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Five Wild Animals
Five Wild Animals
  • Director:
    Blair Hoyle
  • Category:
  • Writer:
    Blair Hoyle
  • Cast:
    Briar Boggs,Lauren Hunkele,Autumn Cravens
Longtime friends travel to a small mountain town in hopes of attending a mysterious Halloween party but soon find themselves wrapped up in a centuries-old ritual instead.
Cast overview, first billed only:
Briar Boggs Briar Boggs - Devin
Lauren Hunkele Lauren Hunkele - Allie
Autumn Cravens Autumn Cravens - Clarissa
Charlie Cannon Charlie Cannon - Jimmy
Ian F. Scott Ian F. Scott - Levi
Sara Lucas Sara Lucas - Rachel
Ashley Huber Ashley Huber - Ashley
Michael Jackson Michael Jackson - Max
John Lineberry John Lineberry - Officer Mindenhall
Marthaluz Velez Marthaluz Velez - The Lamb
Arianna Evans Arianna Evans - The Blackbird
Blair Hoyle Blair Hoyle - The Hare
Tyler Stafford Tyler Stafford - Rodney
Anna Broadway Anna Broadway - Amie
Katelin Fitts Katelin Fitts - Kelly

Five Wild Animals

Almost every member of the cast and crew were current or former students of Western Carolina University at the time of production.

This film marks the first time that Blair Hoyle worked with actors Ian F. Scott, Charlie Cannon, and Briar Boggs. They would go on to become regular collaborators.

In addition to starring as Levi, Ian F. Scott also choreographed the action sequences.

Throughout the movie, many of the characters make references to things that are "upsetting." This started out as a joke between actors Ian F. Scott and Charlie Cannon. Director Blair Hoyle enjoyed the sense of realism that the use of inside jokes gave the film and decided to include them.

Four different endings to the film were shot during principal photography. Oddly enough, the version that appears in the final cut was filmed seven months later.

Multiple actors dropped out of the production minutes before their respective call times on the day of the home invasion sequence. Unable to find replacements in the short period of time, Hoyle and members of the cast were forced to portray the masked assailants for these scenes.

Five Wild Animals is set in the fictional town of Wickersaw, which also serves as the setting for the films Grimmwood and Happy Endings Are a Rarity.

Officer Jack Mendenhall (John Lineberry) and Rodney (Tyler Stafford) first appeared in Blair Hoyle's directorial debut, Happy Endings Are a Rarity. Hoyle loved their performance so much that he wrote them into two other films: Five Wild Animals and Grimmwood.

Ian F. Scott's line "Happy Halloween, bitch!" was improvised.