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The Great Pony Raid
The Great Pony Raid (1968)
  • Director:
    Frederic Goode
  • Category:
  • Writer:
    Wallace Bosco,Wallace Bosco
  • Cast:
    Edward Underdown,Michael Brennan,Christian Comber
  • Time:
  • Year:
Cast overview:
Edward Underdown Edward Underdown - Snowy
Michael Brennan Michael Brennan - Butch
Christian Comber Christian Comber - Tom
Tina Paget Brown Tina Paget Brown - Joan
Andrew Purcell Andrew Purcell - Jim
Shelley Crowhurst Shelley Crowhurst - Angela
Tim Killinback Tim Killinback - Joe
Patrick Barr Patrick Barr - Col. Gore

The Great Pony Raid (1968)
Out in the wild west -- Devonshire, to be exact -- some children at a riding camp spot a man taking two ponies, putting them in a van and driving off with them. They notify the authorities, but the coppers don't seem very interested, so they investigate on their own.

This handsome production from the Children's Film Foundation is a delight, what with the fine location photography, the nicely told story and the nice bit of mystery: what does the fellow want with eighty quid worth of horse flesh? It kept me watching happily through the end. My only cavil was the music by Harry Robertson, which seemed to be overwrought and far too contemporary for a tale set in such a timeless-looking landscape.