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Cinderella (1994)
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In a faraway kingdom, a noble, rich man lives a happy life with his faithful wife and his beautiful daughter. Unfortunately, his wife soon falls gravely ill and dies a short time after, leaving his daughter motherless. The man marries again, choosing for a wife a woman with two daughters, who, like their mother, have wicked and cruel hearts. When the man leaves on a business trip, the stepmother and stepsisters take away his daughter's fine clothes and bedroom and treat her as a servant in her own house. She's forced to sleep on a straw mat by the fireplace surrounded by ashes and cinders; for this they call her "Cinderella". Not far away at the palace, the prince had come of age and faces difficulty finding a suitable wife. The king plans a great ball to take place at the palace, inviting all the single young ladies from the kingdom where his son will be able to choose a wife. With the help of her fairy godmother, Cinderella attends the ball looking beautiful and there she dances ...
Cast overview, first billed only:
Tony Ail Tony Ail - (voice)
Nathan Aswell Nathan Aswell - (voice)
Chera Bailey Chera Bailey - (voice) (as Cheralynn Bailey)
Kathleen Barr Kathleen Barr - (voice)
Garry Chalk Garry Chalk - (voice) (as Gary Chalk)
Lillian Carlson Lillian Carlson - (voice) (as Lilliam Carlson)
Ian James Corlett Ian James Corlett - (voice) (as Ian Corlett)
Michael Donovan Michael Donovan - (voice)
Kent Gallie Kent Gallie - (voice)
Philip Maurice Hayes Philip Maurice Hayes - (voice) (as Phil Hayes)
Roger Kelly Roger Kelly - (voice)
Ellen Kennedy Ellen Kennedy - (voice)
Terry Klassen Terry Klassen - (voice)
Joanne Lee Joanne Lee - (voice)
Andrea Libman Andrea Libman - (voice) (as Andrean Libman)

Cinderella (1994)

The character of Cinderella has singing parts in two of the film's three songs, "(It's the) Chance of a Lifetime" and "When Love Has Gone Away", making her the only princess or protagonist to sing in any of Jetlag Productions' seventeen animated films. All other songs, except "Hip, Hip Hooray" in Snow White (1995) and "Sleep and Dream" in Magic Gift of the Snowman (1995), were sung by off-screen voices.

Gerry Capelle's, Neil Hunter's, Paul Schibil's and Drew Edwards's was work from animated series called _The Raccoons (1985)_ and Craig Wilson from _The Busy World of Richard Scarry (1993)_.

I have always loved the story of Cinderella, and this Jetlag version makes sure that that doesn't change. While not my absolute favourite version, it is still a very good one. It is closer to the story than Disney's overall, with Cinderella's mother dying of an illness and the business with the lentils in the ashes, but still as enchanting, which in my mind is more important. The animation is not perfect, lacking the colour and fluency of a Jetlag animation like Heidi or Little Red Riding Hood, but at least the character designs are less forced than Alice in Wonderland. The script has a lot of nice humour with the stepsisters while never feeling over-simplified, the story is sweet and moves along swiftly and I did like the characters' personalities, Cinderella is so warm-hearted and the stepsisters in their appearance contrasts and humour are such fun to watch. The voice acting is solid, but the best part is the music. The score is appropriately whimsical, while the three songs are enough to warm the heart. Dream on Cinderella is a catchy and hopeful theme song, It's a Chance of a Lifetime is a delight and When Love Has Gone Away is very tender with lovely singing from the Prince especially. All in all, a very enchanting version. 9/10 Bethany Cox
My mom bought me this as a Christmas present back in 1994 and ever seen then I always watch it despite the fact its on for 47 Min's long.I've watched a lot of Cinderella adaptations in my time from Disney's Cinderella (both the 1950 version and the 1997 version with Brandy which was marked as racist to some but hey I thought it was good),A Cinderella Story,heck even Maid In Manhattan had a Cinderella vibe to it.

So is Jetlag's version of Cinderella better than the ones I have mentioned well here's the plot:

The story is about a beautiful maiden named Cinderella who's mother passed away from an illness and her father remarried a Lady Tremaine/Gothel lookalike who has 2 daughters. Since Cinderella's father has to go out for awhile,she is kept with her stepmother and her two stepsisters who treat her like a slave and make her do all the chores while they have all the fun. Meanwhile in a distant kingdom a young prince is been setup by his parents to find him a bride but he wants to find someone that he loves and not for his parents to tell him who he should love(yes the Disney formula eh?? reminds me of Aladdin where Jasmine wanted to find someone that she can approve of and not for her father to tell her who she should marry). So the prince's parents decided to thrown a ball to find a bride for him and he has to choose who he loves.

Back in the cottage where Cinderella lives and her stepmother receives an invitation for herself and her daughters along with Cinderella to attend. But when Cinderella asks her she tells her that she has to do the chores first before going.

Now I don't want to spoil any of the rest for you because I hate spoiling movies but the bottom line is this: I actually found this version to be really good not to mention cute. The songs are great from Here Comes Cinderella,Where Have You Been All My Life, and This My Chance Of A Lifetime,the animation isn't bad,the charcthers are engaging(hey am I the ONLY person who thinks that the Prince in this is a dead ringer to Prince Eric from Disney's The Little Mermaid),and the story is enjoyable.

I have to admit that I prefer this version than Disney's version WHY?? because the Prince in this version HAS a persona and not like the Prince from Cinderella in the Disney version who had NO persona AT ALL.Also I like both of the Cinderella's from the Disney one to the Jet lag version and quite frankly they are both really pretty.

I must have seen this version 100 times but whoever has never seen this movie before(as its very hard to find right now as copies of it are so rare to find,but if you want to purchase a copy than try EBay or better yet find it on YouTube as they have the whole movie on that site). Its definitely one to see and to cherish the way I cherished it when I was 4 years old. Im 22 now and last night I watched it and I still love it.
I absolutely liked this movie. It tells the "Love" that the children can understand easily. I had this DVD when I was 8 years old. I watch it although I am an adult. I really have a good time when I am watching this movie. I advice my friends to watch it and they all love it! If I compare it with Walt Disney, I definitely choose "Jetlag Pruductions". The exposition and the construction're definitely better and Cinderella was a girl that had encouraged me and she always encourages me. I'd watch it when I was bored and sometimes, I kept sleeping towards it. It made me feel happy and I really loved it. I still love it and watch it. It tells "goodness" very frankly. I think, it's one of the most useful movie that you can tell the meaning of goodness and all the best things to your children with. It's a movie that every child should have and watch I have a question. I want to learn the name of the song that Cinderella and the Prince sung. It starts as "Where has she been all my life?...". I've written the lyrics on the search engines but it didn't work. Please tell me the name of song...
They have a rather childlike way of telling the stories and have to explain a lot. Now when I say a lot, I mean it! They have 4 minutes explaining everyone they hired for the ball (Ok… maybe I'm exaggerating a bit but still…). In order to not show any death, they changed the story a bit and just sent the father on a long trip. They also brought the godmother in way to early as well, before the trouble really got started. She kept using her magic many times to make Cinderella laugh. If she was going to make her laugh, couldn't she just of did the chores for her? This makes the story feel a bit too cutesy for my taste but it is a children's tale.

I like how they made the two step-daughters have different traits. One is always eating and the other is rather tall and like sticks. Sometimes though, they went a little too overboard in some aspects like having the fat one holding a drumstick as she was playing bat mitten.

Now… a lot of the godmother's magic seemed to be rather forced to the point that she had birds eating a pumpkin to hollow it out. She also forgets the horses until someone reminds her. She is a very absent minded Godmother.

The artwork is actually rather plain but it has its small charms to it. Sadly, most of it seems like it took from Disney in the style meaning it loses some of its own personality. When it comes to the ball, A lot of the hair styles really don't seem to work in the real world. They seem to go against gravity in many areas.

The voices fit the characters looks rather well and don't feel boring mostly. There really isn't much to say except it's all very standard. I don't really like how they kept singing.