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Cease Upon the Midnight: Part 1
Silent Witness Cease Upon the Midnight: Part 1 (1996– )
TV Episode
  • Director:
    Catherine Morshead
  • Category:
  • Writer:
    John Milne,Jacqueline Holborough
  • Cast:
    Grant Masters,Roberta Taylor,Tim Meats
  • Time:
  • Year:
Stuart Evans is 40 years old and in the advanced stages of AIDS. When he dies the night after his birthday party no one thinks anything of it but his parents donate his remains to scientific study. When Sam and Trevor start an examination of the remains, they notice needle marks and suspect his death may not have been straightforward. Their suspicions are confirmed when the toxicology reports indicate an extremely high level of morphine. Mark Tate is also an AIDS sufferer who has been told that he will soon go blind. He too dies suddenly and when the police learn that he and Evans had the same physician, they begin to suspect doctor-assisted suicide.
Episode cast overview, first billed only:
Grant Masters Grant Masters - Mark Tate
Roberta Taylor Roberta Taylor - Dr. de Groot
Tim Meats Tim Meats - Dr. Oldfield
Joe Duttine Joe Duttine - Craig Tate
Linda Marlowe Linda Marlowe - Isobel Tate
Amanda Burton Amanda Burton - Sam Ryan
Sam Parks Sam Parks - Fred
Bill Armstrong Bill Armstrong - Dr. Trevor Stewart (as William Armstrong)
Mick Ford Mick Ford - Det. Supt. Peter Ross
Renny Krupinski Renny Krupinski - Stuart Evans
Kevin Moore Kevin Moore - Leo
Nicola Redmond Nicola Redmond - D.I. Rachel Selway
Adrian Lester Adrian Lester - Danny Thomas
Geoffrey Beevers Geoffrey Beevers - Reverend Andrew Duffy
Charlie Roe Charlie Roe - Bernard

Silent Witness Cease Upon the Midnight: Part 1 (1996– )
Considering this was put out over 20 years ago, we have a picture of the terror of this disease. Thank goodness, there has been some headway made in the treatment of HIV. The portrayal of those sick men broke my heart. I met some AIDS patients while visiting a friend. She was running errands for them and invited me to go along with her. All that aside, this episode deals in two subjects. The first is the obvious devastation of the disease. The second involves the deaths of some of the men due to possible injections. They were hopelessly ill at the time and the question of mercy comes in. I'm interested to see how they deal with this. Sam is entrenched in the right to life and the chances taken away from people, even those in great pain.