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The Evil One
The Evil One (1913)
  • Director:
    Francis J. Grandon
  • Category:
  • Writer:
    Wallace Clifton
  • Cast:
    Edgar Jones,Clara Williams,Harry Loomis
  • Year:
"Little Wild Cat" was a spirited Indian maiden of the Coahuila tribe, and many braves were in love with her, but she accepted only Fleet Foot, the adopted son of the chief. One day two braves proposed marriage to her and she refused them. He happened that a few hours later they were taken ill and they blamed it to an evil spirit within "Little Wild Cat." The same day, when passing the hut of an old Indian, she saw a bowl of milk, and being thirsty, she lifted it and took a drink, but found that the milk was sour. The old man came from the house in time to see her: he, too, tasted the milk and, finding it sour, vowed she was a witch. In despair she appealed to the chief, and as he was about to pronounce her "Good Squaw," a pall hanging from the roof of his hut fell with a crash. His heart was filled with superstitious fear and he ordered her to leave the village on penalty of death. Fleet Foot decided to join in her flight and sent her forth in the great desert, promising to meet her ...
Cast overview:
Edgar Jones Edgar Jones - Fleet Foot
Clara Williams Clara Williams - Little Wildcat
Harry Loomis Harry Loomis - The Tribal Chief
Gladys Brockwell Gladys Brockwell
Emma Bell Clifton Emma Bell Clifton - (as Emma Bell)

The Evil One (1913)

This film is presumed lost. Please check your attic.

An unusual Indian story, with a fresh and dramatic situation rising from Indian superstition. The girl, played by Clara Williams, unhappily drinks from a jar of milk just before its owner finds that it is sour. It is assumed that she has "the evil eye," and the chief (Harry Loomes) calls upon the tribe to do away with her. Her lover (Edgar Jones) helps her to escape across the desert. One feels that more might have been made of this situation, but what we have makes an entertaining offering. The photography is only so-so; in some of the scenes it is poor. F.J. Grandon produced it from Wallace Clifton's script. - The Moving Picture World, April 19, 1913