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California Gold Rush
California Gold Rush (1946)
  • Director:
    R.G. Springsteen
  • Category:
  • Writer:
    Fred Harman,Robert Creighton Williams
  • Cast:
    Bill Elliott,Robert Blake,Alice Fleming
  • Time:
  • Year:
The stagecoaches on the line owned by Colonel Parker are being robbed and the drivers killed, so The Duchess sends for Red Ryder. Businessman Ernest Murphy and his gang of outlaws that include the whistling Chopin, gets hold of the letter that the Duchess wrote Red and hires the Idaho Kid to waylay him. But Red gets the drop on Idaho instead, and then poses as him and joins the gang. Murphy, realizing that Red isn't the man he hired, frames Red for stealing an ore shipment. Little Beaver helps Red escape from the Sheriff and his posse, and they set about to track down the gang.
Complete credited cast:
Bill Elliott Bill Elliott - Red Ryder (as Wild Bill Elliott)
Robert Blake Robert Blake - Little Beaver (as Bobby Blake)
Alice Fleming Alice Fleming - Duchess Wentworth, Red's Aunt
Peggy Stewart Peggy Stewart - Hazel Parker
Russell Simpson Russell Simpson - Colonel Parker
Dick Curtis Dick Curtis - Chopin - the Harmonica Killer
Joel Friedkin Joel Friedkin - Murphy
Kenne Duncan Kenne Duncan - Henchman Felton
Tom London Tom London - Sheriff Peabody
Monte Hale Monte Hale - Pete - Driver That Quits
Wen Wright Wen Wright - The Idaho Kid
Dickie Dillon Dickie Dillon - Broken Arrow
Mary Arden Mary Arden - Stage Passenger
Jack Kirk Jack Kirk - Stage passenger

California Gold Rush (1946)
The Duchess Alice Fleming is out in California visiting again when a series of robberies starts plaguing the stagecoach line of Russell Simpson and his daughter Peggy Stewart. Naturally she sends for her favorite nephew Red Ryder and his young companion Little Beaver.

The way it works out is Red Ryder winds up posing as the Idaho Kid posing as Red Ryder. All in the line of finding out who the crooks are who sent for the real Idaho Kid to bushwhack Red and take his place. That was a foolish mistake.

But it almost works too good and Bill Elliott has to do some fast thinking. Little Beaver actually proves most helpful here.

Another of Repblic's cowboy heroes Monte Hale has a small role as a stagecoach driver. This one should satisfy all those former matinée kids from the 40s who used to pay ten cents to watch all the Republic cowboys on Saturday afternoon.