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The Trouble with Michel
The Trouble with Michel (2001)
Poet, essayist, novelist and filmmaker, Michel Houellebecq has always had close ties with the cinema and the world of the visual arts, which have accompanied and extended his reflexions since the start of his career, as the frequent allusions to them in his novels attest. This portrait of Houellebecq is from his early days of bad boy provocateur stardom. Having just published Plateforme in french and enjoying the many translations of Les Particules élémentaires.
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Michel Houellebecq Michel Houellebecq

The Trouble with Michel (2001)

Three years earlier in 1998, Houellebecq's novel Atomised became an instant bestseller, and turned him into France's enfant terrible of letters, with its description of homosexuality, sexual voyeurism, racism and violence.

Michel Houellebecq readily admits that he enjoys attacking, insulting and provoking, so while it is not his style to look cheerful or sound optimistic, the French writer cannot fail to be chuckling at the reaction to his latest novel, Plateforme. In the three weeks since it was published, it has won praise and stirred outrage. And sold some 240 000 copies.