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Separate Checks
Separate Checks (2013)
  • Director:
    Timothy Voelker
  • Category:
  • Writer:
    Timothy Voelker
  • Cast:
    Joe Abdallah,Somer Abdallah,Zach Abel
  • Time:
  • Year:
'Separate Checks' follows its hero Dan, an average twenty something college graduate who is living at home and working at a local chain restaurant while he searches for a 'real' job. After sleeping past his phone alarm, the day quickly and hilariously unravels all the reasons why he has to break free of the food service industry. That is of course if the food service industry doesn't break him first!
Credited cast:
Joe Abdallah Joe Abdallah - Restaurant Patron
Somer Abdallah Somer Abdallah - Restaurant Patron
Zach Abel Zach Abel - Matthew
Willy Adkins Willy Adkins - Mall Cop
Annelyse Ahmad Annelyse Ahmad - Nursing Lady #1
Amy Anderson Amy Anderson - Michelle
Zach Arneman Zach Arneman - Restaurant Patron
Brandy Beauchamp Brandy Beauchamp - Restaurant Patron
Daniel Behnke Daniel Behnke - Jim
Alex Berg Alex Berg - Restaurant Patron
Dan Berg Dan Berg - Dan
Liz Davis Liz Davis - Cari
Harold Dennis Harold Dennis - Alan
Renee Domenz Renee Domenz - Nursing Lady #2
Amanda Eastman Amanda Eastman - Diner Waitress

Separate Checks (2013)