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TV Series
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    Johan Wester,Anders Jansson,Eva Westerling
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A series of sketches concerning a group of very odd characters: the insanely stupid firefighter Kajan; the obnoxious overweight Tiffany from Staffanstorp; the music-history-documentary star Itzhak Skenström; the lazy small time crooks Tony and Zunken; hard rocker brothers Micke and Mini; and many others.
Series cast summary:
Johan Wester Johan Wester - Kaj-Åke Kajan Hansson / - 18 episodes, 2001-2011
Anders Jansson Anders Jansson - Morgan Pålsson, Tiffany Persson, Others 11 episodes, 2001-2011


On the DVD edition, several songs featured in the series were cut out due to copyright issues. The songs were replaced by Itzhak Skenström ranting about how the music industry consists of cheapskates.

The Killing-gang and Robert Gustafsson may be good, but they use the tragic and horrible things in life to make you laugh. Hipp Hipp uses funny and lovable themes instead. The range of characters these two guys can create are amazing. A dumb firefighter, a snobbish Hungarian music freak, a dysfunctional duo of reporters, a pink-haired woman from Staffanstorp, a pair of mountaineers, a pair of small-time crooks, a stressed out heart doctor and many more.

Original ideas, and they work without adding the usual satire. Instead of shaking your head and going: "Yeah, they're right that sucks", you can just wipe the tears out of our eyes and marvel at the situations these weird people put themselves in.

There's something for everyone. Some irony, some visual gags, some wordplay, and some hysterical sketches. The best humour from Sweden ever, and an icon for Skania.
HippHipp is not like the rest of the swedish humor shows. This is so much better, with a number of unique and special caracters. Who can forget "Kajjan" - The Fireman, Itzak Skenstrom - the classic music lover, Mike Higgins with "Swedish For Beginners" and of course reporter Morgan Palson and his camera man.

We just wait for the DVD.
I think that this show is so funny that it (if it were in America) should win an Emmy. I also think that Tiffany is the best thing in Hipp Hipp!

Swedish for beginners can be helpful. Kajan is really scary. The low according to me is Itzhak Skenström. More of that drum-baby please. The radio-guy can be difficult to understand for none Swedish citizens. But Tony, Zunken and the weird brothers Micke and Mini rules the world.