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Four in Bed
Four in Bed (1970)
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    Casey Larrain,Hugh Thelman
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Uncredited cast:
Casey Larrain Casey Larrain - Third Girl in Bed (uncredited)
Hugh Thelman Hugh Thelman - Closing Narrator (voice) (uncredited)

Four in Bed (1970)
This is a standard '70's soft porn production. Starting off with two couples playing strip poker and ending with an orgy on a large bed. In the beginning of the orgy there are four girls on the big bed, later they are joined by one man.

As you can tell from this description there is no story. Whatever 'story' there is, just serves as a break between the porn scenes. The actors are not very attractive and neither is the camera-work. The colours are awful indeed, but this maybe due to the fact I saw a VHS copy of this movie.

But the true problem with this movie is the fact it is soft core. The makers however try to put in as much explicit scenes as possible. This however is 1970. It was not allowed to show male genitals apparently: you don't see them at all! But it was allowed to show female genitals. And that is what we see mainly: female genitals for many, many minutes on end. And these are hairy and not attractive at all. And so this is one of the most awful and boring soft core porn movies I have ever seen.

There are no names in this IMDb entry. I saw a VHS-version of this movie produced in 1997 by Something Weird Video. There were no titles what so ever, except for the words "The End". I didn't recognize any of the actors (it is difficult to tell women apart by just looking at their hairy genitals), so I can not add any details whatsoever. Actually they are not needed, the movie stinks anyway.

I am sorry, but I rate this 1 out of 10: it is a bloody shame it was ever produced and took some of my time.