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Dubbel-8 (2000)
  • Director:
    Daniel Fridell
  • Category:
  • Writer:
    Gunder Andersson,Håkan Bjerking
  • Cast:
    Francisco Jacob,Viktor Källander,Jenny Ulving
  • Time:
    1h 28min
  • Year:
The year is 1964 and it's summer in a little rural village in Dalarna, Sweden. The two friends Anders and Börje rides around with their mopeds, waiting for something to happen. Then suddenly from out of nowhere a girl gets off the bus in a short yellow skirt. It's Sofia - a plain copy of Brigitte Bardot. It's like if Anders and Börje have been blinded by the sun. They're both obssessed by sex and slowly starts to figure out how to see Sofia naked. Soon they get a brilliant idea... Why not make a movie and let Sofia have the leading role. Everything doesn't fall right into place, but this is the beginning of a summer with incidents and secrets that the boys even in their wildest dreams never could have believed.
Cast overview:
Francisco Jacob Francisco Jacob - Anders Åhlin
Viktor Källander Viktor Källander - Börje Olsson
Jenny Ulving Jenny Ulving - Sofia Sjöberg
Nadine Kirschon Nadine Kirschon - Angelika
Mats Helin Mats Helin - Billy Pärsson
Petter Billengren Petter Billengren - Stöten
Peter Schildt Peter Schildt - Modde
Christer Fjällström Christer Fjällström - Inge
Ingela Olsson Ingela Olsson - Anders' mother
Johanna Sällström Johanna Sällström - Nina
Michel Riddez Michel Riddez - Wirén

Dubbel-8 (2000)
First of all- my experience from "Dubbel-8" was one of the most pleasant ones in front of the screen ever. The movie by extraordinary Daniel Fridell is indeed about a nerd overcoming the badass. But it has more than one side you know, like most movies if I'm not mistaken? It's not at all "BAD" moviemaking as you put it. Infact I can't understand what you actually mean (?) The angles and the sound, the unknown and still great actors, and not forgetting Fridell's sense and feeling through out the whole film, make this movie one, close to the best, swedish films made in modern time! And that's callad "GOOD" film-making. I reject that it's being called "hollywood-ish". If you feel that poor american highschool-moovies can messure up to this film, that's your opinion- but Swedish filmmaking has so much more feeling, and art, than hollywoods. The one thing that usually make a hollywood film better made, is the fact that they are deeling with 100 of million dollars, while swedish filmmakers have a budjet of about 15 times less. During the last part of the 80s, and during the 90s, swedish filmmaking was not that great at all (my opinion). But this film together with the last few years of films from diretors like Lukas Moodysson and Josef Faras, let us all know that swedish filmmaking is back! PS. X-cuse my really bad english, but it is late, and I do not like the idea of changing something I've written at this hour. ;)DS.
I was knocked out by the sensitivity shown by the young actors through expert direction. The sweet 14 year old boy Anders [Francisco Jacobs] with square framed glasses perched on his face [a Clarke Kent look-alike], was excellent. His innocence was touching. His mother hugged him when he cried after losing his virginity to the young star Sofia, a Brigitte Bardot look alike. As she promised, Sofia pragmatically payed her debt to Anders, for making her famous, by letting him 'screw' her just once -this was sensational.

The Swedish town was inhabited by 'typical 60's wanna-be Elvises... soft versions of tough rockers in a small clean town.

The captured light throughout the filming in the woods and village was scintillating!
This is probably one of the best movies ever made in Sweden. Totally wonderful photography and an amazing cast makes this movie a masterpiece.

I fell in love with both the stunningly beautiful Jenny Ulving and the amazingly cute Nadine Kirschon.

This one belongs right up there together with Lasse Hallström's "My Life as a Dog" and I believe the director Fridell soon will follow in Hallström's footsteps and become an internationally acclaimed director.
This movie isn´t very good. Only filmed home at me, in our river!! and somewhere in Dalarna it seems. With a very weak script and low budget, the makers seemed not to get out all of their talent. The only good with the movie is the photo, and my mother is holding the cows in the bath-scene at the river.

* out of *****
This is another one of those overly contrived "Geeks overcoming odds to become hero" hollywood-ish story.

This theme has been played to death. It is nothing more than another left wing ideology with the weak overcoming the strong. Anders (Jacob) is the typical king of dweebness. He lust after Sofia (Ulving), gets to have his way with her and then finds true love with another girl at the end. What a cool nerd?

Unfortunately, we have been over-saturated with this kind of motion picture propaganda. Nerds and geeks no longer have to fear Darwin's rule of nature. They have these movies to promote their cause worldwide. At the end, it was just another bad attempt on filmmaking. Watch at your own peril.
No, this isn't THE next big swedish movie. If you are looking for something like Lasse Hallström's "My life as a dog", you better keep looking. The script is poor, the characters are heavily undeveloped and the cinematography is full of clichés. This movie gets a 3/10 only because of Esa Vuorinen's photo (superb) and Nadine Kirschon's debut as the young sister.