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Prize Whores
Prize Whores (2002)
  • Director:
    Jett Garrison
  • Category:
  • Writer:
    Jett Garrison
  • Time:
    1h 15min
  • Budget:
  • Year:
"It's like Hands on a Hardbody meets Trekkies!" See what happens when Austin DJ & first time filmmaker Jenn Garrison turns the camera onto the world of radio to learn more about the industry's unique groupies. PrizeWhores is a documentary about a group of people who have formed their own 'community' based upon their extreme hobby of attending radio-station remotes, movie premiers and rock concerts. They coordinate their lives based upon these events. They are actually called 'prizewhores' by the staff of the radio stations, music venues and movie houses they frequent. As you will learn, winning is fun. But, it aint the only thing.

Prize Whores (2002)
This little gem of a film is a fast paced and entertaining romp. The camera work is completely satisfy for a bunch of first timers. The audio may hit a few weak spots but you will never miss a word of dialog. The characters unfold as if it where a mocumentary but it is the real deal. The "Prize Whores" are at first willing participants in a documentary about the business of radio but they soon find out they are the main reason for the cameras. The deception works to get the ball rolling. The filmmakers even stops to ask themselves "are we doing something wrong here" but they aren't. They are simply rolling film on a segment of society that has escaped the consciousness of the masses up until this point. There are Prize Whores and now you know... It is visually satisfying and the characters are stranger than fiction, so you know it's real. Spend an evening with Prize Whores, you will feel better when it's over.