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Chojin gakuen Gowcaizer
Chojin gakuen Gowcaizer (1996)
  • Director:
    Masami Ôbari
  • Category:
  • Writer:
    Kengo Asai
  • Cast:
    Marc Garber,Sandee Gilman,Wayne Grayson
  • Time:
    1h 30min
  • Year:
Stones of power are given to chosen fighters trained by a master in order to overthrow the master's plan to destroy humanity. The fighters do not necessarily get along even as the world heads toward peril.
Credited cast:
Marc Garber Marc Garber - Ball Boy (voice)
Sandee Gilman Sandee Gilman - Additional Voices (voice)
Wayne Grayson Wayne Grayson - Kash Mizutani / Hellstinger (voice) (as Vinnie Penna)
Carla Hall Carla Hall - Prato (Female), Suzu Asahina (voice)
Karel Havle Karel Havle - Additional Voices (voice)
Shô Hayami Shô Hayami - Shizuru Ozaki (voice)
Nobuyuki Hiyama Nobuyuki Hiyama - Isato Kaiza / Gowcaizer (voice)
Hideyuki Hori Hideyuki Hori - Rampou Fudo (voice)
Hideo Ishikawa Hideo Ishikawa - Ryo Asahina (voice)
Tracy Lynn Johnson Tracy Lynn Johnson - Additional Voices (voice)
Ed Kissel Ed Kissel - Additional Voices (voice)
Houko Kuwashima Houko Kuwashima - Necrocaizer (voice)
Yoshiyuki Kôno Yoshiyuki Kôno - Ball Boy (voice)
Ted Lewis Ted Lewis - Isato Kaiza / Gowcaizer (voice)
Rachael Lillis Rachael Lillis - Omni Exist (voice)

Chojin gakuen Gowcaizer (1996)

Based of the fighting game with the same name on the Neo-Geo systems.

A PlayStation video game was released in Japan on July 17, 1997.

I first saw this anime at the "Bad Anime Festival" at Ohayocon '06 in Columbus, OH. The show was not misplaced. The plot is all action and nudity, which is an asset for many viewers. The animation and sound were at best mediocre. The English dub features Bob Buchholz in an early role I imagine he'd sooner forget. The plot is disjointed and odd, with underdeveloped characters and incest. So if, like the previous reviewer, you are not looking for another Akira or Ghost in the Shell, this could very well be on your "to rent" list. However, if like me you appreciate Japanese art and good movies in general, I highly suggest that you give this one a miss. Happy viewing, everyone.
When I first saw this film, I started to like it more for the action scenes. But as I saw the entire film, the one thing that it had throughout the entire film was nudity. Now as much as I know people love to make movies the way they want to, I believe that directors are using nudity for the sake of nudity. Plus, the shower scene with Shaia I thought was an example of it. The story is somewhat poignant. The scene where the character is sleeping with his sister I thought added to the dark ambiance of this video game adaption. For some of the Neo Geo fans out there, I suggest you check this one out. Although for some of you non-Neo Geo fans out there, I can't guarantee the that you will enjoy it.

>>Pros: The constant, shameless T&A scenes; decent action scenes; nicely animated

>>Cons: The constant, shameless T&A scenes; no point to this movie

>>Plot summary: Based on a video game that only appeared in America on the hard-as-hell-to-find, overly expensive, and now-defunct SNK Neo-Geo video game console, Voltage Fighters! Gowcaizer: The Movie is about a group of Japanese high school students with superpowers that must stop some kind of weird, evil force from destroying the world. That's about all the plot I could get out of this film.

>>Review: If you're an adolescent teenage boy who just went through puberty, you're gonna love this movie. The film's sole purpose is to just show off the female characters' bodies, and they do with great gusto. They wear little to no clothing, and they have huge breasts that seem to bounce in every direction. Also, the 2 main female characters, Karin and Shaia, don't seem to be very bright. Gowcaizer was produced and directed by Masami Ohbari, best known for his great work on Fatal Fury: The Motion Picture, but Ohbari didn't even come close to living up to Fatal Fury: TMP with this film. Masami Ohbari was also the creator and producer behind the Gowcaizer game. Anyway, the animation in this anime is pretty good, and the fight scenes are decent. They're reminiscent of that of Dragon Ball Z, but they don't get nearly over the top as what goes on DBZ. As for Gowcaizer's flaws, one thing I didn't like about this film was the incest romance between a brother and sister. Also, this film doesn't really make any since at all, and it doesn't try to either. This is just a below-average anime film that was made just to satisfy some type of pornographic lust, and that's pretty much it.

>>My last 2 cents: (None this time)

>>My rating: 4 out of 10
No, it's not Akira. It's not Ghost in the Shell. It's a different beast entirely, and just as good! The key to understanding and enjoying this film is knowing what it is: a sexy and violent movie adaptation of a video game! Things move fast, the animation is awesome, and it is pure eye candy! This is definitely testosterone theater. If you are looking for theme heavy, weighty intellectualism, with a deep message and all that, you won't find it here. This movie plays out just like a video game... lightning quick, assaulting the senses, and with quick flashes of amazing action. Throw in a little saucy nudity, some great perspectives of the female form, and some incredible character designs, and this film rises to the top of the genre. It is pure frivolous fun, which is why it can't be compared to Akira, Ghost in the Shell, etc. Its just as good, but very different.
Okay, let me start with the bold statement that everybody is wrong when it comes to the supposed "best of anime," namely, Ghost in the Shell and Akira. These are the freak-show Stanley Kubrick works of anime, and more than likely scare the HELL out of newcomers to this wonderful art form. My approach? Start 'em on some Obari. Preferably Fatal Fury (Garou Densetsu in Japan) or the infamous Gowcaizer. Sure, there's a lot of bouncing boobs and the lion's share of violence, but it's actually a pretty cool 90-minute thrill ride. I mean, wouldn't you rather see an armored hero plow a villain into the ground and blast him through some buildings than see some kid start literally exploding? Tell me, who watches that kind of sick sh-t and actually enjoys it? And where are they? Normal, plain old people like myself don't want cerebral movies. We want enjoyable movies. And Gowcaizer, while low on plot, certainly is enjoyable.
this is kind of a spin off of fatal fury. here, we have a big corporation, weird loves between family members, and generous jiggilation from the babes. now, i know this isn't a very good title, but its fun to watch when you get the chance. the animation is good, the story is ok, and the fighting scenes are radical. overall, this is a title to see, but probably not to own.
The story is hard to understand. The relationships of the characters are in a mess. It seem to me that they are all related some how. But other than good vs evil, I don't get much else. The nudity is a little over done; most of the scene are unnecessary. The only thing good about it is the two energetic school girls in this animation and there are some funny moments from them. (However, my favorite character is the magic dog that transformed into a long hair, short skirt girl.)
Voltage Fighters! Gowcaiser: The Movie is not a bad movie, but is not a very good one either. The animation is good, but the story is a bit hard to understand,either by the lack of production of it or the english dub. Also the movie does a lot of fan service, showing an unnecessary and gratuitous amount of breasts, still its not as much as other anime films. Gowcaiser is an amusing movie, but it can be compared to others like Akira and Galaxy Express 999.