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Mother Michael
Mother Michael (1914)
The charming little granddaughter of Mother Michael is deeply in love with the struggling poet. Mother Michael looks with disfavor upon their love making, but bestows the little warmth of her crabbed nature on Raton, her pet, a well-fed and sleek cat. The poet writes an ode to his lady love and as they live across the way, tosses it through the window. Unluckily it strikes Mother Michael and she awakens from her nap. The old lady sends her granddaughter to her room and when the poet calls, throws him from the house. The love-sick maiden gets an idea. Placing the beloved cat in a basket and by means of a rope stretched from window to window, she sends it across to the poet. Shortly afterwards Mother Michael discovers her loss and is frantic with grief. The old lady is glad to make a bargain with the poet, who claims as his reward for returning the cat the hand of the granddaughter.

Mother Michael (1914)

Released as a split reel along with the documentary From Kandy to Colombo (1914).

An attractive comedy number, all of the scenes being delicately colored. The girl and her lover steal the old lady's cat and will not return same until she consents to their marriage. - The Moving Picture World, May 23, 1914