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Beyond the Shining Sea: Part One
Surm paradiisis Beyond the Shining Sea: Part One (2011– )
TV Episode
  • Director:
    Jermain Julien
  • Category:
  • Writer:
    Robert Thorogood,Sally Abbott
  • Cast:
    Joséphine Jobert,Leemore Marrett Jr.,Zackary Momoh
  • Time:
  • Year:
A shadow is cast over a small fishing village when their festival queen is murdered in baffling circumstances.
Episode cast overview:
Joséphine Jobert Joséphine Jobert - DS Florence Cassell
Leemore Marrett Jr. Leemore Marrett Jr. - Patrice Campbell
Zackary Momoh Zackary Momoh - Harrison Green
Nicôle Lecky Nicôle Lecky - Tiana Palmer
Nneka Okoye Nneka Okoye - Nelly Dubois
Ardal O'Hanlon Ardal O'Hanlon - DI Jack Mooney
Indra Ové Indra Ové - Louise Palmer
Shyko Amos Shyko Amos - Officer Ruby Patterson
Tobi Bakare Tobi Bakare - Officer J.P. Hooper
Elizabeth Bourgine Elizabeth Bourgine - Catherine Bordey

Surm paradiisis Beyond the Shining Sea: Part One (2011– )
The start was a little slow in all fairness, but as it progressed it took the show to darker, bigger, and generally more grown up places then it's ever been before.

It had its silly moments, as would be expected, with Ruby jumping on the shoulders of an escaped suspect, but the last half of this story was gripping, providing the biggest shock ever seen on the show.

It definitely benefited from having more s teen time for Florence, who's sadly been a bit part player for most of this series. I sincerely hope she isn't departing the show, as she certainly adds something.

Don't think I've ever looked forward to an episode so much as next week's. 9/10
Florence seems to have played a minor part in this series, her romance with Patrice being a major thread in this series.

It has led to speculation that some significant event will happen between the couple and it is unlikely to be the sound of wedding bells.

As Florence and Patrice make wedding plans. The Mahi Mahi festival gets in full swing.

Tiana Palmer work's in Patrice's bar, she is very popular. The fishing village of Belle Mer has chosen her to be the festival queen

She sets off on a boat with offerings of bread and rum. Despite being alone at sea, she is found stabbed to death.

Patrice's best friend Harrison is one of the suspects, as he has financial problems. However some other suspects emerge. Mooney and the team look at mobile phone footage for clues.

The surprise was that the murderer was revealed at the end of the episode. We were informed that it would be a two-parter.

I did enjoy this because it looked like a cunning murder leaving me to wonder how it was done. Although I could not come up with anything like Officer Ruby's explanation that it was a scuba diver underwater waiting for the right moment to kill Tiana.
I didn't know it would be a 2-part episode (just read that in another review) so I was quite stunned by the end of this episode. I had already thought of the same way of killing, but I couldn't figure out the time-table either, until we got the result. I sincerely liked this episode, it was the usual fun but with a darker layer and an unpredictable ending. I'm not sure what I want the outcome to be next week (haven't seen any previews yet) Either way will be interesting, I suppose. Looking forward to the next episode. :)
Who would murder @ the Mahi Mahi festival, and will they be caught? Are things really as they seem? Episode 5 turns into a two-parter, after we see the murderer has been figured out. But, something is still amiss...remember that bloodied hand, in the dark!