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Cat Shack
Cat Shack (2009)
  • Director:
    Paul Bernardo
  • Category:
  • Writer:
    Paul Bernardo
  • Cast:
    Gina Lynn,Lorelei Mackenzie,Simone Butler
  • Time:
  • Budget:
  • Year:
Danielle and Maxine are two lovers who have endured both family and societal pressures that have threatened to tear their love apart. Maxine is about to inherit a house from her estranged father, but only if she gets married to Danielle first. On their way to claim their inheritance, one last challenge presents itself before they can live their dream lives together. This final obstacle, could be the one that destroys them. Can their relationship survive what awaits them in the cat shack?
Cast overview:
Gina Lynn Gina Lynn - Maxine
Lorelei Mackenzie Lorelei Mackenzie - Danielle
Simone Butler Simone Butler - Alaska
Merle Nadlin Butler Merle Nadlin Butler - Mom
G. Larry Butler G. Larry Butler - Dad (as Larry Butler)

Cat Shack (2009)

In an interview Gina Lynn mentions a secret of the production: it was shot on the smallest camera she has ever seen.