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Justice League: War
Justice League: War (2014)
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The world's finest heroes found the Justice League in order to stop an alien invasion of Earth.
Cast overview, first billed only:
Sean Astin Sean Astin - Shazam (voice)
Zach Callison Zach Callison - Billy Batson (voice)
Christopher Gorham Christopher Gorham - The Flash / Barry Allen (voice)
Justin Kirk Justin Kirk - Green Lantern / Hal Jordan (voice)
Michelle Monaghan Michelle Monaghan - Wonder Woman (voice)
Shemar Moore Shemar Moore - Cyborg / Victor Stone (voice)
Jason O'Mara Jason O'Mara - Batman / Bruce Wayne (voice)
Alan Tudyk Alan Tudyk - Superman (voice)
Steve Blum Steve Blum - Darkseid / Computer Voice / Ocean Master (voice)
Dee Bradley Baker Dee Bradley Baker - Parademons / Secret Service Agent (voice)
Melique Berger Melique Berger - Sarah Charles (voice)
Kimberly Brooks Kimberly Brooks - Darla (voice)
Rocky Carroll Rocky Carroll - Silas Stone (voice)
Ioan Gruffudd Ioan Gruffudd - Thomas Morrow (voice)
Georgie Kidder Georgie Kidder - Freddy Freeman / Max / Additional Voices (voice)

Justice League: War (2014)

Wonder Woman's New 52 costume is slightly changed for the film in order to make her outfit less revealing and avoid referencing her cleavage.

While Cyborg was known as a founding member of the Teen Titans in the previous continuity, in the New 52 he was a founding member of the Justice League, replacing Martian Manhunter who was the seventh founding member in the previous Justice League origin story.

While in the comics Aquaman is a founding member that participated in the storyline, in the film he is replaced by Shazam.

This is the second DC animated feature to use material from DC Comic's New 52 continuity.

Based on the 6-issue storyline from DC's New 52 Justice League: Origin, the first storyline of their relaunched "Justice League" series. Notably this series was not only the first series released when the New 52 began, but it also served as the Justice League's new origin story in the New 52.

Ocean Master's appearance at the end of the film is a nod to the Aquaman/Justice League crossover event "Throne of Atlantis", one of the comic book crossovers in the New 52. His appearance is a hint towards the later animated film adaption Justice League: Throne of Atlantis (2015).

Shazam's idea to name the team "The Super Seven" is a nod to the 1970s Saturday morning cartoon "Tarzan and the Super Seven" which featured many members of the Justice League, including Batman & Robin. In the original comic book storyline, it was the Flash who suggested that idea.

Victor Stone's football team is the Titans. As Cyborg, Victor was originally a founding member of the team Teen Titans.

Wonder Woman lassos a man protesting her in the beginning of the movie. She tells him that the magic lasso will compel him to tell "his truth". He confesses that he secretly crosses dresses in a Wonder Woman costume because it makes him feel powerful. This may be a nod to the original Wonder Woman creator, William Marston who was among other things, a cross dresser.

George Newbern, who normally plays the voice of Superman in various DC animated movies and shows, plays the voice of Steve Trevor in this film.

In the comics, Aquaman uses his trident to help blind one of Darkseid's eyes. However in the film, as Aquaman had been cut, the Flash uses a crowbar instead.

Near the beginning of the movie during Vic Stone's game, the character model for Virgil/Static can be seen on the bleachers behind Billy Batson as they watch the game. This is the character model from the Young Justice tv show and not the earlier Static Shock series.

Vic Stones number is 7 and his uniform is blue. When he is nearly sacked, one of the blitzing players is number 54 in a white uniform. This nods to the show blue mountain state, where quarterback Alex Moran is #7 in a blue uniform, and defensive player Thad castle who is number 54, usually shown in a white uniform.

Ioan Gruffud played Reed Richards aka Mr. Fantastic in the Fantastic Four.

In the original comics the world had a great mistrust at the time towards superheroes prior to the Justice League's victory over Darkseid. However aside from the protest against Wonder Woman and the minor reference made by Batman to Green Lantern (which the lines are adapted from the comics) this was mainly removed from the film. This includes the Gotham PD's attempt to shoot Batman and Green Lantern in Gotham, and the military's attempt to shoot the superheroes and Parademons under orders leaving Superman and the Flash no choice but to neutralize their attack.

Lahorns Gods
Lahorns Gods
I wasn't very pleased after watching this. It seems like the superheroes were all being degraded. Look at Wonder Woman in the movie, they showed her as some spoiled girl who only wanted to fight and flash her sword around. That's not how I recall her. She was someone who was powerful but not in the "flash my weapons to get my way" type. It was just sad to see some of my favourite DC heroes be reduced to calling each other poor names and taking things as a joke...except for Batman, who was the only one they really kept close to what his character is typically like. It bothered me that they made almost all of them cocky. I don't think DC has as much pride in their characters anymore after watching this. I wished they hadn't changed the attitudes of some of them because it didn't help at all. J/L:Crisis on Two Earths and J/L:Doom were both better because they had more care for the heroes and the people and they hardly made fun of the Justice League.
I'm new to animated feature length superhero movies, so I'm no expert. But I do know a little something about being entertained, and I was with this one. I like the character design, and the animation is good.

What really stood out to me in this one, is Darkseid. Because man he is scary as hell. Just floating along there with his hands behind his back, impossible to beat. He actually kind of scared me. And I'm a huge horror movie buff! I guess the fact that he seems so unbeatable is what makes him scary. Good stuff.

I'm no reader of comic books, and I haven't watched that many of these animated superhero movies yes, but so far this is one of my favorites.
Grade: C+

This was a weak effort by DC Animation (DCA), especially following The Flashpoint Paradox, Doom and Crisis on Two Earths. It was let down critically in several areas, namely in Voice acting, Characterization and Plot.

Voice acting & Characterization:

Superman - Alan Tudyk is miscast in this. He is unable to effectively personify the hero that Superman is and comes off a bit of douchebag in certain moments. The costume he wears in this is not classic...and IMHO it does not look great. They could have updated it without losing the iconic look too much (e.g. Man of Steel).

Supes himself comes off as having a God-complex in this film. He does not seem the noble, self-sacrificing, protect the innocent type of hero we've all come to know and love. He also seems mildly de-powered, though he is easily the most physically supreme of the lot. As usual he disappears half-way through the film and needing Bats to save his ass.

Batman - Jason O'Mara did an OK job with gravitas. Strangely he sounded a bit of a mix between Kevin Conroy and David Hayter (Metal Gear series) - which is a good thing. Bats is well characterized in this film and comes across as the investigative lone-wolf type hero.

WW - Michelle Monaghan admirably captured WW quite well. The character was also kick-ass (with a nice ass!) and very warrior-like. Well done!

Flash - Chris Gorham did Flash well. He was also portrayed well being slightly more mature in attitude without lacking the wisecracks.

Green Lantern - poor characterization. While Justin Kirk did the voice OK, the character lacks maturity and is not a leader-type. This is more the Ryan Reynolds version of Hal at work.

Cyborg - well done Shemar! Super character to introduce in greater detail.

Captain Marvel - welcome back Sean Astin (Samwise Gamgee)! Great job and good character as a boy with Superpowers.

Darkseid - poorly executed. They reduced him to a brawler instead of a master schemer. Insanely powerful though, able to resist the entire Justice League all at once.

Animation style: This is more Korean anime style (as opposed to Japanese anime) which I find more appealing. It tends to moderate between Japanese and Western animation styles. Those who dislike Japanese anime style may find this more tolerable.

Plot: Weak JL genesis plot. Darkseid's invasion play has no clear motive other than to obtain Kal-El. The rest of the heroes are just there because...well...they need to be there to.become.the.Justice.League. Right? ;)

Overall: Poor effort by DCA. I feel they let themselves down by approving an underpar script and miscasting Superman. It doesn't compare favorably to past efforts though still watchable for fans.
I didn't really have high hopes for JL:War to begin with. I have read the comic book Origin, and although i enjoyed it, i didn't really think it could be translated well into a full-length movie. The biggest problem is DC's decision to move away from making fun, intelligent, thrilling JL movies, and just making 1 and a half hour blockbuster animations, filled with gritty "bad ass" dialogue and stupid pop-culture references.

The movie's biggest problem however, is the total mis-characterisation of it's iconic characters, heroes who have been done so much justice in DC's previous efforts (JL cartoons, previous DC Animated features) that it is heartbreaking to watch them here.

SUPERMAN in this movie, is a muscle-head, a total grunt whose only role is to punch this and that, and hit on WW. His dialogue is non-existent, and he really comes out more like a lobotomized Hulk,rather than the most iconic superhero of all time. WONDER WOMAN is a murdering psycho, dressed like an generic anime loli. CYBORG is.. a cyborg alright, but not CYBORG. His origin is different, his character is different, his powers.. You could really replace the three heroes above with original characters. It wouldn't have been agood movie, but at least it wouldn't be an insult to the fans of the JL.Now to the less butchered characters: BATMAN is classic batman.His voice could be a tad monotonous but not really bad, and not really fond of the new costume (that goes for all of them, but batman's in particular makes him look less like a 'weird figure of the night' and more like a metal gear character). SHAZAM-FLASH are the most underused and generic characters they could come up with. We get no backstory at all, no character build-up, they are just there to brawl, although the Flash gets a really badass action scene. THE GREEN LANTERN is the only heroe i really enjoyed in this movie. He's young, cocky, arrogant and borderline psychotic, but you know what?That's Hal Jordan! He is the protagonist of this movie, taking the helm in all the big fights, getting the only character progression in the movie, and his and batman's are the only interractions that come off as real-life people talking. DARKSEID is so badly butchered and underused, that i can;t talk about it without major spoilers but, it is very bad. Any fan of the real lord of Apokolips, get ready for it.

Now, the action was good(not Flashpoint good), although , with 3/4ths of the film being fighting scenes it could get boring at times.The music score was OK, a little underwhelming. All in all, it is an OK movie to watch once, but given DC's past track record, with movies that really push the borders of superhero cartoon animation, if you are a fan, watch the company's previous efforts and pass this one.
1. There is swearing in this movie.

2. It is set-up for a sequel featuring the exact same characters (there is an after-credit scene).

3. Batman appears to be invincible, with the infinite ammo cheat on and untearable suit.

4. Wonder-woman behaves like a child.

5. Darkside is just a bully, with no motivation for his actions. He also carries on fighting when he really shouldn't be able to, and his omega blasts vary in power depending on who they hit.

6. The whole film is pure action with no plot and just a bit of characterisation.

7. Cyborg is a joke. No-one can explain how he got his powers, how they work, what they are, where the ammo come from, what the AI is etc. i know it doesn't explain much in the comic either, but if you willing to scrap Aquaman, then you can make other needed changes to.

8. Superman's transformation at the end is left unexplained as to how.

9. They use the 'reset' switch ending to get rid of thousand of enemy para-demons in one quick sweep (like the end of Avengers). Again it makes no sense and feels like a cheap resolution to a big problem. Too many shows are doings this and it needs to stop.

This is highly fun to watch. The animation is great and I don't have any problems with the voices like the other reviews. There is lots of fighting between the heroes, the monsters, Darkside etc. but thats all it is. Its as though it was written for children, but then we have swearing in it and our heroes acting like bullies and stealing stuff.

As a story, its lacking in every department. There was potential for greatness but it was never utilised. Watch it, enjoy it. But there are superior DC animations and this wont make it into anyone's top 10. But its worth watching.
Greetings Superhero Fans!!

I just wanted to let you know that I was one of the fortunate ones who was able to watch this latest animated gem from DC and Warner Bros. in addition to being at the premier, to which I was able to interview some of the incredible talent behind this latest endeavor...including the incredible Andrea Romano.

Justice League: WAR is based on DC Comics' "New 52", which means brand new origin stories and character depictions...if you're up on the current issues, well then only you can be the judge on the quality of these new story lines.

For me, who was never really a true "Comic-Book Geek", only a semi-Comic Book Geek, I am a little disappointed on this latest animated offering...which is sad, because, up until now, I have been nothing but incredibly impressed with all things DC Animated.

Now, please do not get me wrong, the movie is fun, and visually stunning...it is just not what I had hoped in as far as story, character development and execution. "Justice League: THe Flashpoint Paradox", "Justice League: The New Frontier" and "Justice League: Crisis on Two Earths" I felt were better offerings and I have incredible hope and confidence that DC will continue with those as their guides for their future productions.

With all of that said...would I still watch it again? Sure, again, it was a fun watch, and even my 15 year old son, who loves these animated movies just as much as I do, enjoyed watching it and would watch it again...so...go out and get this DVD, which is officially on sale as of Tuesday, 02/04/14 and have yourselves a "Superfriends" time. ;)
I am not impressed with the latest re-envisioning of DC characters. Superman, Green Lantern, and Wonder Woman are HORRIBLE. The voice acting is OK but the dialog is horrible especially for Wonder Woman. I was disappointed to see how the story illustrated Superman. Since when is Superman a spoiled uncontrolled arrogant punk. That is Captain Marvel. I saw nothing of the reserved and respectful Superman which I grew up with. Green Lantern was a little bit too cocky. His powers were a bit too scaled down for me.

The story was OK as a whole but the new character from the NEW 52 did not resonate with me.

The first in what is apparently meant to be an over-reaching continuity of DC animated films based on the New 52 gets off to a bad start with what is honestly one of the worst stories from the New 52 right out the gate, JUSTICE LEAGUE: ORIGIN by Geoff Johns, re-subtitled WAR here presumably because it sounds cooler.

Plot or lack thereof: Darkseid invades Earth. A handful of DC's big hitters plus Cyborg ban together to fight him. Chaos and mayhem ensues.

Geoff Johns, who wrote the original story, is a good writer, not a perfect writer but a good one. I've enjoyed his work on Green Lantern, and he did a very good job on the opening arcs of New 52 Aquaman - who sadly was taken out of this feature and replaced with Shazam, the hero formerly known as the original Captain Marvel - but his New 52 Justice League: Origin was a terrible story, full of bad dialogue and unlikable over the top characterizations for half the characters assembled, wasting the beautiful artwork of Jim Lee on an invasion plot thinner than paper. In short, it was NOT one of his better efforts. Anyone who reads that opening New 52 arc can clearly see that Johns heart wasn't invested in the story he was trying to tell.

Sadly, this animated adaptation opts to embrace the sloppiness of the original story rather than fix it or improve upon it. While some of the bad dialogue of the book was dropped (such as Green Lantern's rather stupid "Talk in a deep voice" response to Batman criticizing him for creating a green plane for transportation) they've gone out of their way to add more to the list of casual profanity, which now includes "whore" and "douche bag", and that's just in addition to the regular profanity which seems to be on higher display than usual, which just feels incredibly forced as they're trying way too hard to make this feature as "mature" as possible, except this isn't mature - this is a 13 year old's idea of mature.

The painfully unlikable characterizations of half the cast remain too. Fans who thought Superman wasn't "nice enough" in 2013's "Man of Steel" probably won't like him here either; you see the New 52 portrayed Superman in his early career as a cocky rebel, much like he was in the Golden Age (though he seems to mellow across a few time skips), but here as in the original story this is taken to the point that he's portrayed as a straight up thug who appears to be fighting not in the defense of Earth and innocent people but rather he is merely fighting because he happens to enjoy causing property damage and smacking opponents around. There's no sense of altruism in him, no sense of compassion, something even a younger, more rebellious Superman should have, and something he did have in MOS regardless of what the haters say.

Wonder Woman and Green Lantern don't fair much better. Wonder Woman is portrayed as a dumb, spazzy child trapped in a woman's body who would much rather hack and slash her way through monsters than actually learn from and establish ties with the modern world, and the scene where she freaks out over tasting ice cream for the first time is painfully unfunny. Meanwhile, Green Lantern's arrogance is dialed up so high that he comes off being stupid and mean rather than just cocky. It seems the WB/DC folk are still trying to pass Green Lantern off as their Iron Man - which some believe was one of the reasons why the 2011 film failed at the box office - and they're still failing at it, since they don't seem to understand that there needs to be genuine likability behind the sarcasm, and here GL has none.

Shazam/Billy Batson is an interesting case - Shazam is surprisingly likable if only because Sean Astin manages to make a somewhat engaging character out of the material, but Billy is an obnoxious brat ala the New 52 who insults and degrades those around him (he gleefully calls his friends/foster family morons). Meanwhile the villain, DC favorite Darkseid, is little more than a monster on the rampage rather than the highly intelligent ruler that fans know and love him for being. He could've easily been replaced with Doomsday and it wouldn't have seriously altered the plot.

Voice acting's hit or miss. Batman, Flash and Cyborg are reasonably close to their normal characterizations and their voice actors reflect that, but Jason O'Mara is a shaky Batman at best. Alan Tudyk's voice is too small and too soft for the Superman design, Michelle Monaghan sounds too contemporary and "American" to be convincing as a Wonder Woman who has just arrived to our world and sounds like she would have been better suited to voicing Lois Lane, while Justin Kirk's nasally frat boy voice is a painfully poor fit for Green Lantern.

It's rather telling that the more lighthearted, kid friendly "Justice League Adventures: Trapped In Time" released around the same at select Target only featured far more likable characterizations of the heroes than this overblown "popcorn film" which lacks the heart, soul, and genuinely likable characterizations of the truly great popcorn films.

If this is truly the future of DC direct to DVD animation then the future is a bleak one.
Error parents
Error parents
I have said for years now, since the DC Comics animated movies started with Superman: Doomsday, that these movies could be made into full theatre release features. Overall, I like them better than the live action movies that DC does. I enjoyed the Nolan Batman series and I liked Man of Steel as well but the DC animated movie line just got it right every time.

Then, I watched Justice League: War...What the Hell Happened?!?!?!?!

The voice acting was terrible (with the exception of Shemar Moore/Cyborg and Chris Gorham/Flash). I will say though, I thought that Jason O'Mara as Batman wasn't awful. It's just somehow not the same when it's not Kevin Conroy. That being said though...actors like Jeremy Sisto, Peter Weller and Bruce Greenwood have done a good job at bringing a voice to the Dark Knight. O'Mara just wasn't quite good enough yet to convince me he was Batman.

The story was supposed to be adapted from the Geoff Johns/Jim Lee story that introduced the Justice League to the New 52 Universe of DC. It was a great story and great art! As blah as I have felt about the new direction DC Comics has taken I have loved the Justice League books so far. Plus, this story gave a great insight into the new take on these characters with their new looks, attitudes and the way they were introduced to each other. It all worked so well. That feeling was completely lost in this animated adaptation.

There were many specific things that made me feel that this movie was inferior to the previous DC animated releases: 1. Darkseid: He was lame and became the ridiculous generic bad guy they made him out to be in the Super Friends cartoons back in the 80's. He even had that annoying, graveled voice similar to how he sounded back then. Good fit for what Super Friends was, bad for this movie. 2. I may be the only person to say this but…Where the hell was Aquaman? I enjoyed his character in the DC Comics version of this story. In fact, he has become quite the bad ass in the New 52 universe and they toss him out for… 3. Shazam! OK, while I respect the direction they've taken with the new origin of this character in the comics I did not like his addition to this story nor his characterization. Besides, if you're going to replace a central character from the original story why use Shazam? (Who will always be named Captain Marvel to me, not sharing his name with the Wizard that gave him his powers.) We already have Superman in the mix, why bring in Shazam? Now I've always liked Sha…I can't do it…Capt. Marvel and while I realize he's similar to Superman they are different characters. Bottom line though, if they wanted to have a story with the new Capt. Marvel they should've made a movie about his new origin. 4. Could Wonder Woman have been any cornier?! I see the direction they were trying to take but it took a wrong turn. She sounded like she could've been a perfect fit for the campy old Batman TV show. (Love that show though by the way.) Her characterization was not a fit for this story. And did we really need the ice cream scene? 5. Superman and Green Lantern's voices did not match them at all in my opinion. Once again, I think I know what they were attempting to do but it just didn't work. These characters are based off their new looks and attitudes from the New 52 storyline but the voices just didn't fit that for my taste. GL just came off as a stupid blowhard as opposed to a headstrong newbie with his ring. And Superman…Alan Tudyk is a good actor and all but I didn't feel he was a good fit for the Man of Steel. Superman should have a commanding yet understated voice being a Kansas boy. Granted this was an interpretation of the new Superman who has not been in action for long and hasn't fully developed into his role as a hero but he came off way too cocky and kind of a douche. 6. OK, I'm an adult and I'm not saying that my language is completely clean. Plus, some of the DC animated movies lately have had mildly harsh language lately (as well as Lois Lane giving Brainiac the finger in Superman: Unbound) but this movie took it a bit too far I think. Sure they may have been trying to match the gritty nature that the New 52 is taking in the comics but this just seemed forced. "Hey, it's the New 52 style so we should probably have people cursing a lot." MINOR DIALOGUE SPOILER... 7. This may be nit-picky but…When the President asks what their team's name is at the end of the movie, Sha…Captain Marvel says "The Super Seven!" I'm sorry, not only did you have him replace Aquaman, now we're giving him lines from characters that are ACTUALLY STILL IN THE STORY?! Flash said that when asked in the comic story.

Overall, this movie was sub-par from the movies released previously from DC. I hope that they don't feel that the continuation of their animated films has to stay along this line because there are many great stories from before the New 52 that could still be adapted to the small screen. Get your act together DC…
I was particularly excited for this film for two reasons. First, I read and thoroughly enjoyed Justice League Origin, the comic off which the movie is based. Second, I am a huge fan of DC's animated universe since Batman: TAS. While "War" is not as good as "Doom" or "Under the Red Hood", it is a solid addition to a long line of great movies. Pros:

The entire movie was a visual treat. The style of animation is clearly different from other DC movies, but it's not bad, in fact I thought it was more visually appealing. From start to end, the animation delivers a clear and rich experience that definitely makes it more enjoyable.

Some have criticized War for weak plot and underdeveloped characters. They are right to some extent, for the plot is very basic with little information given on motive for Darksied's invasion. However the story is impressively accurate to its source material. So if you don't like the plot, take it up with Geoff Johns. Furthermore, we all know who each of the characters are, so an in-depth biopic of each Leaguer would be a waste of time. The comic is called Origin, and that's what this is, an origin of the Justice League so don't expect a ton of individual character development. My biggest complaint regarding accuracy would be the fact that Aquaman was replaced with Shazam. I'm as big a Captan Marvel fan as the next guy, but it was still disappointing that the king of Atlantis still doesn't get any love even after Geoff Johns did such a great job of finally making him cool. Furthermore, the personalities and even a good bit of dialogue of the characters could have been pulled directly from the pages of the comic. The dynamic between the heroes, especially Batman and Green Lantern, provided many of the best scenes, not to mention the funniest. I laughed out loud several times throughout and did not feel like the comedy, which was definitely more present here than in other films, took away from the experience of a film that is very centered on action.

Cons: Like most other reviewers, my only truly valid complaint involves voice casting. Most of the voices are adequate, and none of them are great. The best represented voices were definitely The Flash by Christopher Gorham, and Cyborg by Shemar Moore. Batman, performed by Jason O'Mara did sufficiently, but after growing up on Kevin Conroy, it was difficult to hear such a different voice coming from the cape and cowl. Steve Blum as Darksied brings a new kind of voice to the uber-powerful new god, but makes him seem more like a monster than a super intelligent being. The worst voice was by far Superman. Firefly star Alan Tudyk voices Superman, but fails to convey any gravitas or personality consistent with Superman.

Overall Justice League War received an 8 from me. While not DC's best contribution to the world of animation, but a fun, comical, and action-packed ride nonetheless. If you are a fan of DC and comics in general than it is definitely worth buying, if not it's still worth at least one viewing.
I'm still not sure what kind of drugs the execs at DC are taking, but they need to find some new meds if they thought this was a good idea.

First of all, let me start by saying that I do not read the comics, nor should I have to. A movie should be able to stand on its own without the need to consult outside material. This movie does not stand on its own. It is the worst direct-to-video DC movie I have seen to date.

The story is okay: Darkseid invades, the Justice League scramble to stop him. Unoriginal, but those are the kind of stories where you can make your characters shine. And there are a lot of problems with this story. For example, how does the Flash know that Batman is real but Hal Jordan doesn't even though The Flash and Hal are on first-name terms with each other? Why does Batman act like he's never seen Superman before when he already knows his secret identity? Why did the Ring choose Hal even though he's an enormous douche-nozzle? All these questions and more will NOT be answered because the movie doesn't care.

The characters in this movie are terrible. Gone are the days of Bruce Timm and Paul Dini's Justice League, replaced by a bunch of REALLY annoying ass-jackals that are nothing like the role models and lovable figures that we had ten years ago. Batman is still Batman even if he's way smoother with his hands than he should be, the Flash is okay despite having a fangasm when he meets Batman, Cyborg is more or less the same, Wonder Woman is a fish out of water that behaves more like a child than a dignified warrior princess of the Amazons (imagine Starfire from Glen Murakami's Teen Titans if you took away all the funny), Hal Jordan is a unlikable self-obsessed egomaniac who cares more about his image than doing his job as a Green Lantern, Billy Batson a.k.a. Captain Marvel (I refuse to call him Shazam; that's the wizard's name) is a pessimistic CRIMINAL who steals football jerseys and constantly makes me question if the wizard who gave him those powers was really desperate or really drunk, and Superman has a major ego that blinds him to the fact that THERE'S F**KING ALIENS IN THE NEIGHBORHOOD.

And then there are the pop cultural references. These are not the comedic pop cultural references that things like Freakazoid and Disney's Aladdin played for laughs, these are the result of DC execs saying, "Hey, let's get in with the hip crowd by putting in a bunch of annoying throwaway references that will no doubt give our fans aneurysms when they hear them!" Well, congrats, DC; between Hal Jordan using the word "douche" (looked in a mirror recently, Hal?), him wanting to get on to TMZ and Captain Marvel talking about World of Warcraft, I almost got a pre-paid ride in an ambulance. Since when has DC EVER needed pop cultural references to make good movies?

If you want a solid story in which all the characters are portrayed accurately and timelessly, go watch Bruce Timm's Justice League cartoon. This movie is an indication that DC no longer cares about its fans and just wants to take shortcuts by doing what it thinks newcomers will like to the point of offering up one character after another on the Altar of Fanboy Rage. The only thing worse would be a Teen Titans Go movie.
A huge disappointment after Flashpoint Paradox (also reviewed by this writer). It is oddly faithful to the very first DC comic brand, appropriately named ACTION, because there is a lot of action here. But that's all. No connection with the audience. The voice actors sound like they would rather be somewhere else, especially Batman. The writers clearly spent too much time watching the AVENGERS live action because they have started to believe they can write banter and witty repartee like Joss Whedon. Which they cannot. (All they do is create dialog which will embarrass some parents, but likely not their children). They have, OMG, given Green Latern lines of snarky dialog which – trust me – could only ever be spoken convincingly by Robert Downey Jr.-- and the only place THAT is going to happen is inside a REAL alternate universe. DC itself, having happily entered a fantasy world when everything old can be re-invented and re-imagined exactly to their liking -- much like the Federal Reserve is doing with the world economy -- seems determined to extract every possible dollar they can from the Shazam franchise. Even though there is really no such franchise. And the Shazam story, with its goofy mysticism and other foibles, raises the Spiderman legend to the level of King Lear in comparison. Plus, it is more than a little annoying that they tried to save money on animation by not drawing any bystanders in the endless fight scenes. Even Superman 2 live-action -- back in the age of dinosaurs -- knew that, if you destroy cities helter-skelter, there are going to be some fleeing civilians somewhere. As for the villain, maybe its just me, but I am getting tired of giant Androids trying to take over Earth. There are more interesting planets to conquer out there. Trust me. I read a lot of comics.
Impala Frozen
Impala Frozen
This animated movie is different from the majority of previous. The heroes do not play around as nice as they usually do. There is plenty of animated violence, blood, bruises, broken bones, sliced limbs and more. The PG-13 rating is there for a reason.

The relationship between the heroes is forced and easily changed by the creators, the heroes fight when it fits the script and than co-operate, when again, it fits the script. For those purposes their behavior has also been changed. Generally the movie describes, more realistic super heroes than the comic books. The heroes in this movie, have ego issues, lower moral standards, shorter fuse for violence and really poor taste of humor.

Besides that the animation is different, I think that was done to set the tone and show that these are different super heroes, not the ones we know. Less square jaws (in that matter less square anything), more details, some 3D computer rendering has been added, generally the animation is rather detailed and smooth, really easy on the eyes.

I will not talk about the voices, some guidelines do apply and in my opinion they did fine, there is no reason to obsess about it.

After taking some points off for the forced behavior and forced story line it is 8/10.
I serious don't get the massive hate for this movie it was pretty awesome if ask me. In fact this was the only good New52 movie after that the movies went down hill but when Justice League dark came out I thought that was good but the movie after it not so much. The personality changes don't bother me at all a part from Green Lanterns and Shazam's.

Warning there is swearing in the film. Ignore the haters this is a great film. The animation is perfect the voice actors are incredible we even got to see people who rarely voice act like Ioan Grufford, Roger Rose, George Newbern, Richard McGonogle and John. The main voice cast how ever could improve I am looking at Cyborg's, Captain Marvels, Ocean Masters and Green Lantern. But i am really annoyed on how cocky Green Lantern was in the movie that he was over confident when he suggested to fight Superman alone and when went straight for Darksied but a swarm of Parademons battered him up. The best scene was the last battle. My only confusion is how is Darksied meant to see when wonder woman stabbed his eye out. I found it weird that Desaad was creating Parademons through human hosts, Wonder Women having a crush on Superman but Green Lantern having a crush on her. Overall it was an awesome action packed adventure with amazing fighting sequences and awesome animation. If you are a true fan of the Justice League watch this movie.
This is a strange little film in the fact that it has so much wrong with it... but it also has so much right.

So what's wrong?

Batman's voice. There's just no conviction, power, or menace in it. This is one of The Bat's main features, other than his lack of super powers. It's one of the main talking points when a new Batman a character is cast. Everybody loves Kevin Conroy from The Animated Series, I really liked Anthony Ruivivar in Beware The Batman (it has the best vocal talents of the Batman series), now Will Arnet has done a brilliant job in The Lego Batman Movie. Unfortunately, Jason O'Mara doesn't do the character justice.

Cyborg's origin. Though it follows the lines it's blue goo which I didn't like as it took the blame off his father, Silas Stone creating The Cyborg out of his dying son. This made Victor Stone more a casualty of Darkseid's attack rather than the love of an estranged father.

The appearance of Shazam, who wasn't in the original story. The choice to use Shazam instead of Aquaman, in my eyes, was not a good one. Aquaman was instrumental in the defeat of Darkseid and his Parademons. There's also the brilliant scene when he has the whales and sharks erupt out of the ocean to devour the Parademons.

The Parademons. I really do like the original design, the ones in the movie are too bulky and appear to be more machine than living entity.

What's right with the film?

The Green Lantern, voiced brilliantly by Justin Kirk, has the right amount of bravado and ego and his relationship with The Batman and The Flash helps to give the movie more power and a sense of humour.

Christopher Gorham does a great job of voicing The Flash and adds the joy and wonder that the character exudes in the comic.

Wonder Woman, though you don't know her origin story for the New 52 in the movie this could make her strong character feel a little strange, to begin with as she's like a child in a toy shop... if you knew that she's new to the real world after leaving Themiscyra would've helped there - however it's this scene which gives the character heart but as soon as the Parademons attack, her sword starts swinging and the no-nonsense female warrior we know and love come to the fore, and Michelle Monaghan who does a great job at voicing all aspects of the character.

Though the thing that really makes this film work is the story and the action, for which Director Jay Oliva does a great job.

These elements nullify the bad ones make the film enjoyable and watchable, though it isn't the best of the Justice League films. Still worth a watch though.
This movie seems to be another retelling of the DC characters' origin, especially Cyborg's. Maybe it's gotten to the point where I've seen so many of these movies that I'm not that impressed with them anymore. Don't get me wrong, this is still enjoyable. It's still not that unique. It makes you wonder what costume Wonder Woman will wear next. I really do like the stuff with her and the ice cream. In this movie, we get to see Desaad, Darkseid's assistant, for the first time. It's weird to see Darkseid as literally a giant. Hey, I remember whose parademons from the end of "Justice League: Flashpoint Paradox"! Dang, I'm just becoming more familiar with superheroes constantly.

The animation was very slick. I think this might be the first time any animated superhero movie included the word "shit". Well, everything is PG-13 including the cartoon movies nowadays! The fight scenes are always great and while the characterizations aren't that perfect, we still get some good study of the characters. Are these movies ever going to run out of different animation styles? Just how many different times can you reimagine Batman and Superman? ***
Now coming from a massive fan of the DC universe, and a fan of all of the DCA films and TV series, I'm someone that so far, has seen no stinkers when it comes to DC animated films, and even average films have some fantastic things about them. Today is that day sadly. Now as with all DC animated movies, they usually get fantastic people to portray many of these beloved DC characters, and the casting in many of these movies IMO, are some of the best casting choices ever....such is not the case here. All the actors, outside of Jason O Mara as Batman, we're all very forgettable or just generic in their roles. Michelle Monaghan was ungodly annoying as Wonder Woman, having horribly unfunny writing and acted much more like Chris Hemsworth Thor in the first movie minus the charm that Hemsworth had. Justin Kirk was just annoying as Hal and gave very little to the role, and his nasal and attempt at funny lines annoyed me to no end. Sean Astin was very forgettable and criminally under utilized as Shazam, as was Bruce Thomas as Desaad, Zach Callison who was fantastic when he first played Billy Batson in the DCA short, Alan Tudyk as Superman and Christopher Gorham as Flash. Throughout the film, I forgot flash was even in it due to him barely being in it, and just not sounding all that invested in the role. Steve Blum I feel got the worst of it in my opinion. Now I love Steve as much as the next guy, but the voice sounds much too monstrous for Darkseid, and the vocal effects put on his voice really annoyed me after a while since Darkseid is so much more than just a generic villain. The only real performance here that stood out outside of Jason was Shemar Moore as Cyborg, but even then it didn't blow me away and just sounded really whiny sometimes in the film. Now knowing this is based off of the New 52 story-line of JL origins, they have to fit as much of the details as they can about the storyline into a hour and 15 minute film, the one problem here with the films plot, is that it is paced so terribly, and some scenes go by so quickly that you won't know what is going on if you don't follow every scene, and some scenes are entirely pointless to even have in the film, I refer to the Ice Cream scene with Wonder Woman. And yes I know that some of these details were in the comics but it still doesn't take away from the fact that these scenes and even characters seem irrelevant. For example there is the scene where Air Force one is attacked by Darkseids mutants and Superman and WW go to save the president, this scene was clearly added to add some more action to the film, which I applaud for that, but it feels unneeded since the president is never shown again after this. It just feels like they were trying to cram everything from the massive story-line into this film but it just doesn't translate all that well into an hour and 15 minute film, which was my problem with JL New Frontier film. Now the scenes throughout the film where individual superheroes are fighting Darkseids mutants are very cool and are fantastically gory with alien blood flying everywhere with decapitations, severed limbs, aliens being fried, its very entertaining throughout the film when it does happen and the animation that goes along with these fights is equally fantastic. The one problem I have is the final fight in the film. Without giving too much away, the JL proceed in battling Darkseid after fighting waves of his mutant army. Let me stop and explain for a second, action scenes, especially fight scenes, have to change throughout the fight to keep the audience entertained, if you keep doing the same fight moves over and over for 5 minutes with nothing different it gets boring really fast (see Mortal Kombat the live action film to see what I mean,) and at first the fight scene is really good, it changes things up with Darkseids lasers chasing Flash and Superman, and they have to find a way to slow him down and give up, but then the last part of the fight occurs, where they have a way to send Darkseid back to Apokolips, and this is where it gets boring. I didn't time it, but them trying to get him back to Apokolips feels like it goes on for 7 minutes, because Darkseid just refuses to leave, to the point that you're just praying for the film to end. Ranting aside I will say again, the animation is fantastic, and the action scenes are great, its just dragged out by very stale performances, not very stellar writing, and a very slow and dragged out story that is somewhat hard to follow. And I'm not saying its a terrible film but it just really doesn't leave any impact on me and I just felt like I watched a more forgettable episode of the JL series, minus the A+ performances. I would really only recommend this to hardcore DC fans who enjoy the animated films or the New 52.
Setting: This movie takes place in a world where superheroes like Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, etc. are either not well liked or not known; those who are feared for what they can/could do by the public. This is in the very beginning of the movie as a means to get it out of the way by what I could tell. First taking place in Gotham then to Metropolis with a few looks at Washington, DC.

Characters: The heroes in this one is Supes, Batman, Wonder Woman, Cyborg, Flash, GL Hal Jordan, and Shazam.

Superman: He's actually violent in this movie; he's using his laser vision more often, he is way more brutal fighting than any other animated version I've seen and he easily kills his enemies with a personality. This is no "big blue boy scout" here.

Batman/Bruce: The same as always, cool, collected, mysterious, always crafty and looking into the situation at hand. Never showing a moment of weakness and always being B.A..

Wonder Woman: That foreigner that you like having around because shes funny, but that foreigner is Amazonian. A battle hardened warrior and I must say has the best parts in the fights she is quick to take charge and outside of that she can easily put a smile on your face with how simple she is.

Hal: Arrogant, impatient, kinda dumb, and easily tempered, pretty unlikable to me. It wasn't until the halfway point against the enemy that I felt his character was getting out of that. Besides that I loved how creative he was being with the ring in this movie from making dragons to Morning Stars.

Flash: It didn't go much into him, but what I did get was enough. A people person and mediator type of guy he is usually seen defending one of the other heroes if they need it. He was really efficient in battle outrunning Darkseids Omega Beams to take out enemy monsters and actually taking out his eye.

Cyborg: He got the most development than anyone else in the movie; he was Victor Stone, a football player and a great one, he was playing a game and was hoping for his scientist father to show up (which he didn't) and went to talk to him. His father didn't agree with his football career because of the superhuman/alien factor being shown in the world making what Victor did obsolete. When Darkseids forces came he got hit and had to go into immediate surgery; thanks to the alien stuff that got onto him the tech around him started to fuse onto him and he was made into Cyborg. He was incredibly helpful in opening the portals to shoot Darkseid back where he came from and close it for good and he was really good in battle for his first time out. He was depressed about it at first, but thanks to Shazam/Billy he was able to get out of it.

Shazam/Billy: Kids, they are just... something. Billy is a foster kid that isn't really likable to me for his personality as himself or Shazam and it would have been better with Aquaman. He was first to go in and first to get hit, but he did have his use and was there to help Cyborg in his time of need. I could feel the synergy between the two characters.

Story: In summary Darkseid wants to turn Earth into his territory and humans into his monster slaves. The non-established JL come together to engage in battle to beat him back where he came from.

Sound: Exactly what you would get from a DC Animated film, nice and subtle when in a calm situation and fitting and high strung when in a fight. Everything was on cue.

Animation: If you watched Young Justice then you know how well this animation is; think of that but a tad more shady.

Enjoyment: I found this movie to be a hard 6 soft 7 meaning that my enjoyment of it was above average. It wasn't all that, but I did have fun watching it. I would suggest for parents sensitive about swearing in front of the kids with this movie because it uses damn a good amount of times, but if you can let that go then show it on movie night, you'll all have a good time.
I bought this film for my kids thinking they would enjoy some superhero entertainment. I sat down to watch this with my 9 year old son and in the first five minutes I wanted to turn it off and never air it again. During that first five minutes a civilian, Batman and Green Lantern all had to use profanity as if to make the program more adult like. More juvenile is more like it. It only gets worse when enters Wonder Woman, who is being protested in front of the White House and told that she dresses like a whore. Then she lassos the main name caller, forcing him to tell the truth and that he's a cross dresser who enjoys dressing just like her. I can't believe how bad the media has gotten these days! Is all this crude and immoral behavior really necessary to entertain people anymore? If that isn't bad enough, the entire story line and script are less than a sophomoric effort and the characters are hardly icons worth looking up to. Instead they are all self centered, egotistical, buffoons acting more like street punks. This is a real shame and it will be the last time I buy an animated feature like this for my kids. I don't teach my children to curse and act like that and I don't expect the media to either. It certainly isn't the superhero crew I grew up with and wanted to be like when I was a kid.
This film is hands down awesome. The past DC animated films have been spectacular, but now it's time to move into the new era of the New 52! From here on out all animated DC productions shall be slanted to the new story arcs of the New 52. Watch Justice League Flash Paradox beforehand to transition from the past to this, a new rebooted era where many of the superheroes have yet to meet.

My only con that I have to mark for this film is the fact that Captain Marvel is called Shazam when if fact that is the magic word he says to transform, common mistake, but DC had yet to make this oops since they started any animation series. So to the new guy on their staff, kick yourself. Because I'm sure you're gonna hear a lot more :-P
DC's "New 52". Love it or hate it, it is here to stay. So strong is this line wide continuity reboot that it has now entered the realm of animation in the form of JUSTICE LEAGUE: WAR. Adapting the first volume of Geoff John's and Jim Lee's graphic novel "Justice League: Origins", WAR is a brisk animated superhero blockbuster, heavy on action and snappy dialogue. Compared to the bleak and morally ambiguous FLASHPOINT PARADOX, WAR returns an element of fun to DC's superheroes by crafting a tradition, clear cut "Good versus evil" tale.

Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern, The Flash, and more. Superpowered beings have only recently made their presence known to a suspicious world. Admired by some, but feared by most, they struggle for acceptance while fighting the good fight. A typical night on the job turns into a conflict of epic proportions when Batman and Green Lantern uncover evidence of a clandestine operation carried out by techno organic aliens. Superman gets roped in due to his alien origins and an experiment gone wrong leads to the metamorphosis of Vic Stone into a techno organic "Cyborg". All this culminates in a full scale invasion, pulling in the likes of Wonder Woman, The Flash and Shazam, who just happen to be in the right place at the right time. Facing down the invasion forces the squabbling heroes to set aside their differences and work together.

Perhaps the best part of such superhero team ups is to see how the heroes play off each other. Thanks to an expertly written script and fine acting, our characters share memorable moments of dialogue punctuated with wit and a bit of humour. It feels like Marvel's AVENGERS only that the humour is more controlled, more witty, and less outright comedy.

Miraculously, with so many heroes, our script gives ample development to the characters and fleshes most of them out perfectly. Cyborg's tension with his father, Green Lantern's over confidence in his power and Wonder Woman as the stranger in a strange land are a treat to watch. All the characters are played by an excellent bunch of actors who ease right into their roles. Special mention goes to young Zach Callison who nails Billy Batson as a streetwise but insecure kid, hiding his insecurities behind a showboating little tough guy act. Little sub-plots lend meat to the story such as Cyborg and Shazam's issue with trust, Green Lantern learning some humility, and a budding romance between Superman and Wonder Woman. Superman himself however is a big letdown. His simplistic dialogue, and muscle bound design makes him seem like a clueless one dimensional bruiser.

Of course, what would a good superhero movie be without action? In JUSTICE LEAGUE: WAR, the action is intense and wild. Featuring a soundtrack that combines orchestral fanfare with some sinister sounding synths, essentially makes JUSTICE LEAGUE WAR sound more like the sci/fi invasion flick that it is than a traditional superhero movie. Legions of parademons storm the major cities of the world while their leader Darkseid personally confronts the heroes. Moi Animation studio brings their best to the fight scenes. The animation is smooth and dynamic, yet the level of detail remains constant. Director Jay Olivia, who also directed the superman slugfest SUPERMAN DOOMSDAY shows off some beautiful combat scenes, including a cool first-person sequence from the point of view of Wonder Woman slicing her way through a horde.

Unfortunately, the slower scenes in the movie show off some areas where the animation is lacking. With TV shows like Young Justice and Legend of Korra, the art detail in this movie is barely any better than that in the aforementioned TV series. Then there is the ubiquitous CGI used to render vehicles and parademon hordes in the background. They clash rather obviously with the 2D art, a true crime when others shows can successfully integrate cel shaded CGI into the traditional 2D animation. Some character designs are also just as iffy. While most of the characters look fantastic, with a slight Japanese anime touch, Superman looks like a dumb beefcake. Not that his simplistic dialogue helps this impression. His face is too wide, his shoulders are huge, nothing at all like the sleek and handsome Jim Lee art in the original graphic novel

And that is perhaps the greatest sin this movie commits. In touting itself as an adaptation, it makes many unnecessary changes from the original comic. Polarising your audience is never a good thing. Fans of the comic would be turned off by the changes. Not that JUSTICE LEAGUE WAR is not a good movie, it is. It succeeds in re-introducing these well known characters in a new light, and in setting up a whole new universe for subsequent animated movies to be set in. As a pilot film, not bad. But perhaps with the critical acclaim that the graphic novel got, it should not have been too much to expect more advanced animation techniques and better character designs that were closer to the comic art.

DC now has it's New animated movie universe up and running. With a slew of great stories to tap on like THRONE OF ATLANTIS, COURT OF OWLS, ROTWORLD, DEATH OF THE FAMILY etc, here's hoping DC puts a bit more love into the next one.
Summary states it all. Positive humor and some "acting" from characters - that was a truly pleasant start. Something previous DC animations just didn't have(and therefore could be rated 1-2). However... that's pretty much it. From me, it could give the movie 4 stars, as a sign of "progress" from mental adaptations to actual work of effort. It could've been better. Frankly, if not for the downsides that I will describe below, I'd rate it 6-7, if not 8. But it's a superhero DC animation, so I suppose it has to take one dump... I mean step at a time.

So what was the personal fail of this movie? Two things:

>Too much copypaste faces. Shazam, Sman, normal Hal, Batman unmasked, even that Wonder Wench's guy - they all look almost identical(were they designed by artist who worked on Digimon season 2?). As if they just changed some lines or hair colour and that's it.

>Extremely, ridiculously convenient ending. Of course, that is a cartoon, comic adaptation, it has to have an element of absurd... But when those... "portals" started popping all around the globe in huge numbers and then when people just fell out of them... Meh... I just wonder - did scriptwriters smoke something? Or was it a deadline rush? That's... that's just not even funny or stupid or blatant or improbable. It's like the whole movie they try to make a bicycle, when in they end they just dropped a Warthog...

Other problems were more... common to DC genre, things that they have yet to overcome to make quality animation, not some whacked timewasters.

1. Sman and Wonder Woman characters. Even in original movies - Sman has some... personality. He attempts to be a normal human. Here he is just another copied steroid junkie who oneshots everything. Maybe I personally hate this hero for being just jacka.. I mean jack of all trades, but this movie really didn't do zit to make him anyhow appealing. Wonder Woman... In her own movie some time ago I could see somewhat her history, her character development. There could be an excuse of making her the terrible female version of Sman. But here - she looks even stupider than Thor in his movie. What did they try to achieve? Did scriptwriters think: "Oh, okay. So, Wonder Woman... She is amazon, she is kind of alien to our culture. She behaves strange. Alright, let's make her already acquainted with that pilot, an ambassador for White House... In the meantime, she will threaten everyone with a sword and be surprised to taste icecream. Also let's make that unexplained crowd complaint scene, where the leader supposedly asks REASONABLE questions(why do normal people have to pay for what superheroes wreck while having fun), only to be revealed as some crossdresser. That should look cool". That's... below clinical. Two lines could sum up her character(and maybe they were actually put there for good reason): "You dress like a who*e(exact line from the movie), and how she explicitly was licking icecream with somewhat insane delight. Seriously, I hate her, but I hate the scriptwriters more for doing this to her. Such representation I wouldn't wish even for characters that I don't like.

>Fake violence. Again, I understand that it's a comic adaptation for kiddies. But why, just why can't it have SOME sense? As always(as it has been in Sman: Unbound), a totally expendable enemy was actually a major threat in the beginning of the movie. One single parademon to corner both Batman and Ga* Lantern, when in the end they were whooping them off like mosquitoes... Add completely prescribed amount of durability and stamina for heroes, so that they can be beaten up just a bit and feel weak, then be beaten up 10 times more and still win the thing.

Hell, after that beatdown Darkseid gave Wonder Woman - she shouldn't be able to stand, much less fight. At one point she actually spilled blood... Oh my, was that supposed to look dangerous? Also - Woman seems to be made of some polished metal skindress. At least twice in the movie she was shown explicitly covered in vomitremains - and they so magically vanished in a moment. Of course they can't spend more resources trying to change default animation of a character, but then why make her constantly get "wet"? As far as perversions go - I don't mind, but wasn't it a stupid kiddie animation?

So to conclude it - it's a usual dump that DC took to give fans something to... well, "on". But at least I'm glad that they made some steps into character relations, development and humor.
DC sometimes make animated movies way better than the actual ones. No doubt I am a big follower DC movies for the adult direction.

Till now, I found most of the movies fine, enjoyed watching them. However, this movie stands out for it's too much of action and noise and not because of the story or direction.

Every superhero in it's youngest form is a treat to watch. That's what I was waiting for a long time. It's hard to imagine old superhero.

Why watch: DC fans. Unique reboot

Why not: 1. Too much of noise. 2. Less story, less dialogues. More fight and more noise.
the monster
the monster
This adventure has much to love! It has action, adventure, comedy, romance (with Wonder Woman), suspense, and so much more including, of course, the heroes!

Now, everything is fine on Earth. Heroes are chilling, doing their thing. But, it's all interrupted when each of them is stopped and has to find the others to destroy a horrible alien race that will harvest humans to destroy the planet! Will the group of super heroes be enough force to stop the 'the Dark Side'? You have to watch the film to find out the ending!

The movie is surprising in a couple of ways. For one, I did not expect the adult language! And second, there are a couple of new heroes such as Shazam who replaces Aqua Man. The film is extremely intense for a DC Comic animation. I think that this film has wonderful voices though. The only small flaw is the voice of Wonder woman – for such a wonderful character, her voice sounds a bit fake. The script and animation are also done nicely.

My favorite scene is when they introduce this kid that gets into a football game for free, gets front row seats and also steals one of the player's jerseys. It takes you time to realize it but, that scene shows two people that look ordinary, but are not.

I recommend this film to ages 12-18. The movie does have a lot of adult language and intense scenes. I give this film 4 out of 5 stars.

Reviewed by Gerry O, KIDS FIRST! Film Critic. For more reviews, go to kidsfirst dot org.
DC Comics shook up the comic book world in 2011 by completely rebooting their entire line of comic book titles. It was a shake-up that left many fanboys and girls angry, while others just embraced the change and moved on. I was one of the folks who jumped on the train and went along for the ride.

With the monthly titles continuing to develop, DC Entertainment and Warner Bros. trudged on putting out animated movies the same way they always had. None of the modifications made to the new Universe were addressed… until now. It's 2014 and the time has come for the New 52 world to bleed over into the DC animated cosmos with "Justice League: War."

When agents of a devastating intergalactic power named Darkseid start planting doorways to another world, a team of super heroes must reluctantly join forces. Superman, Batman, Green Lantern, the Flash, Wonder Woman, Cyborg, and Shazam come together to keep the armies of the evil Lord of Apokolips from entering our cosmos. Can the costumed champions stay united long enough to save our planet from certain doom?

Let's address a few issues quickly before moving on with the review. Aquaman is replaced by Shazam in the animated adaptation of the graphic novel "Justice League: Origin." By the end of "War," it's evident they wanted to give the King of Atlantis a much bigger introduction. Also, if you're expecting a familiar voice cast you better forget it. Moving into the New 52 obviously means moving into new vocal territory.

"Justice League: War" is rated PG-13 for sequences of violence and action, and some language. There's nothing out of the ordinary for super hero movies to mention here. Parents need to remember that just because it's a cartoon doesn't mean it's appropriate for everyone.

Although it's voice cast will likely take a bit of getting used to for people accustomed to the past DC television shows and movies, "Justice League: War" will entertain with non-stop action and quick pacing. It almost seems like it moves along too quickly at times if that's possible. The teaser during the credits definitely got me excited for the next installment, so be sure and watch until the end.