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Joowang (2016)
  • Director:
    Wooseob Eom,Byungil Mun
  • Category:
  • Writer:
    Wooseob Eom
  • Cast:
    Minyuop Kim,Keesan Ryu
  • Time:
  • Year:
Wooseob, a thirty year-old man frustrated by failing police employment tests. Minyuop who is Wooseob's friend, suggests him to go to a western beach to cheer him up. When they arrived at the sea, there are lots of twists, turns, and finally a chance to have drinks with two charming girls. Wooseob tries to show off in front of them, but when the girls ask him about his profession, he tries to avoid the situation. And a persistent questioning, there is no way to get out. He has to make a decision.
Credited cast:
Minyuop Kim Minyuop Kim - Minyuop Kim
Keesan Ryu Keesan Ryu - Wooseob Eom

Joowang (2016)