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Zui jia pai dang 4: Qian li jiu chai po
Zui jia pai dang 4: Qian li jiu chai po (1986)
  • Director:
    Ringo Lam
  • Category:
  • Writer:
    Ringo Lam,Karl Maka
  • Cast:
    Samuel Hui,Karl Maka,Sylvia Chang
  • Time:
    1h 26min
  • Year:
Supt. Nancy Ho (Sylvia Chang) is kidnapped by villains who want to obtain a hi-tech prism, created by a Hong Kong professor, that can grant superhuman powers. In exchange for Supt. Ho's return, King Kong (Samuel Hui) and the professor's daughter Sally (Sally Yeh), later joined by Albert "Baldy" Au (Karl Maka) and Baldy Jr. (Cyrus Wong), fly to New Zealand to deliver the hi-tech prism to the crooks. However, not allowing to let the crooks succeed, they must band together to prevent the prism from being used.
Cast overview, first billed only:
Samuel Hui Samuel Hui - King Kong
Karl Maka Karl Maka - Albert Au
Sylvia Chang Sylvia Chang - Supt. Nancy Ho
Sally Yeh Sally Yeh - Sally Bright
Onno Boelee Onno Boelee - Hornsby (as Onno Boulee)
Peter McCauley Peter McCauley - Digger (as Peter Macaully)
Ronald Lacey Ronald Lacey - The Boss
Roy Chiao Roy Chiao - The Professor
Sandy Dexter Sandy Dexter - Henchman
Gayle-Anne Jones Gayle-Anne Jones - Henchwoman
Cyrus Wong Cyrus Wong - Baldy Jr.
Tat-Wah Cho Tat-Wah Cho - Hua
Tak-Hing Kwan Tak-Hing Kwan - HK Police Hockey Team Coach
Kien Shih Kien Shih - Interpol Hockey Teach Coach
Pomson Shi Pomson Shi - Professor's Assistant

Zui jia pai dang 4: Qian li jiu chai po (1986)
The fourth instalment in the successful Hong Kong movie series Aces Go Places. After a disappointing third outing, where writer and co-star Karl Maka's writing seemed laboured, the familiar cast (Hui, Maka, Chang) make for a hilarious return to form. As before, the Cantonese version features more puns than the dubbed English one.

There's a lot of fun, combining the usual action elements with humour - just sit back and enjoy the ride, and switch off the brain.

The movie has been credited with increasing the emigration of nervous Hong Kong citizens (fearing the communist takeover) to New Zealand. You Only Die Twice, as this fourth instalment was called in some countries, was filmed largely in New Zealand, featuring that country's beautiful scenery.

There is little logic and plenty of slapstick silliness, which fans of the series will enjoy. The hockey game features some big-name character actors in the audience, familiar to Hong Kong moviegoers. There is an enjoyable car chase in New Zealand - although how a car can leave Auckland Harbour Bridge and arrive in Wellington (which can be nine hours' drive to the south in reality) in a few seconds is not explained.

One should stress to less familiar readers that You Only Die Twice is not of the Jackie Chan ilk. Although action-packed, the movie is primarily a comedy. The original Aces Go Places was based around a Dick Emery film.

Ronald Lacey makes an unlikely choice as villain, most likely for the sake of parody above all else. His bald henchman makes a interesting rival to Maka's own bald character, as well as his son, who perhaps is the best actor of the lot!
The third sequel to Hong Kong's Aces Go Places, where King Kong (Samuel Hui) and Baldy (Karl Maka) goes on a mission in New Zealand to rescue Supt. Nancy Ho (Sylvia Chang), kidnapped by villains who want to obtain a hi-tech prism, made by a Hong Kong professor (Roy Chiao), that can grant superhuman powers.

Unlike the previous two movies, the filmmakers have made this a more action-packed and suspenseful sequel, doing away with the over-the-top silliness and over-imaginative plot devices. The story is fast-paced and full of adventure, from the bad guys attempting to steal the prism to King Kong and Baldy's daring rescue mission of Supt. Ho. The story delves into more deeply the bond between Baldy and Nancy and the partnership between Baldy and King Kong. Even the subplot between the unlikely romance between King Kong and Sally, the professor's daughter, is comical, yet important to the plot.

The acting is pretty good and the villains are ones you would love to root against. The cameo appearances of legendary martial artists Kwan Tak-Hing and Shih Kien is a rare treat.

Overall, it's a good action comedy with more a sophisticated action and a more compelling mission than the previous two sequels.

Grade B
Regular Mad Mission stars Karl Maka, Sam Hui and Sylvia Chang are joined by Sally Yeh in You Only Die Twice, the fourth film in the popular (in Hong Kong, at least) series.

Once again, the movie is scripted by Karl Maka and is a mixture of silly comedy and crazy stunts, but director Ringo Lam (who would later give us the fantastic full Contact and impressive Burning Paradise) reins in the sillier aspects of the mayhem somewhat. This means that fans of the series thus far might be a bit disappointed by this offering, but I personally welcomed the change in style, having found the first three films unfunny and far too random for my liking.

Mad Mission 4 might never be considered a classic of 80s Hong Kong action/comedy, but by adding more excitement, introducing tougher fight scenes and gun battles (complete with squibs and bone crunching falls), and taking care over the cinematography, Lam makes this one just about worth watching.

This time around, the bad guy is played by none other than Ronald Lacey, the slimy Nazi with the scarred hand from Raiders of the Lost Ark. Looking identical to his character in the Spielberg classic, Ron hams it up as a villainous scumbag out to steal a prism that has the power to imbue a person with super-powers. When the crystal falls into the hands of bumbling cop Albert (Karl Maka), the leather trench-coat wearing baddie kidnaps the poor guy's wife and son.

Once again, Albert teams up with his happy-go-lucky jewel thief pal King Kong (Hui), and, with the assistance of a professor's daughter (Yeh), they attempt to pull off a daring rescue mission.

Highlights of the film include a tense scene in which Albert's son ends up dangling over the edge of a tower block, a helicopter in high-speed pursuit of Sam Hui in a speedboat, a fun locker-room fight scene, and a stunt-filled car chase.
The fourth chapter of the "Mad Mission" / "Aces Go Places" series is a somewhat odd mix of the slapstick tone of the previous entries with some violent and unpleasant moments. The result has enough chases, stunts and bumps to be recognized as a part of the series, but it still feels somewhat alien to it. The script is (as usual) weak, and for all-around action fans I'd say "Part 2" remains the best choice, but for martial arts fans this may be the most satisfying entry yet - there are more fight scenes than before and Sam Hui is surprisingly credible in them. The best thing in the movie, however, is the addition of the wonderful Sally Yeh, in a semi-action role. (**1/2)