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Behind the Bike Sheds Episode #2.1 (1983–1985) Online HD

Episode #2.1
Behind the Bike Sheds Episode #2.1 (1983–1985)
TV Episode
  • Director:
    Peter Tabern
  • Category:
  • Writer:
    Jan Needle,Tony Slattery
  • Cast:
    Paul Charles,Jenny Jay,Andrew Jones
  • Time:
  • Year:
New Headmistress Megan Bigg rules Fully Comprehensive with an iron fist. Unfortunately for her, her new deputy head master from the Acme Teachers Academy, Mr. W.W. Jones, turns out to be a big softy soon nicknamed 'Whistling Willie'. When Megapig fires canteen lady Salmonella Sadie, the kids start revolting (even more than usual).
Episode cast overview:
Paul Charles Paul Charles - Paul
Jenny Jay Jenny Jay - Jenny
Andrew Jones Andrew Jones - AWOL
Julie MaCauley Julie MaCauley - Skids
Martha Parsey Martha Parsey - Gertrude
Lee Sparke Lee Sparke - Chas
Linus Staples Linus Staples - GBH
Adam Sunderland Adam Sunderland - Adam
Val McLane Val McLane - Headmistress
Ken Jones Ken Jones - Whistle Willie
Tracy Place Tracy Place - Student / Dancer (as the Harehills dance group)

Behind the Bike Sheds Episode #2.1 (1983–1985)