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Now or Never
Now or Never (2018)
  • Director:
    Jordan McMillen
  • Category:
  • Writer:
    Jacob Godsend
  • Cast:
    Amadeo Fusca,Umaima Saleem,Jacob Godsend
  • Time:
  • Year:
The girl of his dreams is moving away, he has only one chance to tell her how he feels before he loses her forever...its Now or Never.
Credited cast:
Amadeo Fusca Amadeo Fusca - Shawn
Umaima Saleem Umaima Saleem - Bianca
Jacob Godsend Jacob Godsend - Caesar
Franchesca Valdez Franchesca Valdez - Bianca's friend
Ken McGraw Jr. Ken McGraw Jr. - Eric

Now or Never (2018)

This entire film was shot in one day.

Film was shot in Rockaway Beach, Queens New York.

It was so windy on set, a lot of the sound was unusable.

Amadeo Fusca's thumb was cut filming a scene where he had to jump of the back of a wheelchair.

Although only 14 minutes long, this comedy-romance packed a lot in such a short period of time. The two main characters portray an odd couple relationship that was very entertaining. The film involves a zany plot by Shawn to profess the love for a woman before she leaves for good. Shawn must make a now or never decision to tell the woman his true feelings. Crazy stuff happens to delay this meeting. Eric, Shawn's pothead friend, provides most of the comedy in this fast-paced comedy short. Writer-producer Jacob Godsend created an intriguing script that provided the actors playing the two main roles material that showed the humor and quirkiness in each character's personality.
This film was very well written and the acting was superb. loved it from start to finish.
Went Tyu
Went Tyu
The storyline is interesting, grabs the viewer to know the end of it. The main characters are funny.