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Dream Girl of '67
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This Chuck Barris new entry had 3 Hosts, 3 Hostesses and 1 sub-host for a week presided over the daily all-year-long beauty pageant. The Host will introduce the girls aged from 18 to 27 will compete for the title of "The Dream Girl of 1967" and introducing every single day is The Hostess aka "The Resident Dream Girl." The winner of the day will become "The Dream Girl of The Day" for The Monday to Thursday Broadcasts. The Daily Winners are all returned and one of them will become "The Dream Girl of The Week" for each and every Friday. At the end of the year and as well as the series itself, The Weekly Winners are all returned for the last show and one of them will become crown and the title of "The Dream Girl of 1967". The Day's Winner receives $500 cash, The Week's Winner will collects $5000 cash and for "The Dream Girl of 1967" will win cash and prizes are all totaled of $50,000. The 3 Male Star Judges (Either Bachelor or Married) are doing the scores in each category and 1 Female ...
Series cast summary:
Johnny Jacobs Johnny Jacobs - Himself - Announcer 261 episodes, 1966-1967
Karen Valentine Karen Valentine - Herself - Hostess 170 episodes, 1966-1967
Dick Stewart Dick Stewart - Himself - Host 130 episodes, 1966-1967

Dream Girl of '67
This was a short-lived attempt at placing a beauty pageant program in the context of a regular daytime game show - a sort of early American Idol format without the focus on talent. Aired in mid-afternoon on, as I recall, ABC-TV, it really represented little more than filler on the last-rated national television network at the time. ("Batman" was ABC's only real hit in that era.) That it was little more than eye-candy pap is strongly suggested by the fact that in its one year run it had no fewer than three regular hosts.

Possibly its most memorable moment had nothing to do with the show itself. On August 25, 1967, this viewer was killing a bit of summer vacation before sixth grade classes began in a fortnight, watching the show in Falls Church, Virginia, when the local Washington, D.C. network affiliate broke in on Wink Martindale to give a news bulletin that American Nazi Party founder George Lincoln Rockwell had been slain while pulling out of the parking lot of an Arlington, Virginia laundramat by a disaffected follower, a location only five miles from my home.

Aside from this singular event, I doubt that I would have any recollection of the program, which died a deserved death at the end of the only season it was aired.
I remembered this program on the ABC network, and I was enchanted (for lack of a better word)with the theme song. But I was even more enchanted was those really beautiful and sexy women that appeared right before I had to go to kindergarten! As I was growing up in Oklahoma, so many of us were thinking that those girls from California are really just something. During the 1970's, there was a special (that was syndicated) that was titled Dream Girl, and the host was Ken Howard. I just wondered if there were other specials that was titled Dream Girl. As many of you know, Pi Kappa Alpha fraternity has as their sweetheart the Dream Girl ball.