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Falszywe zludzenia (1909)
A young man who had been out all night wends his way homeward. Of course, his spending a whole night with "the boys" results in his drinking more than he is physically able to carry. When he arrives at the door of his house, he tries to find the keyhole. He imagines the lock to be on every part of the door. Sometimes he sees two locks and other times more. When he does finally find the lock and opens the door he tumbles into his apartment. There he gets a warm reception from his wife. Soon he imagines that all house furnishings are double. He sees just twice as many things as really exist. Even when the servant comes in he thinks there are two of them. Before long he gets into an argument with her and he chases her around the room. In trying to escape from him, she jumps from a window and he comes after her. He falls on the pavement below, while she falls on a hook and is seen hanging from it.
Credited cast:
Georges Méliès Georges Méliès - The Drunkard

Falszywe zludzenia (1909)

Released as a split reel along with the western Fortune Favors the Brave (1909).

Everyone who sees this picture will have to laugh, even though he may object to making sport of the weakness of a man unfortunate enough to be addicted to too much liquor. When he undertakes to locate the keyhole in his door there is fun and when he begins to see things double it increases and when he chases the one servant, thinking there are two, it becomes fast and furious. And the last final plunge through the window is extremely funny because the servant is seen hanging from a hook, while the unfortunate individual whose eyesight was multiplied strikes the sidewalk. While photography and technical quality arc both satisfactory, the value of this picture as an influence upon young people and others may well be questioned. Sometimes this influence is subtle and invisible, but perhaps none the less strong. - The Moving Picture World, December 11, 1909