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Kummeli V
Kummeli V (2014)
  • Director:
    Aleksi Mäkelä
  • Category:
  • Writer:
    Timo Kahilainen,Heikki Silvennoinen
  • Cast:
    Timo Kahilainen,Heikki Vihinen,Heikki Hela
  • Time:
    1h 42min
  • Budget:
  • Year:
Cast overview, first billed only:
Timo Kahilainen Timo Kahilainen - Gerhard Rihmakallo / Jouni Hirvi / Yrjö Kortesmäki / Thomas / John Excalibur
Heikki Vihinen Heikki Vihinen - David Foster / Jarmo / Baarimikko / Metusalem Toukka / Otto Luger-Parabellum / Kannibaalien johtaja
Heikki Hela Heikki Hela - Tomi / Risto / Erkki 'Likasanko' Sysimetsä / Jeremias Toukka / Ivan Draco
Heikki Silvennoinen Heikki Silvennoinen - Monkki Mähönen / Antti / Arvo Hakala / Hesekiel Toukka / Make / Barock / Bill Excalibur
Kaisa Hela Kaisa Hela - Heidi Hunajamäki / Stina (as Kaisa Mattila)
Tom Pöysti Tom Pöysti - Kalle Mörtfelt
Ville Myllyrinne Ville Myllyrinne - Kurre von Riikonen
Jussi Vatanen Jussi Vatanen - Julle Rekola
Kari Hietalahti Kari Hietalahti - Nahkajaska
Markku Toikka Markku Toikka - Pentti
Iina Kuustonen Iina Kuustonen - Tupsu
Kaarina Hazard Kaarina Hazard - Justiina
Seela Sella Seela Sella - Terttu
Ilkka Heiskanen Ilkka Heiskanen - Taneli Isotalo
Riku Suokas Riku Suokas - Partionjohtaja Peter Granfelt

Kummeli V (2014)
This movie is suppose to target Comedy and Sci-fi audiences but has very little of either genre in it. The only sci-fi it has is a clip of a movie that the "producer" made and was previewing, so it wasn't part of the 'movie' itself and the comedy falls well short of even being a little bit funny. Maybe there is a loss of this in the translation to English from the native tongue, but I always thought comedy should by- pass any language.

Even the sci-fi was an attempt to rip of a much better movie from the sci-fi genre with the projected image of a guiding mentor figure during the sci-fi movie sequence.

It is a pity as it all sort of started out with some promise, but soon, within ten minutes, went off on a tangent and stayed there all through the movie.

Sad waste of time.
Cherry The Countess
Cherry The Countess
After several years of TV and a couple of movies the Kummeli gang releases this gem. The cultural clash of rich people from the big city and poor hillbillies on the countryside couldn't be bigger and funny moments are ensured. Some characters are funny in every scene ( every member of the rock band Cobra ) and you have usually no idea of where a story or "sketch" will end up. Some scenes drag out a little to long and the whole movie lack speed in the middle. I watched this with a friend that speak Finnish fluently and some jokes get lost in translation. It is cheesy, vulgar, crude and quite funny - much better than most movies from Hollywood that are called comedy nowadays at least. As with the early Adam Sandler movies, this is satire that leaves you with a warm feeling in the end.