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Die geheime Inquisition (2003) Online HD

Die geheime Inquisition
Die geheime Inquisition (2003)
  • Director:
    Jan Peter
  • Category:
  • Writer:
    Jan Peter,Yury Winterberg
  • Cast:
    Sylvester Groth,Dieter Mann,Peter Rühring
  • Time:
    2h 30min
  • Year:
Credited cast:
Sylvester Groth Sylvester Groth - Großinquisitor Santori
Dieter Mann Dieter Mann
Peter Rühring Peter Rühring - Kardinal Bellarmin

Die geheime Inquisition (2003)
Yes, the Germans did it again - they showed US how the documentaries should look like.

In a three part film the two Germans observe the story of Inquisition through the ages. What did its proponents look like? What about the opponents? How people in position of power thought of their place in the hierarchy of the Church, how should they use the power given and to what consequences might its use lead? In process, the authors uncover, probably, the choice of name for the current Pope before he actually become one.

A must see for any thoughtful person.