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Louisu0027 sommersjov
Louis' sommersjov (1988)
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  • Writer:
    Bent Nørgaard
  • Cast:
    Sonja Oppenhagen,Louis Miehe-Renard,Jens Kistrup
  • Year:
It's an unwritten rule that director of film and stage plays do not publically attack critics on their views. But in 1988 Louis Miehe-Renard decided he indeed would do just that, and even on public television. In this tv-special he discusses how he feels about a critic who written a extremely bad review of a stage play Miehe-Renard had directed, which resulted in in a complete flop. Miehe-Renard even sued the critic and the newspaper.
Cast overview:
Sonja Oppenhagen Sonja Oppenhagen - Herself - Member of Skuespillerforbundets bestyrelse
Louis Miehe-Renard Louis Miehe-Renard - Himself
Jens Kistrup Jens Kistrup - Himself - Film and Theatre Critic

Louis' sommersjov (1988)