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Aadu (2015)
  • Director:
    Midhun Manuel Thomas
  • Category:
  • Writer:
    Midhun Manuel Thomas
  • Cast:
    Jayasurya,Saiju Kurup,Dharmajan Bolgatty
  • Time:
    2h 22min
  • Year:
Triumph in a local Tug-of-war tourney gifted Shaji Pappan and his gang, a cute but naughty little goat 'Pinky'. Their attempts to dump the goat, unknowingly, interrupts few groups of smugglers, who are in race for the 'Neelakodiveli'.
Cast overview, first billed only:
Jayasurya Jayasurya - Shaji Pappan
Saiju Kurup Saiju Kurup - Arakkal Abu
Dharmajan Bolgatty Dharmajan Bolgatty - Sachin Cleetus
Sunny Wayne Sunny Wayne - 'Satan' Xavier
Vinayakan Vinayakan - Dude
Vijay Babu Vijay Babu - Sarbath Shemeer
Renji Panicker Renji Panicker - Thomas Pappan
Bhagath Baby Manuel Bhagath Baby Manuel - Krishnan Mandaram
Vineeth Mohan Vineeth Mohan - Kuttan Moonga
Harikrishnan Harikrishnan - Lalan P.K. aka Lolan
Unni Rajan P. Dev Unni Rajan P. Dev - Bastin Pathrose
Srinda Ashab Srinda Ashab - Mary
Indrans Indrans - P.P. Sasi
Chemban Vinod Jose Chemban Vinod Jose - 'High Range' Hakkem
Sudhi Koppa Sudhi Koppa - 'Kanjavu' Soman

Aadu (2015)

The title song of the film was sung by Jayasurya

It is the first Malayalam film to feature an intro song for all major characters.

one of the best crafted comedy movie...unluckily it was not featured well by the media for its appealing comedy.It is a worth watchable movie and became a hit among youngsters especially after its DVD release. The story is unique and and fresh humour revolves around typical characters like dude , 'shaji papan' is appealing.the story is based on superstition of 'neelakoduveli' and its believed power of luck . it is kind of travel movie with lots of humour scenes across their journey back home after winning a goat and prize money in vadamvali competition. the punch dialogues and introductory songs for every unique character is worth enjoyable .it is also expected to have sequel for aadu oru bheegara jeevi anu.
Plus: 1. Aju Varghese cameo 2. Theme song of characters

Minus: 1. No story 2. Crass jokes 3. Bad screenplay 4. Confusing

Verdict: Aadu oru bheekara cinema aanu.
Aadu doesn't have significant story, neither logic! And it was not at all the aim of its makers to deliver through the film! So, if you're looking for a film with good story that will live in your heart even after watching it, Aadu is not for you! Sole purpose of the film is to make the viewers laugh, laugh again and again..! And they succeeded! Along with them all the actors did the exceptional job too!
Slapstick is all that you will find in Midhun Manuel Thomas's debut directorial, Aadu. I was forced to catch this film after they released a sequel to a staggering success in 2017, but I am still not convinced if Aadu is a film that I can relate with. Jayasurya plays Shaji Paapan, the head of a motley crew of dimwits who receive a youngling goat as prize after they win a game of tug-of-war. Unable to decide what they should do with this undesired prize, they end up at the wrong places. Soon they find themselves entangled in a web of mad events as people from different walks of life scramble to find a mysterious thing only known as "Neela Koduveli". The intro songs that have been produced for each major character is something that will make you laugh and it arguably stays the number one highlight of the film, the second being the electric performances of the entire cast. There is occasional comic dialogues and pop culture references that can amuse the informed audience, but Aadu is largely a film made for people who enjoy mindless comedies. It's non-stop if you look at it that way, otherwise Thomas's debut venture, Aadu, is an average affair, much below his second outing, Ann Maria Kalipillanu (2016). TN.