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Ki u0026 Ka
Ki & Ka (2016)
  • Director:
    R. Balki
  • Category:
  • Writer:
    R. Balki,Rishi Virmani
  • Cast:
    Amitabh Bachchan,Kareena Kapoor,Arjun Kapoor
  • Time:
    2h 6min
  • Year:
Follows a young, married couple whose relationship challenges the gender roles placed upon women and men in Indian society.
Credited cast:
Amitabh Bachchan Amitabh Bachchan
Kareena Kapoor Kareena Kapoor - Kia Bansal (as Kareena Kapoor Khan)
Arjun Kapoor Arjun Kapoor - Kabir Bansal
Jaya Bhaduri Jaya Bhaduri - Jaya Bhaduri
Rajit Kapoor Rajit Kapoor - Kabir's Father
Swaroop Sampat Swaroop Sampat - Kia's Mother
Abhiroy Singh Abhiroy Singh - (as Abhiroy Singh Cheema)
N. Madhusudan N. Madhusudan - Loan Officer
Ratnesh Mani Ratnesh Mani - Maid's boyfriend
Priyanka Moodley Priyanka Moodley - Bride
Govind Chaudhary Govind Chaudhary - Groom
Purshottam Mulani Purshottam Mulani - Landlord
Richard John Lovatt Richard John Lovatt - American Man
Tanvir Singh Tanvir Singh - Reunion Friend
Sanjeev Wadhwani Sanjeev Wadhwani - Boss

Ki & Ka (2016)
‪#‎Ki‬&Ka: I wanted to give it 7; but my wife demanded little more. We argued, we debated, and then we finally settled for 7.25/5.

And I guess that's the only essence of this brilliant ‪#‎love‬, ‪#‎relationship‬ movie from R.Balki, which is somewhere between traditional and modern, yet loaded with highly practical, anti-age- old advice for those who think that being in a relationship is actually tough (or easy!)

Overall, I would describe the movie as a mixture of several Bollywood movies of this genre; as if R.Baliki is giving an ode to all previous directors: It has the pride and ego of Abhimaan, the wit, intellectuality from Bawarchi; the complexities and subtle emotions from Saathiya as well as the dark, mysterious elements of love from Hum Tum. R Balki has picked up ingredients from these movies, reversed the protagonists and the conflicts and presented via ‪#‎KiKa‬.

If Kareena Kapoor is the burning deity of hardcore feminism in this movie, then Arjun Kapoor is the epitome of gender equality and the evangelist and advocate against running the 'race'. Watch it with a pinch of salt, and get immersed in the awesomeness of food-porn, get bewitched by the portrayal of a successful blogger, and some untraditional, out of the box experiments which A-list stars seldom try out.

Watch it with an open mind, remembering the fact that the director had earlier given us path-breaking cinema like Cheeni Kum, Pa & English Vinglish. Ki&Ka won't change your life; but yes, it will seep an idea about the 'positive' change all right!

R.Balki's 'Ki & Ka' is innovative, progressive & amusing. This film breaks the stereotype of the hero-heroine concept & offers an all new approach. Its far from perfect, but it has a good heart & the narrative holds at most times.

'Ki & Ka' follows of how A young couple's (Kareena & Arjun) marriage challenges the gender roles placed upon men and women in Indian society.

'Ki & Ka' is about a man who enjoys being a house-husband & a women who proudly runs the house. Its a fresh thought & Balki's Writing offers enough scope for humour & some drama. Its amusing to watch this brand new take on romance & society unfold in those 124-minutes. The first-hour is nicely balanced on how its protagonists meet & their subsequent sudden their marriage, but the second-hour slows down & the jealously angle from the lady's point of view, when the man becomes a craze for his uniqueness, doesn't really work. In fact, 'Ki & Ka' has a breezy first-hour & sets things right up, but the second-hour loses pace, as the proceedings become loose. However, things come back on a track, as the finale, is cute.

Balki's Screenplay is engaging at most parts, but a sharper & more convincing second-hour would've elevated the narrative. Blake's Direction is competent, as always. Cinematography is well-done, although a few frames are distracting. Editing is neat. Music by Various Artists is wonderful. Art & Costume Design are good.

Performance-Wise: Kareena & Arjun make for a good on-screen couple. Kareena shines from start to end, enacting the part of an authoritative wife with remarkable conviction. Arjun is extremely likable as the loving, younger husband. Also, the on-screen chemistry between the two, is exciting. In supporting roles, Swaroop Sampat is adorable as Kareena's lovable mom, while Rajit Kapur is perfect as Arjun's miffed dad. Amitabh & Jaya Bachchan are delightful in cameos.

On the whole, 'Ki & Ka' dares to be different & yet it doesn't forget to entertain. Recommended!
This movie is a very different kind.... Kareena has done wonderful job..she has again proved that why she is called one of the best actress in Indian cinema.. Fresh and bold yet beautiful she nailed it in the the movie ..Arjun also did a great job in it...a great respect towards Balki sir..he us a visionary director and also the supporting cast did a good job..the movie is a wholesome light hearted romantic comedy with some funny and cute moment with a spark of something new...the cast did a wonderful job to show the life of kia and kabir... Sometimes you can link with the characters and their situation in your life... The movie is simple and beautiful you'll enjoy every bit of it..
Hilarious Kangaroo
Hilarious Kangaroo
Ki and Ka has one hell of an interesting premise.

Kareena Kapoor aka Kia doesn't want to get married and have kids as that will ruin her career while Arjun Kapoor aka Kabir is very happy to play the house husband with no ambitions inspite being from a wealthy family and B School topper. They get married but how long will this last?

The 1st half of the movie is fun filled. The way Kabir and Kia meet. Kabir is not the usual Hindi hero; he cries and tells Kia that housewife is an artist. How Kabir convinces her to marry him? How Kabir takes over running the house and becomes a favorite of all the ladies in the apartment. Frankly, the 1st half is simply awesome.

Its when the 2nd half starts that the cracks arise in the marriage and that when the movie starts to sink. The problem in 2nd half is that Balki and his co writer Virmani have no clue how to take the movie forward. So there is a stupid scene of Kia worried that she is pregnant and takes multiple pregnancy tests.

And, finally to ensure that there is a dramatic end they turn the film into a very old Amitabh Bachchan classic called Abhimaan. The only difference is here Kia gets jealous of Kabir's success. There is also one stupid mandatory fight scene to show that Kabir is still a man. Seriously !!

Very ironically, when the movie loses steam, Balki takes help of Jaya and Amitabh Bachchan who stared in Abhimaan and comes with a nice interesting piece between them. Both the actors steal the show in the 10 mins they have but those 10 mins also makes the viewer think about marriage and roles a husband and wife play.

Which also brings me to the question of what Balki was thinking while writing the movie? The problem with Ki and Ka is that Balki takes the story very seriously. If he wrote the 2nd half as the 1st which is fun filled and less preachy, this film would have been a cracker.

The film is also watchable because of its leads. Kareena Kapoor proves to us what a fabulous and talented actress she is. The fact that she ends up signing blockbusters with minuscule roles is the sad part of her career. I hope she concentrates more on the roles she signs because she is still capable of giving Deepika and Kangana a run for their money.

Arjun Kapoor also does a commendable job and is at ease playing the house husband who never looses his cool. I don't believe any other actor who have risked is career but Arjun takes it and shines.

And, finally both the Kapoors share one hell of a chemistry on screen which also lights up the movie.

However, I believe Ki and Ka could have been a landmark film for Hindi Cinema had Balki got the idea correct. He misses the plot and for me its an opportunity lost.
This is awesome movie. I hope this will change a lot of peoples mind. This movie shows the reality of every working woman. And also the reality of every house wife.This movie shows how a real should be act. I just loved the concept. Each character is awesome. Arjun Kapoor & Kareena Kapoor ware too perfect in their roles. The world is changed. And now is time for breaking old rules. There is nothing wrong if a man does an woman's job and a women goes for mans job. Most of girls need to choose one option between "Home" and "Career" because of some old so called social rules. This movie shows, it is very important to brake those rules. And go for a new era.
Ki & Ka tells the base story in the trailer itself. Hence there's no surprise in that. But there are lot of surprises which will turn our guesses wrong.

Writing & Direction: Balki scores in both. He had carefully analyzed what viewer will guess after watching the trailer and had taken the story opposite to that. Direction he scores because he had made Arjun Kapoor act in this flick.

Balki has explored the areas of the "Egoism of Women" and the "adjusting nature of Men" very well.

Yet, the climax is bit rushed up and not that touching which is a minus. (1 star removed)

Screenplay: Screenplay is fluctuating. There are many moments which are fresh hook us to the movie. At the same time, some are either dull or clichéd.

Cast: Kareena and Arjun both play a good match, despite their age difference. Kareena looks a bit old in some close ups. But the make-up is to be blamed. Supporting actors play their part well and add a plus. Amithab Bacchan and Jaya Bacchan's cameos adds good laugh.

Music: Songs by various artists make every number a well cooked one. "High Heels", "Foolishq", "Most Wanted Munda" tops the list though. BGM by Ilayaraja adds soul to the film.

Art: This needs a special mention. The interiors of their apartment in the movie looks both cool & stunning. Be it the kitchen, bedroom or living room it's so cool.

What could have been done better? (Possible Spoilers) (one more star removed) 1. Though Balki had analyzed the thinking of the viewer and has taken the story in a different way, there were no major twists. Anything happens gets solved immediately which looks filmy. English Vinglish was more realistic.

2. Some scenes were so filmy. Unwanted action scene in a bus. Charging like 500/person for a fitness session. Working extra to buy a home and quiting it later just because getting promoted.

3. Second half of the movie is so rushed up and not balanced.

4. Intermission. Though it's at a different point in the story (rather than what an average audience would have expected... could have been better).

5. Not much was focused on the feelings and depth of the characters like Balki did in English Vinglish which had more or less the same runtime.

On the whole this is a movie not to be missed, though could have been done better!
Frankly if you reverse the role of Kareena and Arjun the film would be termed misogynist.... So y isn't this termed misandry? We are all for working women and blah blah..but blatant derision of Arjun Kapoor and his meek responses just reinforces the negative stereotypes about home makers ( be of either gender) that they are supposed to be doormats..that they are there to be abused and then be apologised at.. And to top this cherry pie..it tries to brainwash that women are not our equals but our superiors.. How do they do that? Just see If a man is a breadwinner and woman is the home maker then its normal..no more pati parmeshwar ideology...which is fine.. But if a woman is the bread winner and a man is a househusband then the woman is braver than the man because being the (earning) wife of a house husband is more brave than being the earning husband of a house wife..today if the man is earning and woman is handling a house then she is doing a tougher job..but if a woman is earning and man a house husband..its still a woman who is doing a tougher job??
A love story about the reversal of gender roles. It was really a new and amazing experience to watch a new story. Thanks the writer of the movie R. Balki for his direction and story.

Kareena Kapoor is really struggling hard to come back in Bollywood. Arjun as always his acting is really nice and clean.

There is so much to be said about changing roles in today's Asia, and films would do well to reflect on this great churn.

The Music lacks the energy that most of people expect from a new-age romance drama. High Heels remains to be the best song from the album while Ji Huzoori and Most Wanted Munda seem average. I am going with a 2.5/5 for the Music album of Ki and Ka.

Overall Nice movie. Watch, Enjoy your weekend
Director and writer Mr. R. Balki successfully breaks the established norms of gender biased society. He enhances the concept with adding perfect shots and churning out right expressions from actors. Story line is thin but screenplay and dialogues make it lovely. You can witness freshness in approach even from beginning of film. The way they meet and introduced on screen. The way Kia takes to meet Kabeer to her mother is good and the way Kabeer father reacts being introduced Kia by Kabeer and her reply is fantastic. When Kabeer catches maid red handed, the way this scenes handled is appropriate for the premise, even she is not fired but warned in cute way. Kabeer father wishing him Happy birth day is quirky but it shows the equation between father and son and it gets justified and enhances the climax. Perfect example of establishing characters and using it in proper way. Kabeer and Kia heated argue culmination is very good. Even the guest appearance of Mr. Amitabh Bachhan is very entertaining. His expressions are awesome and this plot is also used to realizing Kia's over reactions. Pre climax dialogues by Kia's mother about justification of gender with work is very good. Climax is emotional and impressive. Only drawback in this film is, its 30 minutes of second half which is full of montages and in films ads, promoting lots of brands in non creative and stuffed way. It slow the movie pace up to level of boring. Performance wise Kareena Kapoor is fabulous. Arjun Kapoor is endearing and balanced. Swaroop Sampat as Kia mother is very good. Rajat Kapoor as Kabeer father is good. Music wise "High heel Par Nache" is peppy and foot tapping.
Ƀ⁞₳⁞Ð Ƀ⁞Ǿ⁞Ɏ
Ƀ⁞₳⁞Ð Ƀ⁞Ǿ⁞Ɏ
Ki and Ka is a movie which demonstrates the role of housewives in our society.

Constructing home from a house is an art but the people behind this act don't get enough appreciation.According to our society's opinion,the people who work outside are the prime contributor in this act.This movie tries to draw your attention toward the struggle,a housewife has to face,in order to run a home.

The only difference in the movie is that here the wife works outside and the husband runs the home.No doubt,the concept is very noble but its presentation is shoddy.The screenplay has been written in a dilettante manner.The drama is very shoal and mind-numbing.Some of the dialogs are quirky but most of them miss the punch and are ordinary and sometimes preachy too.First half contains some light hearted scenes but second half is a complete washout.The reason for dispute between husband and wife is never justified properly making the movie sound even more unrealistic.Music is plain and contains nothing extra ordinary.

This is the first film of Arjun kapoor after a long break and he is just OK in his role.During some scenes he overacts too much.Kareena kapoor looks good but is just average.The lady in the role of Kareena's mom is good.Rajat kapoor shows his flair is a small role and is excellent.

R.Balki is famous for making films which are far from the usual topics touched by our filmmakers.I am his big fan but i must say that this is his weakest work in recent memory.He falters frequently especially during 2nd half.I am disappointed this time but hope that he will craft something better next time.

Overall the film is fresh,unique and the topic has rarely been explored in Bollywood but weak execution ruins the day.If you are a fan of light hearted Rom-com which are different from routine films then this is for you otherwise stay at your home or go with low expectations. 4.2 out of 10 is my final rating.
This movie is rated poorly only by the critics, and not by the audience! This speaks volumes about how terrible bollywood critics truly are. It was a very good movie. The message of this movie was great. The story telling was to the point. It was a story that required telling, and the director did a good job at that. All the actors in the movie did a fantastic job. The songs and the background score was perfect. All in all this was a an excellent fun-romance package. It is certainly a MUST WATCH. I hope that people watch this movie and realize the importance that a job is a job, and it doesn't require gender characterization! This movie also brings a new perspective to gender equality i.e. gender equality is not confined to wage parity, and equal working rights for women, but it extends to accepting the fact that a man can (and should) do house chores open heartedly.
I count amongst some of my best friends, house husbands. Or let's put it in a slightly more nuanced way, men who like to stay home, take charge of the household, be the primary caregiver for parents and children. They know that they come in for more than their share of good- humoured ribbing as well as nasty jibes, and they have learnt to take it in their stride because they are supremely comfortable doing what they do. Oh, and before I forget, their wives go to work, excel at their demanding jobs, and get in the lolly.

With 'Ki and Ka', Bollywood has got to the point of being able to place a man willing to be home, knuckle down to dull domestic chores, and wave the flag for ambitious women and progressive men. So hurrah for Ka and Ki and Balki? Yes, but only up to point. The film is fun when it is setting up the roles. But the execution, as it goes along, gets rocky. Much of it stays episodic, and starts reinforcing the very stereotypes it set out to negate. And so much of the writing is so explicatory that you begin wondering if the filmmakers really take their viewers for People Who Do Not Understand Anything Unless It Is Underlined Thrice Over.

Kia (Kareena Kapoor) and Kabir (Arjun Kapoor) get past their meet-cute in a tearing hurry, and jump into an exchange of garlands and glands. All is hunky-dory to begin with : Ka rolls out of bed, picks up after his office-going wife and mum-in-law (Swaroop Sampat ; good to see her back on screen), lays out steaming hot 'khana' ; Ki cracks open her Mac, and delivers smart campaign ideas to her advertising agency colleagues (great excuse for lots of product placements, yo), and goes up the corporate ladder.

She is into marketing; he is busy home-making, and they are happy playing footsie. And then jealousy rears its ugly head, and the lines Ka and Ki had set up for themselves start to blur. Who will go out? Who will have a public face and high profile? Who will stay in and cook fresh? Will a Ka be happy to be called 'nikamma'? The film evades that problematic one neatly by a too-convenient plot twist, involving Ka's disapproving papa (a permanently sneering Rajit, who is never given the chance to smile through the film) who thunders on about ' 'mards' and, haha, cautionary 'chhaddi checks'.
"Hello! My name is Kabir and I am a house wife (husband)" is the main theme of this movie. This movie is a negative mask, that converts every right perspectives, traits, norms and ethics into an opposite. Mr Balki has once again come up with an innovative,fresh and yet slightly controversial topic as before. The movie focuses on marriage lives in subcontinent but in a never seen before manner. Ka(Arjun Kapoor) Ki (Kareena Kapoor) is a married couple in which Ki(Kareena) plays the husband and Ka(Arjun) plays the wife. The story emphasize that it is not mandatory for women only to stay at home and perform domestic tasks while assigning the outer duties to the male partner rather the same can be implemented in an entirely opposite way. This situation creates a natural comic angle and curiosity in the movie that is maintained till the end. A husband has been shown supporting his wife while staying at home and doing house keeping so that his wife can fulfill her dreams and becomes a very successful business woman. But at times success and over commitment of one partner becomes indigestible for the other and this marks the commencement of disputes between them leading towards more problems. Kareena and Arjun Kapoor has done a fabulous job by doing complete justice to their roles. Kareena Kapoor has appeared so fresh after a long time since "Jab We Met". A short cameo by "Big B" and "Jiya Bachhan" serves as icing on the cake towards the climax. R. Balki has proved his direction abilities and capabilities once again and deserves applause for bringing an altogether new dimension of thinking towards personal relations. A recommended movie to be watched by couples for sake of understanding the value and importance of each others role in real life!!!!
Ki & Ka – Breaking age old conventions & social conditionings! The female is Kia and the male is Kabir – Hence Ki & Ka.

About Male –

Son of a filthy rich real estate bizman. Father had a belittling attitude towards mother and thought she did nothing at home apart from sitting idle! Well, since they were filthy rich....there is not much that a wife does – apart from shopping, playing Mahjong, attending kitty parties etc....unless of course the Bizman was struggling during his youth and was surviving on measly salary – then the wife really comes handy – she buys food/ vegetables herself, washes utensils, clothes, cooks etc. – even then the members of the family think that she is not good enough! All the good-for-nothingness of the wife get further more exaggerated if there is a mother-in-law around (MIL hereinafter). You see many MILs cannot tolerate the fact that some unknown stranger female will come and have a good and comfortable time at her house! MILs often compare their days of youth with the present day and try to torture the daughter-in-law (DIL hereinafter) just as she was humiliated or tortured when she was a newly wed bride...anyways, I am diverting from the main story! Read on... So Kabir had witnessed the humiliating attitude of his father since childhood and was very upset about it. He was intelligent in studies so he did manage to finish his MBA from a good Institute. But he did not want to join the rat race – he wanted a cushy job of a home-maker. He wanted to be a 'WIFE'! wow!

About Female –

Kia had lost her father at a very young age. Her mother had to become both father and mother to the child – and we all know how important is money to run the family. Mother therefore gets busy with her profession...and of course also feeding & educating her daughter Kia. They lacked a man-figure in the house. Both of them had become males in the journey of life. Their house appeared as if it was hit by a tornado – unkempt and dishevelled! When Kabir had first visited their house, he even commented if they had a dog at home.....shows how terribly unkempt both the mother daughter were...in spite of a maid !

Story line- So ka and ki meet, Ka tells about how he disrespects his father because all his life he had seen him disrespecting his mother! They go around, try out sex and were probably happy with the outcome of the sex-session...so they decide to get married. Mother of Kia confirms from daughter – right in front of Ka - whether she had had sex with him or not – which is very important for marriage commitment! Really !! So very modern outlook!! Triple WOW!! So the movie is trying to convey to the youths..and adults and the aged...that youngsters should be allowed to have sex before wedlock.

Like male A will have sex with female B – if they are not satisfied with each other sexually, male A will have sex with female C and Female B will try out sex with male D....then Male D, who had tried sex with female F, G & H...and had rejected them all because they were not sassy enough as compared to what he had been watching in triple X blue films, will recommend an orgy session with female B because he is really really confused about his sexual preferences!

Anyways, they get married. Ki already had a beautiful flat but after all ka was the son of a rich bizman – he had picked up wasteful habits ..so he renovates the entire house and turns it into an 18th century railway station! Yuk! (I certainly would have kicked him out for this.....anyways pretty far fetched thought – I would never have agreed to such a stupid proposal...maybe because I have had a very normal childhood and I know the difference and importance of both father figure and mother figure in one's life.....and my mother was a very dominating personality.... she dominated with love..and no one in his or her sane mind would ever meddle with the source of sheer, selfless, unconditional love!) Maid Servant episode There is a scene where the maid arrives and thinking that all the family members must have gone to office, calls over her boyfriend to have sex in the AC room! Ka did not drive her away....but politely asked her if she had changed the bed-sheets after having sex ! Wow! Such an understanding kewl dude....the AC is on for 3-4 hours as long as she works, she watches TV and even keeps the house unkempt (remember the 1st time kabir visited the house, it looked like a kennel?) and all that the master of the house..no mistress of the house...whatever – had to say was 'Please change the bedsheets, Thankyou.'!! Gosh! Such creeps – devil knows what Bollywood tries to prove by showing such behaviour towards the wrong doer!

This film is basically a kick on the mouth of those women who consider it lowly to be a housewife and have joined the rat race...esp. to compete with men! Ka showed that recognition and fame, that humans hanker for, could be achieved by being a good home maker too! Ka starts making home cooked, healthy food videos and he becomes more famous than Ki. They fight...then make up at the end.

Story over.
I just can't describe it in words. This movie is brilliant. This content was never explored. How come critics gave such a low rating to such an amazing content. We are audience and we are fed up with the same old content served to us. If we are getting fresh and raw content why are we not liking it. A big question to people. This is definitely going to be my one of the best movies in Bollywood in terms of content.
'Ki and Ka' is 'Abhimaan' inverse. But it's the inversion that makes it the movie it is. Breaking social mores was, is, and will never be easy. Breaking those that deal with gender roles is perhaps the most difficult.

No wonder the film grossed modestly despite bankable stars and major release. R. Bal'Ki' deserves a big hand for attempting it. I shall skip commenting on its artistic merit just for this reason. Suffices saying that Kareena Kapoor does justice to the role and Arjun is by now creating a niche as a lazy looking actor that can hold the audience, but not impress.
Getting acquainted with Indian films has opened up a whole new cinematic world for me. One of the things I like most about them is how they address serious social issues in a lighthearted way. This story of a young couple attempting a groundbreaking gender-role reversal is no exception. It is courageous and questioning without being heavy-handed. It also has everything you would want in a rom-com: an attractive, appealing couple; a variety of lovely sets and locations; parents who complicate matters, intentionally or otherwise; amusing subplots. The plot is refreshingly clever and unpredictable. There is even a cameo from a major Indian celebrity, playing himself! Ladies, you will love this movie. Gentlemen, if you are brave and open-minded enough to watch it with your significant other, you may love it too. Delightful and thought-provoking.
Silly Dog
Silly Dog
Amitabh & Jaya - What a screen presence ya!! Till today they have the capability to put the screen on fire!! Arjun is high on his weight and Kareena high on her wrinkles.. Endorsements and more.. Saffola, lakme, daawat rice , vistara.. What not .. Needed? Not sure Movie tries to make a point but lacks clarity.. Director looks fascinated by trains to have shot in Rail Museum and then have trains all over the house.. A train from kitchen to dining table .. Cmon !! Swaroop Sampat leaves her mark as a confident and liberal mom.. Kareena's acting shows traces of jab we met but nothing close.. Arjun Kapoor is just playing victim.. Movie has its highs / lows and lull moments .. But should watch it once just for the concept of Ki & Ka .. Workable or not workable depends!!
I watched this movie without any high expectation. I saw the rate was just 5,6 out of 10 stars.

But, I think this movie deserves more than that. The story is so simple but meaningful. I learned new thing through Ki & Ka.

Maybe the synopsis is super simple, about woman and man who get married and live against the tradition, whereas the man do the chores and the woman go to office.

2 hours is nothing for me since the movie is worth to watch.

I love the chemistry, the conflict, the characters, the dialogues, the cinematography,and everything except the songs.
Film released on 1st April by Balki named Ki and Ka was a unique work .the writer and director of film Balki tried to touch a new issue showing that a woman named Kia is a goal oriented working woman who married to a man who is more interested in putting his efforts in useful ways rather than just be in a race of success. Movie proceeds with a slight touch of love, compassion and friendship between the two husband and wife . One of the best part of movie was the mother being such a supportive mother-in-law and so the respect given by Kabir . Another dilemma of society is being manifested about the love relations of 21st century. Most of them are more based on status,position,name and family's background rather than what does a man or woman actually worth as mentioned by Ki's mother. The way both of them managed to pursue their dreams was commendable. Yet I think movie went to the side of extremism, showing that man could sit at home and can be a support for a successful woman . Man can be a support by working out because what is important is motivation rather than management of house. Movie would have been more appealing if the writer would have shown that man can work at home,at his office and can support his wife all at same time as he is a man (multi tasked). If the point was to show how hard working women are at home than why Ka failed to manage his house while he became a famous speaker because that's what today's woman can do , manage both. The house of Ka was decorated exquisitely by Ka showing that he was actually an artist. The symbolic role of Ka's mother was a true inspiration showing that people working at house are not 'doing nothing '. Taking her as a role model was a good move . As the writer and director of the film is the same person so he didn't want to cut out any of his dialogue because of which movie became a Little bit out of pace showing same scenario in quite a detail added with songs.apart from all ,the biggest flaw in the movie was the climax which they tired that exists by saying again and again'I am having acidity due to curiosity ' by actually movie failed to cause any acidity to audience.it was a sweet piece to watch showing the husband wife cooperation , although cuddling scenes were more than needed but overall it was a one time watch . The last message given by mother was block Baster line indication of the fact that problem lies with the earning soul whoever that is. He or she gets use to fame and the person living at home gets ignored that was really the line to applause and instead of Ka and Ki controversial issue , it should be extracted.In the nutshell such movie with different issues should be made but a need of more refined focus is needed. And lastly thumbs up for the stunning looks and acting of Karena and Arjun Kapoor.The guest appearance of Amitab Batchan and Jia Bachan was a source of audience attention which was furtive by the message of Jia for Ki.Couples need to give it a try.
Movie focuses on a married life where "Ki" i.e female plays role of "Ka" i.e male and "Ka" plays role of "Ki". Movie shows reaction of society towards the man who is a "housewife", he soon earns a huge female fan following but that affects their married life drastically.

What's Good: -Brilliant concept. -Characters were chosen correctly. -Movie raised some valid points (not all) regarding gender problems that exist in our society.

What's Not: -Story could have been a lot better. -Brilliant concept ruined by poor execution. -Neither romantic nor funny, disappointment in both genres.

Our Ratings: Story: ★★★★★★☆☆☆☆ 6/10. Music: ★★★★★☆☆☆☆☆ 5/10. Direction, editing and screenplay: ★★★★★★★☆☆☆ 7/10. Star Performances: ★★★★★☆☆☆☆☆ 5/10. Overall: ★★★★★★☆☆☆☆ 6/10.

Final Verdict: Not worth the time, concept was ace but everything else was not up to the mark, you'll be disappointed.
the story of Ki and Ka, brings out the typical mentality of the Indian subcontinent and the idea that is related to gender and economic sustainability. The idea of the movie is completely fresh with the focus being on the husband-wife/a couple's dynamics. The story is based on a man who is in his 20s and comes from a successful background. But, his future goals are quite revolutionary considering the social tradition and expectation of what a man should do. He wants to be a house husband and cook like his mother. And one day he finally finds his perfect match. They get married and the woman starts getting fame and successful in her work. But the twist comes when the man gets attention for being different in place of the woman and some other obvious things stop becoming available to the person who is the bread earner. Ultimately the movie shows the issue is not gender, rather economic freedom and being the head of the family.

The movie will definitely raise a lot of thinking in the mind of sub continental people.
Nice screen play but not deliver well, unwanted scene, a bit confusion in characters but still its something different. i know it looks unrealistic or bakwas because its not something easy to digest. In my views, society needs a movie like this as most of the people (NOT ALL) still prefer to depends upon their wives or in some cases wives have to leave working because stereotypes..

if your soul mate is more ambitious than you so its nothing wrong to let them what they wants to be by sharing their work. p.s. it doesn't mean to become a "house husband" like him wearing high heels and mangal sutaar.. nah nah i can't say this...

7/10 because of the acting and different story line..
I don't know why its rating is only 5.8 where it deserves at least 8.0. I think the people to rate this movie are stereotype people who just do what society tells them to do and could not digest a new and different view to our society. This movie is just awesome. Touching so many point on so many levels. Its against stereotype society, gender inequality and the ego of who earns or runs the house expenses. After watching this movie at least a sensible person will start respecting his mother, sister and wife. Coming to the movie Kareena kapoor is amazing as always. Arjun kapoor supported her equally in acting and in many places he stood alone with superb performance. The script was very well written and direction was outstanding. Music was just good. Overall this movie is a must watch. Go to cinema with an open mind and take your females of your family in perspective and you will love this movie. i give this movie an *8/10
R Balki has already brought us some memorable light hearted dramas including Cheeni Kum and Paa. Sticking to his strength, he brings to us, Ki & Ka, another breezy script, but based on 1 statement, 'What if a guy grows up wanting to be like his mom?'

An interesting topic where gender stereotypes are reversed. For a country slowly grappling with the idea of financially independent women, women entrepreneurs, single mothers and husbands who work from home, it's another concept, which is fun to watch on screen, but awkward and embarrassing to live with. Balki casts Arjun n Kareena, who seem like an odd pairing, but grow on us through the movie as a pair of buddies (not as a couple).

The movie follows the basic pattern, but this time girl (Ki) meets guy (Ka), gets impressed, falls in love, takes him home to her mom for approval. The director makes enough efforts to establish the backgrounds of both the protagonists to convince the audience about their decision to get married. There are many well presented situations where Ka serves his first breakfast, catches the maid in action, cleans up a broken glass during a house party, feels left out during a foreign tour. What the film succeeds in, is to showcase the situations that each gender usually faces, helping the audience appreciate each other's troubles. Also, there are 2 advice statements, one from Ki's mom and another from Jaya Bachchan (yup, as herself) which make a lot of sense. There are a few flaws though.

As mentioned earlier, the script is a blown out version of an idea. Although many great movies start from a statement only, this one seems like a stretched idea, falling into the trap of repeating itself. Gender reversals bring out the chuckles, but it's continuous bombarding leaves you wondering whether such actions are plausible. Also the lack of flow in the script, it feels like a set of planned scenes, prevents it from being great. Ka keeps on iterating that he's also a typical guy by drinking a lot of whiskey and becoming Dharmendar to funnily beat up a couple of teasing goons. Also, an IIM topper keeping cash safe in a fridge and preparing house budget on a piece of paper is stretching it a bit too far.

Performance wise, Arjun has to be complimented for taking up the role and keeping a straight face while performing the awkward scenes. However, he lacks much in energy and charm to take the role up a notch. Maybe the Whiskey was a little too much. Kareena as 'Ki', looks great, doesn't let her real life marital status affect her performance in any manner and is the natural actor of the lot. In a film, where the limelight is mostly on Ka, she holds her own and wins it with an outburst on our irresponsible house husband. The best performances were by Swaroop Sampat as the modern, but insightful mom of Ki, who gets great dialogues and also Mr. Amitabh Bachchan who brings out the most laughter without even mouthing a dialogue.

I'd recommend watching the movie with your life partner, if for nothing but to appreciate each other's efforts in sustaining the family.