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Saila (2008)
  • Director:
    Julia Ostertag
  • Category:
  • Writer:
    Julia Ostertag
  • Cast:
    Kathryn Fischer,Nicolas Isner,Sandro Piras
  • Time:
    1h 35min
  • Budget:
  • Year:
A marooned area turns into a parallel universe filled with obsession, violence, and anarchy. This is where Saila lives in an abandoned high-rise block. Time and space become blurred while voices over the radio report on disasters and catastrophes . A surreal underground epos with a haunting soundtrack and one of film history's bloodiest love scenes. Julia Ostertag's full-length feature film debut was shot in guerilla-style in East Berlin's industrial wasteland.
Cast overview:
Kathryn Fischer Kathryn Fischer - Saila
Nicolas Isner Nicolas Isner - Suicidal Glam
Sandro Piras Sandro Piras - The Dealer
Juan de Chamié Juan de Chamié - Dark Lover

Saila (2008)
What does Armageddon mean to an anarchist ? The average person would regress to animal survival instincts, but the subjects of Saila are already there, and accept nuclear holocaust as an inevitable turn of events. A fascinating glimpse into the violent subculture of those who live off the grid, disturbingly framed as a microcosm for society at large. The doomsday vision is unique in it's presentation from the perspective of the elements of society most apathetic and least affected by it, from a generation in which nihilism already pervades. Saila seems to suggest a deeper, darker truth: apocalypse may already be upon us.
A dark vision of an age to come and the condition of human minds. Look under the thin surface of civilization and you will find a world full of chaotic emotions and an abyss of thoughts and deeds.

I liked the film because of it's intense atmosphere, the display of human behavior and the original Berlin ruins, where it's shot.

It's not only a portrait of hope, despair, blood, sex and surviving, but also of the Berlin underground, where most of the actors come from. Enjoy the thrill of slipping into psychotic minds and a desperate survive style in a deadly world without boundaries.

Try to see it!