - Matt Dillon
Milburn Stone Milburn Stone - Doc
Amanda Blake Amanda Blake - Kitty
Jason Evers Jason Evers - Collie
Jacqueline Scott Jacqueline Scott - Francie
William Bramley William Bramley - Davis Henry
Jim Halferty Jim Halferty - Rob (as James Halferty)
Richard Bull Richard Bull - Nort
Glenn Strange Glenn Strange - Sam
Dennis Cross Dennis Cross - Dutton
Mary Castle Mary Castle - Saloon Girl
Orville Sherman Orville Sherman - Warden
Barry Cahill Barry Cahill - Abel
Henry Rowland Henry Rowland - Smithy
Pat McCaffrie Pat McCaffrie - Barkeep

Gunsmoke Collie's Free (1955–1975)

This episode aired the same year that The Brain That Wouldn't Die (1962) was released. Jason Evers, who plays Collie in this episode, starred as the doctor who keeps human body parts alive in The Brain That Wouldn't Die.

Early Waffle
Early Waffle
Collie Patten is set on being released from prison after serving eight years for shooting and crippling Davis Henry on a farm outside Dodge. During the eight years he left his wife , Francie, and his now 12 year old boy Rob to fend for themselves anyway that they could. The only way that they were able to make it these eight years was taking jobs like baking and chores which included work at Davis Henry's farm. Now Collie is back with an poor attitude against nearly everyone including Marshal Dillon.

The citizens of Dodge still have not forgot about Collie's criminal act and want nothing to do with him. And instead of just living on the farm, Collie makes his way to town wanting to be accepted. When he gets rejected he again blames Matt for his long prison term.

On the way back to the house, Collie runs into a man named Nort that is a dissatisfied employee of Davis Henry. Nort tells Collie that his wife and son work for Henry and there is more to the situation that people think. (this was a lie to get him to come to Henry's farm) Collie makes his way to Davis Henry's farm to settle the score about his wife and kid.

But Nort has another plan for Collie. If Nort kills Davis Henry then everyone around town will think that Collie was the murderer and then Nort could run away with Henry's money. But it does not go as planned.

A nice story that played out well on the screen. If there was any problem it had to do with Collie's hard feeling toward Matt. The writer had a great story of a homecoming that could have played out nice or harsh. But is chose to rebound back to the hard feelings for Matt. A good concept that lagged too much on weak ideas when a great story could have been told.