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Insidious (2010)
  • Director:
    James Wan
  • Category:
  • Writer:
    Leigh Whannell
  • Cast:
    Patrick Wilson,Rose Byrne,Ty Simpkins
  • Time:
    1h 43min
  • Budget:
  • Year:
A gripping story of a family in search of help for their son, Dalton, who fell into a coma after a mysterious incident in the attic. Little do they know that there is much more to this endless sleep than meets the eye as they explore the paranormal, and rediscover the past; the key to getting their son back once and for all.
Cast overview, first billed only:
Patrick Wilson Patrick Wilson - Josh Lambert
Rose Byrne Rose Byrne - Renai Lambert
Ty Simpkins Ty Simpkins - Dalton Lambert
Lin Shaye Lin Shaye - Elise Rainier
Leigh Whannell Leigh Whannell - Specs
Angus Sampson Angus Sampson - Tucker
Barbara Hershey Barbara Hershey - Lorraine Lambert
Andrew Astor Andrew Astor - Foster Lambert
Corbett Tuck Corbett Tuck - Nurse Adele / Doll Girl #2
Heather Tocquigny Heather Tocquigny - Nurse Kelly
Ruben Pla Ruben Pla - Dr. Sercarz
John Henry Binder John Henry Binder - Father Martin
Joseph Bishara Joseph Bishara - Lipstick-Face Demon
Philip Friedman Philip Friedman - Old Woman
J. LaRose J. LaRose - Long Haired Fiend

Insidious (2010)

The film was shot in just three weeks.

Thirty-three violins were used for the theme music.

The film was originally going to be named "The Further."

In 2015, there was an Insidious-themed maze at Universal Studios, Orlando for the annual event of Halloween Horror Nights. The maze was based on the three "Insidious" films released at the time.

Director Trademark (James Wan): [puppet]: (At around 30 minutes) When Josh is in the classroom, on the chalkboard behind him, the name "James Wan" can be clearly seen, as well as a drawing of Billy, the puppet from Wan's Pjuklas (2004), with the number "8" written under it.

Ethan Hawke turned down the role of Josh Lambert.

The film won two Fright Meter Awards in 2011, Best Horror Movie and Best Supporting Actress for Lin Shaye.

James Wan, who directed both Insidious 1 & 2 and The Conjuring 1 & 2, had The Conjuring franchise in mind, while directing the first Insidious movie. A number of coherent points can be spotted in both the first and the second Insidious movies

(At around 30 minutes) When Josh Lambert (Patrick Wilson) is dismissing his class, the names "Yesim Osman" and "Leslie Borchard" can be seen written on the chalkboard. Leslie Borchard was a hairstylist for this film, and Yesim 'Shimmy' Osman was the hair department head.

During the record player scene, the little boy can be seen facing the wall in the cloak room.

This was the first film distributed by Filmdistrict.

Josh's mother in the film is named Lorraine. Coincidentally, Patrick Wilson (Josh) would later go on to play Ed Warren, husband of Lorraine Warren, in "The Conjuring", which was also directed by James Wan.

This is the second project involving horror where Barbara Hershey stars in, after The Entity (1982). In that film, Carla Moran (Hershey) is pursued by an evil being. Curiously, in this movie, her son Josh, played by Patrick Wilson, is pursued by an evil being.

The second time Lin Shaye appeared in a movie about the afterlife. She was the high school teacher in Kosmaras Guobu gatveje (1984).

In this movie, as well as its sequel, Tunas tamsoje: antra dalis (2013), Josh Lambert (Patrick Wilson) is pursued by ghosts who want to invade his physical body. This is the opposite way of A Gifted Man (2011), where Michael Holt (Patrick Wilson) is capable of seeing Anna Paul's ghost (Jennifer Ehle), in order to better him as a doctor and a person.

In the opening scene where Dalton and Renai are looking through the photo album, they are both wearing the same pajamas.

Barbara Hershey's name would later be mentioned in the future movie Spy 5 years later (the film which also starts Rose Byrne.

Although the Old Woman demon is played by a man, it was not until they started working on the sequel that the filmmakers decided that the character was actually a man dressed as a woman.

The composer, Joseph Bishara, also acts in the film, playing the demon who tries to take Dalton's soul (Lipstick-Face Demon).

(At around 1 hour and 12 minutes) Josh looks through several pictures of his younger self when he finds out that he can astral project. In one of them, he can be seen carrying a dog, which belongs to director James Wan.

In the scene where Dalton sheets are covered in red handprints, it is mistaken for blood, but is actually red lipstick. The red faced demon (known as the "lipstick demon", using his hands to apply his "signature red look") leaves the handprints, showing how close he already was to Dalton at this point in the film.

I went into this movie confident that it would be a cheesy, campy romp with the same "tried and true tricks of the trade," like when the hero is investigating the creepy music coming from the basement and a cat jumps into frame, but I quickly discovered that this would not be case with Insidious. After watching the move and obsessing on it for about 12 hours now, I can honestly say it's one of the scariest movies I've ever seen. In fact, there were several points during the film where I screamed like a 13-year old girl at a Justin Beiber concert. Keep in mind I was consciously trying my hardest to keep my composure, mainly because I was sitting beside my new girlfriend of 2 months. She, incidentally, didn't make a peep; thankfully, I later found out she had her eyes closed the whole time.

I was also expecting to see some blood and guts, especially coming from the guys who made Saw, but there wasn't a drop. Instead, they used just about everything else in their arsenal to scare the bejesus out of me and everyone else in the theater (my girlfriend included). From literally the opening credits, they created an intense, haunting tension that didn't leave my body till several whiskeys and half a Xanax later. And the movie constantly feeds that tension, making even the characters' mundane family life somehow seem utterly terrifying. I was actually exhausted leaving the theater from all of the uncomfortable squirming I was unable to control. I'd say it's the most calories I've ever burned while watching a movie (well, at least a PG-13 movie).

Overall, the movie was great. It was crazy scary, thoroughly entertaining, and even surprisingly funny at times. Having said that, it will be quite some time before I watch another horror movie; I have no desire to be turned into a frazzled bundle of nerves again anytime soon. So, if you plan on seeing this movie, please consider this a cautionary reminder: it's probably best to go with someone who's already witnessed you have a complete physical and mental breakdown, so as to avoid an embarrassing drive home. And maybe bring a Xanax as well.
Of all the genre's that Hollywood has to offer, the most tattered of the bunch is without a doubt the horror department. I am so sick of these wannabe 'so called' horror flicks that belong on late night lifetime channel. Im sick of the same old parlor tricks and scare tactics that have been used for the past 10 years. And i am even more sickened by the fact that they keep making the same crap year after year. You would figure after great horror flicks like "The Decent" and "Paranormal Activity", studios would start realizing what actually works and what audiences want to see. Hopefully in the coming years, this genre' will come back to life.

When it comes to horror movies, i think the two most crucial elements are the cinematography, and the musical score. Actually, i prefer there to be no music at all. Almost all the great horror movies never use it, because they rely on scaring the audience with disturbing images, not raised music that makes everyone jump. If i want that, I'll go to a haunted house. When i go to see a horror flick, i want it to leave a lasting impression. However, movies like this are the one exception.

This film had such amazing cinematography, that i didn't even care about those 'raised music' sequences. I rarely get creeped out at the theater, and this movie scared the crap out of me. I'm talking' sweaty palms, eyes wide open, my body sunk all the way down in my chair scared. And for those of you who have read my reviews in the past, i hardly ever say that about a horror flick. And what really sold it was the cinematography. This film is packed with tons of really creepy and disturbing images. So much in fact, that you will hate walking into your dark house alone. Yes, they do use the same scare tactics, but since everything in the movie looked so damn creepy and demented, i for once didn't want the lead female to hurry up and open the basement door and get it over with.

The storyline is pretty decent. It's not an amazing concept or genuinely creepy on it's own. But it does a decent enough of a job to keep your interest and sell what your seeing unfold on screen. And it's safe to say that this is a very different take on your typical haunted house.

Bottom Line......holy crap, i just realized that this movie is only PG-13. Is it possible for a movie to be scary as hell and only be rated PG-13? The answer is yes, and this is a prime example of that. You know when a horror movie has done it's job? It's when it scares you both in the theater, and hours later when you try to sleep at night. Tonight, i will have lots of trouble sleeping. I can easily say that this will probably be the best horror movie of the year.
The film Insidious has done something many horror movies have failed to do recently, and that is to be scary.

Insidious has a lot of really intense moments that scare, and then grab hold of you. Its not entirely made up of "make you jump" scenes, which it does have, but scenes with genuine horror.

Insidious has taken a risk with doing something original, and It works here for them. Without giving anything away the movie does not just talk about whats scary, or show the the aftermath of something going on in a room that you can only hear until its over and the door magically unlocks. Insidious shows you whats scary, and quite often reminds you whats there, and waiting in the dark.
When I first saw a preview for this movie, I knew it looked like it had potential. It had been a while since I saw a decent scary movie so I was looking forward to it. I went into it expecting some scares but nothing too bad. Wrong. This movie scared me out of my wits. I don't think I have ever jumped more during any other scary movie. The audience was spooked too. I saw many other people jumping out of their seats and even heard a few actual screams.

What I loved about this movie was that it actually tries to scare you, not gross you out. The images are frightening for sure. Insidious doesn't waste any time trying to creep you out. The scares already start with the opening credits. I sure was not expecting this to be one of the scariest movies i've seen but it lives up to that. That being said, I don't think I'd have the guts to see it again!
I went to an early screening of the movie last night and I'm not exaggerating when I say that I felt like a little child watching The Exorcist for the first time. James Wan did a very impressive for only an $800,000 budget for this movie. If you're going in the theatre expecting to see the typical, run of the mill, haunted house flick you will be sadly mistaken and surprisingly pleased at the same time.

The parts that I liked most about the film is the detailing. Everything in the movie means something no matter how small and I love that when the suspense builds up for the audience to be scared, you won't be disappointed to find its just the dog or the tree brushing against the window....it will definitely be something to be scared of. The people sitting beside me kept laughing at me because whenever the suspense would build I would say to myself "uh uh....uh uh".

But enough of my rambling, the plot was definitely original and James Wan and Leigh Schanell definitely succeeded in bringing the audience something scary, suspenseful, funny, emotional, and frightening all at the same time. The score is amazing. The use of all sound design was great specially since they weren't any fake screams. LOL. The best acting performance, hands down, was Lin Shaye. She did an amazing job with her role. I can't say anymore without spoiling the movie. All I can say is, if you LOVE a good scary movie then you must see this movie.
Just came back from watching an advanced screening of " Insidious " tonight with my wife, we both liked it a lot. When it comes to Horror films, there are always the same Horror formulas which film makers really can't escape when making a Horror, because there aren't much they can work with and they are limited to that same formula. So Insidous borrows many of its ideas from other Horror films, one comes to mind is 1982 film " Poltergeist ", but here we have a family of 5, Patrick Wilson and Rose Byrne play the parents of 2 boys and a little baby girl. after a slow build up, a small accident occur and their older son falls into comma or so it seems !! soon after, weird things start to happen at the house and the mother suspects evil spirits are in the house !!

A simple story that as i said was done before, however, I thought it was done differently here, there was a better atmosphere and some elements of the plot stood out as being fresh that made this film unique somehow. As scares goes, this was definitely scary, there were several moments in the film that gave me goosebumps !! there were also the classic jump out of your seat moments too. Some scenes were creepy and the mixing of music and sounds were done superbly to add to the Horror. so the movie does deliver as far as scares are concerned.

Acting was superb too, all cast involved did a very good job, particularly Rose Byrne whom I'm fond of after watching her in the excellent TV show " Damages ". Patrick Wilson was also good here.

the atmosphere was creepy, the director managed to catch nice footage of the house and other elements of the film.

So in summary, get ready and grab your loved ones and go catch this movie this Friday, it entertains. very enjoyable and scary, and even though it borrows ideas from other Horror films, it never imitates, it stand out as a new and fresh take on traditional Horror !!
When I went to the theater to see this, I had been excited for awhile. And boy, did this movie deliver. But it unexpectedly did more. I was thinking you'd get your exorcism, with everything being all happy and good in the end, but I honestly was not expecting something that complex.

I'll come out and say it: The outline of the movie was not that original, but what the writers did with the traditional ghost story was amazing. They twisted it to make it not so much about the ghosts, but about what was going on to the family in the house. How they were taking it.

The effects were great for this type of movie, which really only require a slamming door or a random person standing in. And I also thought the actors did a great job. I particularly liked Patrick Wilson playing the father that doesn't want to have any part of the hokus-pokus ghost stories, but is sort of pulled into it against his will.

The best part: It was genuinely scary. There is virtually no gore, because it's not needed to build the creepiness of the plot. It sort of builds and is intense right from the get go. I'm a major scary movie veteran, and I was truly scared (which doesn't happen often).

I highly recommend this movie to anyone up for a good scare. If you aren't an experienced scary movie watcher, this is a good starter. And trust me, you will check all the closets and doors when you get home from the theater.
James Wan, best known as one of the initial creators of the 'Saw' series, returns to the duo with 'Saw' co-creator Leigh Whannel (who also stars) with a new ghost story starring Patrick Wilson ('Watchmen') and Rose Byrne ('Get Him to the Greek').

Josh (Wilson) and Renai (Byrne) think they have it all: a beautiful new home, three lovely children. . . and a gang of unruly ghosts causing torment around them. Unfortunately, after Dalton, one of their sons, is knocked unconscious and falls into a coma, things take a supernatural turn for the worst. To save Dalton, Josh and Renai call on a ghost-hunting team (Leigh Whannell, Angus Sampson) and a psychic (Lin Shaye) to investigate the paranormal presence within the house and put a stop to it before their son's soul is lost to "the further."

Due to recent trends within the horror genre, haunted house flicks have been rather few & far between. However, a few recent solid entries have been more than worthwhile, including 'El Orfanato' and the 'Paranormal Activity' films. James Wan, thankfully, adds this quality haunt film to the short list of recent successes. His film, however, does something different than other ghost stories: It's funny. While it doesn't go as over-the-top with its humour as a film like 'Drag Me to Hell,' it does blend enough laughs throughout to greatly enhance the entertainment value of the overall film, making it feel like a classic-style dark house flick. If only Vincent Price could've been around to perfect that feeling.

Technically, the film is quite impressive, especially for the reported $1 million budget, which is unsurprising after what Wan & Whannell did with the $1.2 million they had for the original 'Saw.' The highest levels of the film come from those elements that don't need a massive budget: the direction, cinematography, and writing. These really were what set the film above what, by anyone else, would have been a straight-to-video-quality forgotten film. Another solid element that makes the film a step above most at its level comes from the cast, especially the work by genre veterans Barbara Hershey ('The Entity') and Lin Shaye ('Dead End'). Their acting added a much-appreciated level of depth to the fun of the film.

Of all the many positive aspects of 'Insidious,' however, perhaps the most attractive is the simplest: It's actually pretty damn scary. While it doesn't contain the slow-burn creeps and chills of 'Paranormal Activity' and the like, it does contain some of the most well executed and well timed scares in a long time. Though the quantity of scares tapers off throughout the final act of the film, the first two-thirds of the film contain more than enough to satisfy any fan of the haunted house subgenre.

Overall, 'Insidious' manages to be, as expected by Wan's previous work, an entertaining & original ride. It has enough humour & horror to satisfy any film-goer without focusing too heavily on one angle to make the other side feel awkward. One hope: Do not let the PG-13 rating shy you away. It actually contains more content worthy of an R-rating than 'Paranormal Activity' did.

Final Verdict: 7.5/10. Highly recommended.

This is my first movie review ever, and I felt i had to write this to express how severely over-hyped this movie is.

The movie starts out much the same way as the movie Paranormal Activity, a family in a house doing regular things. After a while, some weird stuff starts to happen, and one of their kids have an accident. So far so good. Then the kid falls into a coma. This is where the movie starts to go in the wrong direction. Two nerdy looking guys come in to the house with some instruments to take measurements of whats going on. To me it seemed like these two guys should really have played in some nerdy comedy, and not a (intented) horror movie. However, they call in reinforcements - an old lady who figures out that the kid is really skilled in astral projection, and the problem is that he has floated away and got lost in the astral realm. After this, all sorts of really silly looking ghosts and demons start showing up, especially the one with a red face. To resolve this, the father astral projection as well to look for his son, fist-fighting his way trough ghosts and demons.

When I look back at what I have written here, it seems like a really funny concept - material for a humor/horror movie. However, it's not. It tries to be convincing, but instead it becomes embarrassing, annoying and completely unconvincing with its mixture of new-age elements, drama and fist-fights with demons and ghosts.
After reading many of the reviews listed here and Entertainment Weekly's quote, "Insidious has some of the most shivery and indelible images I've seen in any horror film in decades," and WCBS Radio's, "Most terrifying film since The Exorcist," there was no way I could miss this film.

To compare this sham of a film with a classic like The Exorcist is an insult to real horror film fans everywhere and apparently EW hasn't been to a horror film in decades. As far as all the other reviews that list this waste of time as being one of the scariest films, I just don't get it.

It was nothing more than a low-budget amateur attempt at a Poltergeist remake, and a really bad one at that. Apparently Barbara Hershey needed the check as well as the rest of the cast. They all acted as if they were thinking of somewhere else they'd rather be. I kept waiting for all those really scary moments that everyone was talking about…I'm still waiting. I laughed throughout the film, especially when Elise waits till Josh gets the crap beat out of him by the big bad demon, before she tells him he is stronger than the demon while looking for his son.

The story was a farce, the acting was lame, and I've seen scarier demons at my front door on Halloween.

The only horrors about this film were that I had to hear Tip Toe Through the Tulips after all these years of trying to block it from memory and that I paid $20 for this complete waste of time.
The experience of watching "Insidious" is a great one. Director James Wan and writer Leigh Whannell have put together a fun ride for horror fans and those who like to be scared. Patrick Wilson and Rose Byrne are very solid as the two leads and the supporting actors (including Whannell himself) do a fine job as well, amplifying the drama and providing welcome bits of humor. The only downside to the film is that a few aspects of the third act should have been toned down a bit and left to the imagination. Overall though, "Insidious" is a great, creepy film. It's refreshing to watch a horror film full of genuine scares, practical effects and that has an ending that's just downright chilling. It should be very interesting to see what Wan and Whannell do next.
I'm sorry, but honestly, I don't get what all the hype is about! To me, this movie seems so overrated! They were trying way too hard just to scare people, that it left no room for a good story or good acting. I actually think I was laughing more than being scared while watching this movie because of the ridiculous acting. And also, does anyone agree with me when I say the music was absolutely outrageous and over the top. Thats what I meant when I said they were trying too hard to scare the audience. Without the music this movie would be totally hopeless.

Not to mention they copied probably 3 to to 4 different movies. You got Poltergeist, with the kid getting lost in some other world and the dad goes in to save him. You got Dead Silence, with the smiling, doll look-a-like people. And you have all those exorcism movies with the demons and the devil thrown in there as well. Also, did anyone notice that the music was extremely similar to that of The Exorcist? Total copycat movie.

You get nothing new in this unoriginal and highly overrated movie. I would recommend this film to those who like cheesy teen horror flicks and like to be scared by stupid pop-out moments. To me, it was a very over-hyped movie that will probably be forgotten within the next year. I wouldn't waste my money. And if your still interested in this pathetic excuse of a horror movie, I would wait to rent it on DVD. Overall, it was a Hot Mess! Stay Away!

My Rating: 0-10
*** out of (****)

Judging by the anticlimactic advertisements you'd think, just why? There's an evil child film almost every year, and what separates one from the rest? You have every right to think so, but not with "Insidious". Trust me when I say it. "Insidious" is an entirely different beast. One that actually resonates with scares and intrigue. One that relies on character development, and a script to hold it together. This isn't a one trick pony, it's a well made film with some solid production values thrown in as a bonus. If you don't have a film to see this weekend, make sure you make it this one.

"Insidious" revolves around the perfect couple. Beautiful kids. A new home. It's all smooth sailing until Dalton is in a supposed "coma", but the actual reality is that he's haunted. What will Dalton's family do to stop this entity?

First of all, many complain that the second act bogs down the film and is inferior to its first half. I wholeheartedly disagree. I think as a whole the film is just fine. Yes, there's a drastic tonal shift mid-way, but that doesn't detract from the experience. The first half plays a typical haunted house flick, except it's actually scary, and the suspense is well built. Then the second half is like a cross between "Poltergeist", "House of Wax", and a little of "Beetlejuice" sprinkled in for good measure.

Furthermore, the performances while nothing to write home about, are pretty decent to say the least. The two leading protagonists do their job and Dalton is pretty solid given what he had to work with. Moreover, the script is very inventive, and has multiple twists and turns. Yes, this isn't the most unique screenplay, but it still stands on its own, and is actually quite effective.

To top it off, the production is just very beautiful. This movie is very easy on the eyes when it comes to cinematography and location. Now the question everyone is dying to hear. Is it scary? I'd say yes, but don't get too carried away. If you walk in thinking your going to have nightmares, or if you're going to see Rosie O' Donnell, chances are you'll be a little disappointed. However, if you're going in expecting a creepy thriller that just happens to have a few intense moments, you'll be in for a fun night out. Also, I love the nostalgic factor this movie has. It feels as though it was made in the 80's. Old school horror strikes back!

With a restraint heavy PG-13 rating, and a middle-of-the-road concept, "Insidious" isn't looking too pretty. However, looks can be deceiving. This is one movie that doesn't mess around, and doesn't play it safe either. I can easily say I will be revisiting this film from time to time just because it's so fun. You'll laugh, you'll jump, you'll be entertained. This is what a fun night out should be like. Get your large popcorn and soda, and sit along with the crowd. Be prepared for a good time.
Fast Lovebird
Fast Lovebird
How people are claiming this is the scariest film in decades is beyond me.

I went to watch this, thinking it was going to be cheesy. I'd seen the trailer but I thought I'd give it a chance.

I was rather surprised for the first 20-30 minutes, and thought it was going to prove me wrong. Yes, the story had been recycled but it still could have been a good concept if done right.

Then the cheese and my giggles came pouring out. I was sitting there thinking WTH??? This can't be serious. 'Heavy face paint' is meant to scare me? I've seen better at Haloween!!! And as for the ghosts..... well, they made me cry...... with laughter!!! I can't believe I wasted my time and money. The thing that annoys me the most, is that it could have been a slightly different, more modern version of Poltergeist. At least that would have made it acceptable.

But no, another huge waste of time. I would not suggest it for any TRUE horror film fans.
13 Ghosts meets Exorcism Of Emily Rose meets House Of 1000 Corpses meets House Of Wax meets Nightmare On Elm Street meets Constantine with special guest Darth Maul.

This movie was a freaking disaster. Aside from the psycho path family when the coward father first enters "the further", the movie blew. Just awful.

If this movie is considered a 7.3 out of 10, I weep for humanity am done watching movies. I see 90's movies like Days Of Thunder getting 5.5 and this is nearly 2 points higher. Maybe I should have been higher when I watched this movie. Or high at all. I was laughing during half of it anyways.
Cliché "family moves to haunted house" story, video is bleak, washed out, and boring overall. actors play bad, but that is OK for horror movies,

my verdict would have been 5/10, if the authors just realized their mediocrity.. but they decide to be special. And this is the very worst kind of special, that you can think of.

from audio standpoint the whole movie is just silence, mumbling, silence, generic ambient noise, silence, BOOM! with boom being around 90 decibels or higher. My ears actually started to hurt after second such effect, and after 4th or 5th, i decided to leave the theater.

Highly not recommended, avoid at all costs.
This movie started off with a lot of potential but took a turn for the worst. I feel like what was meant to be scary turned into a joke and a poor one at that. I literally went from being excited/creeped to laughing at how funny the movie turned. I was more frightened watching Killer Clowns from Outerspace. I am one who enjoys the simple things in a horror movie and I think that is what makes them scary, but I feel like too much was thrown in for no reason. I have watched a lot of horror movies in my life and this is up there with the worst of them. While I was in the theater an angry movie watcher stormed out very upset about how bad this movie was. I was very excited to see this movie and felt let down. For anyone who likes a real horror movie I would advise them not to watch this.
I know there is some fanboy out there that thinks I just committed sacrilege by saying that but for me it's very true. Don't let the PG-13 throw you off; consider the standards of today, you have to be 1 step from a snuff film to get an R rating now a days. To me a scary move doesn't just make you jump or squirm in the theater, but its stays with you. Making you check in the back seat, under the bed, and question every little bump in the night. Well Insidious did it, the first thing I said leaving the theater was, "well I'm never sleeping again, how bout you?" and what's more amazing it's not gory, which is something I would have expected having the SAW guys on board. Instead the movie works from the Paranormal Activity angle; building suspense to the point where your almost screaming "oh just do it already" cause you can't take it anymore (but in a good way). And one of the biggest things I noticed while sitting there was the "cold" feeling I had through most of the movie, I haven't had a movie do that to me in a long, long time. If this is the type of movie was can expect from the Paranormal Activity and Saw guys then they need to make more movies, and pronto!
Steel balls
Steel balls
Thank goodness we went to go see this at the cheap theater because otherwise I would be so angry that I wasted my money. Usually, even if the movie isn't great, the experience itself is okay, but this movie gave me a headache (literally!) Like others have said, it starts out a little promising, but turns into a complete disaster. It was just a downward spiral into a throbbing headache for me.

There were some interesting parts when the movie wasn't actually trying to make fun of itself, but they were always spoiled by some horrible interruption. The scares are ENTIRELY predictable. The camera always pans in and moves slowly, a reused tactic that I caught onto right away. At every shocker moment I was thinking "great, something else is going to pop out. Oh look, I'm so surprised, I totally predicted that." All of the scares are completely unrelated and the fact that the location changes drastically left me feeling isolated from the family-bonding connection. The ending was laughable; I ended up feeling NOTHING for any of the characters.

The ghosts/spirits and tactics were overused. There is nothing creative about the imagery AT ALL. The entire second half of the movie seemed to shift from building family values to humor, and then the plot started to turn in on itself. You can't mix that kind of humor with horror without the movie turning into a parody. With an unstable and translucent genre, escaped family morals, and overused/generalized horror that was predictable at EVERY corner, this entire movie was less of a picture and more of a train wreck. My poor head...
I went to see this film the other day and for some reason I wasn't surprised at how bad it was, considering how much people over-hype films these days.Where to start with this film?.The pacing is all over the place, the film is too slow at the start and by the end you feel like you've sat through an hour and a half of a cheap home movie.

The acting is another negative point to this film.You can't connect with the characters and as a result you don't care what happens to them.There are some good things about this film if very few.The film makers try to use creep factor instead of giving the audience blood and guts and the premise of the story is decent but the end result should have been so much better.

As for the scary parts, its one least scary films i've ever watched.There are a few moments that make you jump out of your seat but nothing more.People are saying this is the scariest film they've ever seen - How many films have these people watched? not many I guess. I would strongly advise people to wait for this to come out on DVD and have it for a Saturday night shock because it's not worth the money or the trip to the cinema.

If you look at the information, you can see this is a low budget movie. And it definitely shows. I was just looking at how much profit it had already made and I felt nauseous. I had to write this. All the reviews giving it high marks are so clearly FAKE. Or written by people with horrible taste when it comes to movies. The IMDb is being used as an advertising tool. Don't buy it. Don't buy a ticket for the movie. Its like throwing money out the window.

It is impossible to write a comprehensive review of this crappy movie so I won't even try. The plot is standard in the beginning but turns outrageously ridiculous at the end. You might find yourself wondering who comes up with this kind of stupidity and who gave the screenplay a thumbs up for filming it. The acting is on the level with the movie. You will notice the incredibly loud and annoying background music, I guarantee it. I also guarantee you won't like it.

I might call it watchable up until the little lady psychic from Poltergeist( same character, different actress ) is introduced. Her explanation of events turns the plot hilarious. Or outrageous. It depends how you look at it. And whether you spent money on it. And by the way, the main bad guy is a demon. Its a bad CGI character with hooves, black shiny body hair like a horse and a red face like Darth Maul. The other ghosts look like sick people with bad make up.

AGAIN. THE MOVIE IS NOT WORTH WATCHING SO DON'T SPEND MONEY ON IT. If you are curious, wait for the DVD or get it some other way.
As soon as I heard about the new movie Insidious, I said "Oh boy, this is a MUST-SEE." For as long as I can remember, I have been a fan of this genre. I'm not talking about the Freddie/Jason slasher-type films or the torture/amputation sicko-flicks, but the truly psychological twisters that do a number on your head.

This is the story of a young family whose oldest child, Dalton, after a seemingly minor household accident, slips into a mysterious coma that medical science is unable to explain. Doctors and hospitals not being able to do anything for Dalton, his parents are forced to take the not-quite-living-but-not-quite-dead boy home where he lies in his room completely unresponsive. Spectral entities are soon haunting the house, or so it seems, but when the family moves to a new home, the haunting continues; hence the tagline: "It's not the house that's haunted." Turns out little Dalton has entered The Further, a sort of nether-world where evil spirits vie to inhabit his body. At some point his grandmother (played by Barbara Hershey) hires a psychic who sends the boy's father into The Further to search for him and hopefully bring him back via some sort of astral projection or out-of-body experience.

Insidious did not disappoint. Although highly derivative, that is not a bad thing here. It has elements of every one of my favorite ghost stories: The Haunting (haunted house, unexplained noises), The Innocents (possessed child, ghostly apparitions, eerie weeping), The Others (creepy climactic séance), Flatliners (crossing over into another realm) and Carnival of Souls (pale-faced ghoulies coming to get ya).

Very much like the aforementioned The Haunting, most of the early scares in Insidious rely on sound, lighting and camera angles. Because of the way tension builds up (like in Paranormal Activity), the sight of a face eerily appearing in a window, or a sudden loud noise, can make you jump out of your seat. The beginning of the movie is all about suggestion, mood and atmosphere, and what you don't see, which are the elements of the very BEST ghost stories.

Special commendation for the excellent editing. As much as you might want to shield your eyes in anticipation and dread while watching this movie, you won't want to miss some of the split-second spine-tingling images.

My only complaint is that the last one-third or so of the film was almost over-kill. The scares were so relentless toward the conclusion of the story, you barely have time to recover from one fright before another is foisted on you. Nevertheless, there are some truly frightening images in this movie.

I have seen many many such movies (and have read even more such novels) and I consider myself pretty jaded and not easily frightened, but I am a little embarrassed to admit that one scene in particular actually made me scream out loud in the movie theater - a first for me! By film's end, my heart was literally pounding.

If you are highly suggestible or prone to nightmares, do not see this film, but if you are truly a fan of a good ghost/haunted house story, do not miss Insidious. Got to be one of the scariest movies of all time.
Some decent bits at the start but soon becomes Poltergeist and then Star Wars when that bloke with the red face who was a Sith turns up with for some unknown reason Tiny Tim. The ending descended into farce when after getting in the Excorsist for one scene they sent for the Ghostbusters who called in the landlady from Kingpin and all Hell broke loose for the last 20 minutes as the cast re-enacted scenes from Poltergeist but could not afford a rope and instead just made do. Then the guys who were in Michael Jackson's Thriller made an appearance and we got a shock ending that was obvious and silly. The most frightening part of Insidious is that we will likely see a part 2. I am not sure whether it was meant to be a horror film or a comedy and can't really be bothered to care.
Haunted houses and questionable children have composed many a horror film, but there's a reason they work. When they do so despite years of being recycled, it's usually thanks to talent. "Saw" director James Wan found something of promise in "Saw" writer Leigh Whannell's story "Insidious" and the same must've gone for stars Rose Byrne and Patrick Wilson. Horror films rarely get that infusion of talent, and as such, "Insidious" does not get lost in that dark dimension of forgettable horror.

Josh (Wilson) and Renai (Byrne) Lambert have moved into a new home with their two young boys and infant girl. Like always, paranormal oddities occur in small doses here and there until one morning they find their son Dalton in a coma. A few months pass and they move Dalton back home. The freaky incidences increase and eventually Renai sees the ghosts. She convinces Josh to move them into a new home, but it gets worse, so they bring in a paranormal expert (Lin Shaye) who provides them with some shocking revelations about the state of their son.

Like "Paranormal Activity" (a film thats producers have credits on this film unsurprisingly), the idea is to mount tension through paranormal phenomena and expert suspense. Wan provides a number of perfect angles and color to achieve the various moods. As much as you've been spooked this way by films before, you can't simply shirk the way the film creeps in — Wan won't have any of it. In fact, nothing here in terms of scare tactics will come as a revelation; many with a higher jumpiness tolerance will likely find it boring in many regards. No gore or horrific images to be found here — "Insidious" does it old school.

Once Shaye's character Elise and her two employees arrive on scene, the story mutates from paranormal suspense to other-worldly mystery. Elise explains what's going on — something that involves Dalton's soul being lost in a realm called The Further — and now they must rescue him. Whannell constructs an interesting mythology here and the story goes from horror to more of a mystery/thriller with demonic elements. In a sense he borrows from science fiction in establishing the rules of what's going on. It's mostly interesting, but in many instances flat-out weird to the point that horror purists might not like it.

The best way to describe "Insidious" is first half "Paranormal Activity" and second half something akin to Sam Raimi's "Drag Me To Hell," which equates to a nice balance between self-seriousness and horror fun. The "X" factor would be the performances. Byrne keeps Renai from becoming an obnoxious scaredy cat as her role's importance dwindles in the latter half of the film, in which time she still keeps Renai relevant. Wilson's character is no typical over- macho father figure or anything. Together they provide an unusual boost for horror, which typically strives for random faces with questionable experience.

In general, "Insidious" possesses a professionalism not often seen in the genre; most horror films go for cheap across the board from the budget to the talent to the thrills. Although "Insidious" lacks distinctiveness in terms of story, not an ounce of it can be perceived as immature or hollow. What a rare (but not unusual) treat.

~Steven C

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This movie wasn't scary! I laughed the entire time! The only cool part was the random playing of "tiptoe through the tulips". Yeah there were a couple parts where i jumped but laughed after. They showed the demon way too much. It would have been much scarier if they didn't show him, maybe a drawing of him but thats it. I do NOT recommend it at all. I saw it with a friend and we both thought that it was the stupidest movie ever. The ending was OK but i kinda saw it coming.We both thought that it was hilarious when they showed the word Insidious with screaming violins. It was a complete waste of 7.50 dollars. I've seen home movies that were scarier than this movie. But it is just one opinion against many people who oddly think that this is "the scariest movie ever"