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Nearly Married
Nearly Married (1914)
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    Bryant Washburn,Ruth Stonehouse,True Boardman
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Russell Shirley calls on Harriet Gorman, to whom he is engaged, and they happily plan for their wedding, which is to take place in a few days. On the night of the wedding the guests are assembled and the minister is half through with the ceremony, when Russell suddenly discovers that the ring with which to seal the marriage is not on his person and is nowhere to be found. He rushes out and finds all the stores closed. He is in despair, but finally, in the wee small hours of the morning, after all the guests have departed and even father and mother have retired, the ring is found in an unusual manner, and the ceremony finished, much to the enjoyment of the two.
Cast overview:
Bryant Washburn Bryant Washburn - Russell Shirley - the Bridegroom
Ruth Stonehouse Ruth Stonehouse - Harriet Gorman - the Bride
True Boardman True Boardman

Nearly Married (1914)
Farce comedy of a lost wedding ring. It is a bit too far-fetched to be really amusing, but there is a scene in it after the sub-title, "Nearly Married," that is worthy a better plot and preparation. - The Moving Picture World, February 14, 1914