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Poketto monsutâ X
Poketto monsutâ X (2013)
Video Game
When an ancient weapon developed from an ancient war is brought back into existence and threatens the region of Kalos, a trainer and his friends must prevent said weapon from being unleashed.
Credited cast:
Ikue Ôtani Ikue Ôtani - Pikachu (voice)

Poketto monsutâ X (2013)

The first Pokemon game to receive a simultaneous worldwide release.

The first main series Pokemon game to not be named after a color (Green, Blue, Red, Platinum, Black, White) or precious metal (Gold, Silver, Emerald, Diamond, Pearl, Ruby, Sapphire).

The first game since Gold and Silver to introduce a new type.

First of the main series games, since Pokemon Yellow, to use the voice of Ikue Ôtani as Pikachu.

The sixth generation of the Pokemon franchise.

The first main series Pokémon game with 3D graphics.

Pokemon X is the first Pokemon main-series game to be released on the Nintendo 3DS. Not only did this add in the 3D view during Pokemon battles, it also opened up Pokemon to new aspects of the 3DS such as: new updates that can be downloaded from the Nintendo e-Shop, Streetpass communication, and more! Though there are not as many new Pokemon in Generation 6 as in other generations, you can encounter Pokemon from all 6 generations in the wild once you first begin the game. Also, the gyms have significantly improved in Pokemon X with added-in 3D effects. Each gym has its own different type of maze to reach the gym leader where you encounter gym trainers on the way.

Not only is the game play of Pokemon X magnificent, the plot is also intriguing. The villain organization of the Kalos region, Team Flare, who eliminates anyone who doesn't follow their standards. Pokemon X introduced a new method of training Pokemon; Super Training! You can access Super Training via the bottom screen of the 3DS. In Super Training, you aim soccer balls at balloons of different Pokemon; each with its own way of attacking you. After completing these training sessions, your Pokemon's base stats increase slightly, and you are rewarded bags that can increase your Pokemon's stats even further in Core Training.

The only cons about this game are that 3D mode is only during battles but not in over-world view, and that there are only 69 new Pokemon is Generation 6 (though you still encounter many Pokemon because you can find Pokemon from Generations 1-6). So overall, Pokemon X is a revolutionary game with only a few flaws that successfully introduced Pokemon to the Nintendo 3DS.