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Bad Night
Bad Night (2015)
  • Director:
    Chris Riedell,Nick Riedell
  • Category:
  • Writer:
    Daniel Kinno
  • Cast:
    Lauren Elizabeth,Jenn McAllister,Julianna Guill
  • Time:
    1h 32min
  • Year:
When Kate and Abby are mistaken for famous art thieves, their fun night out quickly goes from good to bad.
Cast overview, first billed only:
Lauren Elizabeth Lauren Elizabeth - Kate
Jenn McAllister Jenn McAllister - Abby
Julianna Guill Julianna Guill - Viceroy
Judy Marte Judy Marte - Monarch
Owen H.M. Smith Owen H.M. Smith - Wheels (as Owen Smith)
Gareth Reynolds Gareth Reynolds - Brian
Matt Walsh Matt Walsh - Ari
Molly Ringwald Molly Ringwald - The Collector
June Diane Raphael June Diane Raphael - Mrs. Goldstein
Ted Travelstead Ted Travelstead - Bear
Eric Edelstein Eric Edelstein - Skull
Jayson Paul Jayson Paul - Knuckles
Mikey Bolts Mikey Bolts - Jesse (as Michael Balalis)
Jade Bender Jade Bender - Jessie
John Mark Loudermilk John Mark Loudermilk - Chad

Bad Night (2015)

First feature film for YouTubers Jenn McAllister (JennxPenn) and Lauren Elizabeth.

Casey Wilson, the tattoo artist and adam patty who plays the painter, previously worked together on the show Happy Endings before it was canceled.

This is a low-budget screwball comedy. It's very far from something like Bringing Up Baby, but I was surprised how much I enjoyed it (except for the 'gag' involving bodily functions - why do so many movies insist on including this?).

The plot isn't nearly as involved as a classic screwball comedy, but it's still amusing. The leads are inexperienced but have a charming offhand manner and are clearly enjoying themselves: it may lack polish but enthusiasm can make up for a lot of rough edges.

Anyway, the plot is a bit of fluff about mistaken identities (and barf), and there is almost no tension, but there are some good lines, the supporting cast is at least competent, I imagine it will give you a few laughs.
Followed Facebook recommendations and bought this movie. Bravo. It's amazing that kids can go from posting on YouTube to actual films like this. I knew an Bout jennxpenn but I hadn't heard of the other girl Lauren. Well done movie with some hilarious one liners and characters. Don't want to spoil anything but they do have some scenes like the U.S. Ride that had me rolling on the floor. They could have done more with the trailer. Honestly the trailer made me second guess watching the film. All in all worth it. You do have to set up a Vimeo account but then you're good to go. Wish I could get the movie in HD 4K instead of 720p but that Apple TV fault I believe.
Уou ll never walk alone
Уou ll never walk alone
The first half of the movie is cringe-inducing and uncomfortable, but sticking through it gave me an entertaining second half, where the movie becomes a goofy action-comedy. The supporting characters in the first half are unbearable, but the supporting characters that show up in the second half are all pretty good. Unfortunately, the lead two girls end up being the weakest characters in comparison. Jenn McAllister is enjoyable enough on YouTube, but in this movie she really can't act. Lauren Luthringhausen is decent enough, though. The plot is annoyingly confusing at times. I recommend it only if you enjoy dumb movies.
The acting in this is mostly forgettable to say the least. The story is kind of funny for a B-movie and does what it has to. The fact that all is hanging from names for butterflies is almost ridiculous. On the other hand, that should not really be an obstacle for having fun while watching this movie.

Coincidences aside (and yeah there are a lot of them), low IQ criminals, a school trip and a lot of money. Not to mention a twist regarding 2 of the characters. I didn't really care about it and I don't know if anyone is really shocked about it. There have been worse movies, so this is kind of decent enough ...
A budget two girls in the inner city adventure movie that will stir your interest, make you laugh, make you smile, and want to see it again!

Abby and Kate are on an art appreciation high school class field trip. The class must spend one night in the city (due to a rather funny and messy circumstance). Our two adventurous girls are not about to spend a night in L. A. in a motel room. So they sneak out of their motel room to have fun in the city. Right from the start - unknown to them - they are unintentionally mixed in with 'the wrong crowd'.

It's funny, with suspense. There are goofy bad guys. And if you watch all the way to the end there is a little moral message given - tell the truth, nobody is going to believe you.

This flick was on a budget but the actors, plot, dialog, and 'look' of the movie are first class and well worth watching! Jenn McAllister is so cute!