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Diversion Robbery
Highway Patrol Diversion Robbery (1955–1959)
TV Episode
  • Director:
    Derwin Abrahams
  • Category:
  • Writer:
    Lou Huston
  • Cast:
    Broderick Crawford,William Boyett,Ed Nelson
  • Time:
  • Year:
Paroled explosives expert Bert Nelson and his partner Paul Herrick place time bombs in vacant lots near the scenes of their planned holdups. The loud but harmless explosions create a diversion that permits them to commit their crimes quickly in the confused atmosphere and escape with few witnesses. Dan Mathews and Sergeant Williams notice a pattern developing and Dan diverts all available units to the relatively small area in which Nelson and Herrick are likely to strike. After their third robbery nets $10,000, the two thieves find a phalanx of officers converging on the area. With all main roads covered, they make a high-risk attempt to escape by trespassing onto the nearby network of dirt fire roads.
Episode complete credited cast:
Broderick Crawford Broderick Crawford - Chief Dan Mathews
William Boyett William Boyett - Sgt. Ken Williams
Ed Nelson Ed Nelson - Paul Herrick
Pierre Watkin Pierre Watkin - Mr. Larson
Richard Bull Richard Bull - Bert Nelson
Joy Pettit Joy Pettit - Sylvia Davis
Ron Foster Ron Foster - Officer 1410
Vance Skarstedt Vance Skarstedt - Dispatcher (as Van Skarstedt)
Art Gilmore Art Gilmore - Narrator (voice)

Highway Patrol Diversion Robbery (1955–1959)

$10,000 in 1959 had the same purchasing power as $73,600 in 2009.

Even though only one of them dies on the show, the actors playing the robbers, Ed Nelson and Richard Bull would both die in 2014 within 6 months of each other. Bull died at age 89 in February and Nelson at age 85 in August.