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Tum: A Dangerous Obsession
Tum: A Dangerous Obsession (2004)
  • Director:
    Aruna Raje
  • Category:
  • Writer:
    Manisha Korde,Aruna Raje
  • Cast:
    Manisha Koirala,Karan Nath,Rajat Kapoor
  • Time:
    2h 30min
  • Year:
Kamini and Vinod have been married for 18 years. Vinod has been aware that he has not been devoting enough time for Kamini and to make it up he decides to take her up to Mauritius to celebrate their wedding anniversary. She is to leave from Mumbai and he from London, returning from their respective business trips. However Vinod does not turn up at Mauritius, living Kamini very disappointed. A young photographer Jatin is on the island and finding Kamini alone gives her company. Kamini spends most of her day with Jatin. On the eve of her anniversary, they drink, dine and dance together. Kamini gets drunk and Jatin takes her to her room. In the morning when she wakes up she finds Jatin in her bed. The same evening, Vinod arrives and Kamini wants to reveal the truth to him but at the same time does not want to upset him. They return to Mumbai. But Jatin follows Kamini to her house and becomes friendly with her complete family. Kamini turns into an obsession for him.
Cast overview, first billed only:
Manisha Koirala Manisha Koirala - Kamini Gupta
Karan Nath Karan Nath - Jatin Pandey
Rajat Kapoor Rajat Kapoor - Vinod Gupta
Nataneya Singh Nataneya Singh - Isha Malhotra (as Netanya Singh)
Aman Verma Aman Verma - Yusuf Malik
Vishal Thakkar Vishal Thakkar
Deepti Daryanani Deepti Daryanani - Preeti (as Dipti Daryanani)
Bobby Darling Bobby Darling - Lalit (as Pankaj Sharma)
Prasad Athalye Prasad Athalye
Ramesh Tekwani Ramesh Tekwani
Shabnam Kapoor Shabnam Kapoor
Shilpa Mehta Shilpa Mehta
S. Mody S. Mody
Rajshekhar Kapoor Rajshekhar Kapoor
Kulbir Badesron Kulbir Badesron - (as Kulbeer)

Tum: A Dangerous Obsession (2004)

When the film' s promotion started, Manisha's then boyfriend Cecil Anthony, phoned the head PR of the film Alok Mathur. He threatened him abuses for using revealing pictures of Manisha for all the publicity pictures. Alok said those were the only pictures he received from the Venus production so he had no choice.

Well, the movie kept me interested. Being that some may say that I am still considered a "newbie", I guess, of Indian (Bollywood) Films, began fully watching Bollywood Movies in the summer of 2002. I would say that I've surpassed being a "newbie" and can officially be considered for the job of "True Bollywood Movie Commentator"! Anyway, I thought the movie was good. The director really made an effort to present the movie based upon its theme and title. I thought Manisha Koirala performed quite well in her role of Kamini. Never seen her play a motherly type role before. . .oops, I forgot I think she played the mother of twins in "Bombay"?? Her behavior of nervousness, surprise, fear, and distressed was very convincingly portrayed. Now this new guy, Karan Nath, who played the role of Jatin. This was my first time ever seeing him act. His role was okay, needed more work though. He lacked stamina in some of his angry scenes, not too convincing, appeared more phony, than real. But he did do pretty well in the scenes where he displays his obsession for Kamini. Something tells me he hasn't acted in many films. But I am sure the more roles he receives, the more experience he will get and then some of his performances will come across like "melted butter". . .too easy. Good attempt though, Karan! Best of luck in your acting career! And you aren't bad looking either;-)! Such a cutie he is. . .lol:-)!

What really surprised me most about this film, is the way the love (sex) scenes are displayed in the film. Usually a dance routine appears just as something is about to happen, so that you can assume a love scene was performed. I was totally surprised!! What is happening to our Bollywood Films here? Being born American, not of East Indian descent, and having watched many Bollywood Films, many do not display any forms of affection, not even kissing, at least no kissing on the lips. Even this movie didn't have kissing on the lips, but I am sorry, the other stuff that was going on (and I will not get into detail) was a bit much. I am shocked that the Indian Film Commission didn't attempt to ban this movie. It's really amazing to me how kissing on the lips is shunned upon, but "bumping and grinding" even if you have clothes on or are covered in a sheet, passes with such ease. Maybe I am missing something here?! It surely appears to me that some Bollywood Directors, are "underhandedly" trying to push some of the Hollywood Movie bad habits into their films, but by trying to make it look somewhat innocent. Remember Jism! But I am not convinced! I'd say go all the way or don't do it at all. Besides, I love the wholesome Bollywood Movies with its singing and dancing (although that gets on my nerves at times too (rolling my eyes as I write this)) without the love (sex) scenes.

Also, for me being a non-Hindi speaker, the subtitles were awful. Never use crystal clear subtitles outlined in blue against color. It just doesn't work. But since I understand some Hindi, I got the jest of the movie. Maybe it was the copy I had, will get another one and see the results.

Frankly, I'd say see the movie, at least once, you will not be disappointed. I give the movie 8/10.