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All Work and No Play
Rhoda All Work and No Play (1974–1978)
TV Episode
  • Director:
    James Burrows
  • Category:
  • Writer:
    James L. Brooks,Allan Burns
  • Cast:
    Valerie Harper,Julie Kavner,Ron Silver
  • Time:
  • Year:
Rhoda is running on an adrenaline high. She is excited that she has lots of creative and interesting work at the costume shop, so much so that she doesn't refuse new orders, even if it means not sleeping to complete the orders. As time goes on, Rhoda has no idea that she has overextended herself, both in her professional and personal commitments, until she misses deadlines or totally forgets those commitments. Even then, she doesn't realize that there is a problem as she is so focused on rectifying that specific "missed deadline" while dealing with whatever the current job at hand is. It isn't until she forgets one specific commitment that she realizes that something has to give in her life. That commitment is organizing Brenda's birthday party, Brenda who has never been more upset at her older sister, and who she has always idolized until now. It isn't reorganizing her life that is most important to Rhoda, but rather making it up to Brenda while making Brenda really realize that what...
Episode complete credited cast:
Valerie Harper Valerie Harper - Rhoda Morgenstern
Julie Kavner Julie Kavner - Brenda Morgenstern
Ron Silver Ron Silver - Gary Levy
Kenneth McMillan Kenneth McMillan - Jack Doyle
Ray Buktenica Ray Buktenica - Benny Goodwin
Michael DeLano Michael DeLano - Johnny Venture
Rafael Campos Rafael Campos - Ramon Diaz, Jr.
George Pentecost George Pentecost - Father Flanagan

Rhoda All Work and No Play (1974–1978)