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The Sandman
Naked City The Sandman (1958–1963)
TV Episode
  • Director:
    John Brahm
  • Category:
  • Writer:
    Louis Salaman
  • Cast:
    James Franciscus,Horace McMahon,Harry Bellaver
  • Time:
  • Year:
Halloran goes undercover at a construction yard to see if he can find a connection between a mob-hit victim and the mobster who likely ordered the hit. He discovers an odd relationship between a benevolent man and a punch-drunk ex-boxer.
Episode credited cast:
James Franciscus James Franciscus - Det. Jimmy Halloran
Horace McMahon Horace McMahon - Det Lt. Michael 'Mike' Parker
Harry Bellaver Harry Bellaver - Det. Frank Arcaro
Mike Kellin Mike Kellin - Billy Ketch
Will Kuluva Will Kuluva - Farmer
Fred Irving Lewis Fred Irving Lewis - Maneri
Vincent Van Lynn Vincent Van Lynn - Robbins
Gordon Peters Gordon Peters - Lab Technician (as Gordon G. Peters)
Rest of cast listed alphabetically:
Herbert B. Leonard Herbert B. Leonard - Narrator (voice) (as Bert Leonard)

Naked City The Sandman (1958–1963)
***SPOILERS*** Interesting take off from the the Stinebeck novel "Of Men & Mice" with the punch drunk ex-pug Billy Ketch, Mike Kellin, always kvetching, complaining in Yiddish, about what a raw deal he got for throwing a fight for mobster Gus Schwartz that ended up getting him a lifetime suspension from boxing. Still doing odd jobs for Gus Ketch is caught by Officer Burg trying to dump a body of a murdered hood, by Gus' mob, into the East River. It confronting Officer Burg Ketch belts him and knocks him cold ending up off the pier and going underwater to his watery grave.

It's back at the flop house that Ketch confides to his good friend and protector as well as room-mate Farmer, Will Kuluva, what he did as if it, the murder of a policeman, was nothing more to him then a ticket for speeding. Farmer knowing what kind of trouble his brain damaged friend is into tries to get him to skip town and wait until the heat, police, is off for him to come back. While all this is going on the NYPD in zeroing in on Ketch plants Det. James Hollarn, James Franciscus, at the dock gravel pit that both Ketch & Farmer work at. This if anything gets Ketch very angry in feeling that he's losing his good friend & protector, and possible lover, to Det. Hollaran who really has absolutely, as a friend lover or life partner, no interest in him at all!

***SPOILER*** It's when Farmer is forced by Det. Hollaron to rat out Ketch in order to have him turn himself in for the murder of Officer Burg and, by proving he's mentally challenged, get a light sentence in a mental institution not hard time in a state penitentiary that things turn deadly. This leads the deeply hurt and feeling betrayed Ketch to go bananas and attack Farmer fracturing his skull with a shovel, thus killing him, at then attacking Det. Hollaran, who by now blew his cover, in revenge for him stealing Framer away from him. It's a sad ending for Ketch with him now behind bars for life for double murder and having his best friend , Farmer, no longer around to talk and confide to. But with only the four walls that he's confined to bang his brain damaged head against.