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Think Fast
Think Fast (2017)
  • Director:
    Bridget Stokes
  • Category:
  • Writer:
    Jan Stanton
  • Cast:
    Jaz Sinclair,David Lodge,Molly Stanton
  • Time:
  • Year:
What happens when everything you've worked for all year is suddenly ripped apart by a ringing phone? In SARA WAGNER's case, all hell breaks loose. The type-A agent, a rising-star at The Kane Agency, is rushing out to sign newbie singer JAYME MAC when ROBERT KANE calls. Her assistant DAN relays the boss's message: he's changed the deal but Sara is to sign the girl and say nothing. Protective and pissed, Sara makes a snap decision: get Jayme - backstage at a showcase - on FaceTime. Now. Sara's got to warn her before Kane arrives there with the papers. Face-to-screen-face, Sara has Jayme's trust and makes a bold move. But FaceTime freezes just before Jayme agrees to Sara's big idea. Then RING. Sara answers, but it's not Jayme. It's a desperate Wrong Number Caller who misdialed a suicide hotline. Dan gets Jayme back on screen and both witness Sara juggle life lines and phone lines. A ready-to-jump teen on speaker, a Crisis Counselor via earbud, and a ticking clock as Jayme is paged to the...
Credited cast:
Jaz Sinclair Jaz Sinclair - Jayme Mac
David Lodge David Lodge - Hotline Guy (voice)
Molly Stanton Molly Stanton - Sara Wagner
T.J. Power T.J. Power - Dan
Chopper Bernet Chopper Bernet - Robert Kane
Rhianna Van Helton Rhianna Van Helton - Wrong Number (voice)

Think Fast (2017)

Molly Stanton was the original Charity/Evil Charity/Zombie Charity on Passions from from 1999-2004.

T.J. Power played Javier Bardem's son, Leon, in Eat, Pray, Love.

Jaz Sinclair played the dangerously obsessed surrogate mom, Anna, in When The Bough Breaks.

Think Fast World Premiere at 2017 Vail Film Festival.

THINK FAST's LA Premiere is at LA Shorts International Film Festival 8/8/17.

THINK FAST has received an early invitation by Silicon Valley International Film Festival 2017.

THINK FAST premiered in Australia at the 2017 Sydney Indie Film Festival.

THINK FAST has been selected as a 2017 Short Film Winner by Moondance International Film Festival.

THINK FAST will premiere in Germany at the Filmgym Berlin screening at Soho House Berlin on November 1, 2017.

Think Fast will premiere in NYC, at the 2017 Big Apple Film Festival, November 1, 2017.