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Glee Sexy (2009–2015)
TV Episode
  • Director:
    Ryan Murphy
  • Category:
  • Writer:
    Ryan Murphy,Brad Falchuk
  • Cast:
    Dianna Agron,Chris Colfer,Jessalyn Gilsig
  • Time:
  • Year:
Schuester volunteers to program Glee club songs which help with sex education, hearing many of his kids are dangerously ignorant. Free-spirited substitute sex-education teacher Holly Holliday therefore comes help him select and arrange appropriate repertoire. That proves tricky, as does the kids' own input, also on account of their personal (romantic) agendas. The Celibacy Club welcomes unlikely recruits.
Episode cast overview, first billed only:
Dianna Agron Dianna Agron - Quinn Fabray
Chris Colfer Chris Colfer - Kurt Hummel
Jessalyn Gilsig Jessalyn Gilsig - Terri Schuester (credit only)
Jane Lynch Jane Lynch - Sue Sylvester
Jayma Mays Jayma Mays - Emma Pillsbury-Howell
Kevin McHale Kevin McHale - Artie Abrams
Lea Michele Lea Michele - Rachel Berry
Cory Monteith Cory Monteith - Finn Hudson
Heather Morris Heather Morris - Brittany S. Pierce
Matthew Morrison Matthew Morrison - Will Schuester
Mike O'Malley Mike O'Malley - Burt Hummel
Amber Riley Amber Riley - Mercedes Jones
Naya Rivera Naya Rivera - Santana Lopez
Mark Salling Mark Salling - Noah 'Puck' Puckerman
Jenna Ushkowitz Jenna Ushkowitz - Tina Cohen-Chang

Glee Sexy (2009–2015)

When Holly is talking to Emma and Carl, the writing on her whiteboard says "I will not laugh during sex education class" repeatedly.

Holly tells Zizes and Puck that their sex tape would be child pornography, and therefore illegal. Unfortunately, in real life, Mark Salling (who plays Puckerman) suffered from a child pornography addiction which eventually led to several charges against him, and later, a tragic suicide.

Sexy- This episode was actually one of my favorites to date, first what worked for me. Loved that Blaine chose to approach Burt on Kurt's behalf and that Burt actually followed through with it. That character is a wonderful father and is very well acted by Mike O'Malley. Kurt and Blaine having their conversation was also very well done, I felt sorry for Kurt, I felt embarrassed for him and I felt compassion for Blaine. This particular arc was done very well. Holly and Will, what to say? HAWT! I totally dig their chemistry it is so natural and apparent, great casting. Their rendition of Kiss was fantastic. Holly's character is very well played by Gwyneth Paltrow, she is a natural in my opinion, which is odd as I normally don't like her as an actress. I think her song with Brittany and Santana was beautiful and moving and I truly felt Santana's confusion and pain, and that Brittany handled it very well. Heather Morris is really developing that character so much more this season than she did last season, the better story lines are really helping.

I was glad also to see less of Rachel and Mercedes. Don't get me wrong, I love the Diva's, but it's nice to have a break from them once in a while. Emma and her issues are so cute and her inner conflicts are Jayma May's strengths, I laughed and laughed at 'Afternoon Delight'. As soon as the opening strains of music started I blurted out that it was a song about a 'nooner'. So funny as were the 'Partridge Family' costumes. John Stamos is a true breath of fresh air and I'll be sorry to see his tenure on the show end. What didn't work for me is the continuation of the Puck/Lauren story line. Don't get me wrong, Lauren is a great character and she brings a lot to the club as a whole, however, I don't see any chemistry between Mark Salling and Ashley Fink. It's actually almost painful to watch. I don't want to see Puck change his 'bad boy' ways for anyone, that's half of what makes Puck well, Puck.

Quinn and Finn are also one of the most mis-matched couples on this show. Dianna Agron is a fabulous actress with great range and depth and conviction, you could almost believe she is this actual character. However, mixing her up with Cory Monteith (who although a decent singer and good looking guy) is simply not working at all. He is just an actor saying his lines, I believe the acting more when he is confused and hurting then playing this version of Finn. I believed Sam and Quinn was a better couple than her and Finn ever was. Finn and Rachel IMO make a better pair because of their awkwardness and naiveté rather than in spite of it. All in all it was definitely one of the better episodes; although very light on the Sue aspect, which is akin to having a Scrubs episode sans Dr. Perry Cox. I'm interested to see how her Oral Intensity comes up against New Directions and as always can't wait to see the Warblers. I would like to see Jesse make a resurgence maybe a cameo or something, and I think that there should be a shake up in the future, possibly a new jock at the school that decides that Rachel is worth all the crazy and he's actually not looking to be a part of the Glee Club!
In the Synopsis it says this: "Holly, Brittany and Santana sing the Dixie Chick's "Landslide." Santana begins crying near the end of the song and tells Brittany those lyrics are how she really feels. Santana snaps at Rachel that she doesn't want to be labeled."

Correction: 'Landslide' is NOT a Dixie Chicks song. It was written by 'Stevie Nicks' and performed originally by Fleetwood Mac.

I tried to see if I could add this to the edit on synopsis, but it wasn't worth the time and effort so... just bringing it here and maybe someone who can, or does, will make the correction.

May not be 'that' big a difference to most however, it were my song, I'd like it to be corrected. =o)
If my blood ever gets analyzed in a hospital lab, they'll find undeniable Gwyneth Paltrow fanboy-ism rotted in my system. She won an Emmy for her three-episode run on Glee as substitute teacher, Holly Holiday. Prejudgment of her honor, that she was awarded because she's a huge movie star "downgrading" herself in a TV-turn, are sadly mistaken.

After watching all-three episodes The Substitute, Sexy, and A Night of Neglect, I was overcome with a state of "glee". It was a delightful two hours spent with a charismatic guest starring actress. Having a biased love for Paltrow, I expected to just feel the arms-length-fanboy-love for her work, I never expected to be knocked off me feet with her hilarious turn. I really loved her.

The character is a lot of fun, you can tell she's having fun bringing her to life, and we're having fun watching her; Holly Holiday is a jumbled ball of fun. Paltrow excels at portraying Holly's energy, spunk, quirky-charm, and hilarious persona, match that with her awesome pipes, it feels like she can't go wrong. Outshining show regular moguls, Matthew Morrison and Jane Lynch, Paltrow defines a lovable character

Paltrow gets to flaunt her hidden singing abilities with the trendy, upbeat tunes as well as humanizing Holly's dramatic songs. Forget You was better than the actual recording. Do You Wanna Touch feels like it was written for Paltrow to sing and dance to. Landslide and Turning Tables are emotionally strong and are sang perfectly. Her Singin' in the Rain/Umbrella and Kiss songs are show-stopping too, showing off her dance talents.

Having great chemistry with Morrison and all the teenage cast, Paltrow proved to everyone she has the ability to deliver one of her most superb works in just a few scenes. She may even top Christina Applegate 's hysterical two appearances on Friends for my favorite comedy guest actress of all-time.
The episode altogether? It was moderate. The storyline was pretty good, teaching the kids not to have sex and what not. But the way it was approached was...eh. I mean, singing about it and making a joke and mockery of it wasn't the best way.

I was glad to see Gwyneth Paltrow back in this episode! She's always such a fresh face and very nice to see on the screen! But she wasn't as likable in this episode as her previous "Substitute" visit. I mean, revealing that she had a sex tape floating around was just..irresponsible. But she's always funny. But not as many one-liners as she did earlier. I guess I just expected so much out of her from her last impression, that is just fell flat of expectations.

Her hook-up with Will? I think she could've done better. I hate what RIB is trying to do to him. Be so modest, then lose all of that, and then try to gain it back slowly. He was just so...annoying in this episode, as he is in most of Season 2. I just, I just don't like him that much anymore. His character needs some serious help. He belongs better with Emma.

Speaking of Emma, Jayma Mays needs some sort of award for this episode or something! I mean, I just laughed SO HARD at this woman when the episode aired! She had more one-liners than Holly, and she was SO MUCH FUNNIER! I just laughed and laughed, I don't think I've ever lashed out so much at a Glee episode before! I mean, I've had little chuckles, but Emma just made me laugh! Like Brittany.

The Brittana story line was flawless. I was wondering how they would play out, and when Santana finally told her true feelings for Brittany, I was like "FINALLY!" But it was sweet for Brittany not to dump Artie just for Santana, because she truly cares for him. That was sweet.

And I think Mike and Tina should've had at least a line, I mean, they are one of the biggest couples of the Glee club. And more couples? Puckzes! I love them, but their need to make a sex tape for fame just..bothered me. But I still love them! And I'm a Fabson (Quinn and Finn) shipper, so I'm glad they're back together. Finn was the only one who truly cared for her. But I liked the growing Rachel/Quinn friendship!

And on a last note, Kurt and Blaine! They were great in this episode! Even though there wasn't much of them, I still liked what little they had! Blaine, I'm so glad he's there to make all Kurt's problems just go away! He is the star of that relationship! And each time Sue got Kurt's attention, she just called him "Porcelain", a quick nod to an earlier episode. But I don't like her under usage, she could've been great!

All in all, it was an okay episode. One I will watch again, just won't be in a hurry to.