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Twitches Too
Twitches Too (2007)
  • Director:
    Stuart Gillard
  • Category:
  • Writer:
    Dan Berendsen,H.B. Gilmour
  • Cast:
    Tia Mowry-Hardrict,Tamera Mowry-Housley,Kristen Wilson
  • Time:
    1h 23min
  • Year:
Newly reunited twin witches Alex and Camryn go on a quest to find out if their missing father is still alive and trapped in the Shadowlands. Can these two thoroughly modern princesses with polar opposite personalities join together to save the day?
Cast overview, first billed only:
Tia Mowry-Hardrict Tia Mowry-Hardrict - Alex Fielding (as Tia Mowry)
Tamera Mowry-Housley Tamera Mowry-Housley - Camryn Barnes (as Tamera Mowry)
Kristen Wilson Kristen Wilson - Miranda
Patrick Fabian Patrick Fabian - Thantos
Leslie Seiler Leslie Seiler - Ileana
Pat Kelly Pat Kelly - Karsh
Karen Holness Karen Holness - Emily Barnes
Arnold Pinnock Arnold Pinnock - David Barnes
Nathan Stephenson Nathan Stephenson - Marcus
Chris Gallinger Chris Gallinger - Demitri
Jackie Rosenbaum Jackie Rosenbaum - Beth
David Ndaba David Ndaba - Felix
Jayne Eastwood Jayne Eastwood - Mrs. Norseng
Kevin Jubinville Kevin Jubinville - Aron
Anna Hardwick Anna Hardwick - Talking Statue #1

Twitches Too (2007)

Jennifer Robertson was Ileana in the first movie. In this movie, Ileana's character is played by Leslie Seiler.

Just like in Twitches, the twins use magic to switch clothes. As a result someone on a bicycle crashes. In Twitches, a man on a bicycle crashes into a car. In Twitches Too, two men on bikes crash into bushes.

There is an alternate ending where Miranda's evil long evil lost sister Manerva comes back to get revenge.

As much as I love movie sequels this is one I didn't enjoy, and for various reasons. One obviously is that the first movie was a total disgrace to the series as 80% of the series was thrown out the window. I thought that Disney would be smart enough to stop with the first one and disgrace us TRUE fans anymore, but I was wrong. They went ahead and did a sequel and shredded the series even more by having the girls start college when in the books they're sophomores in HIGH SCHOOL.

The next thing they did was have everyone in the Barnes household know that the twins are witches. HHHEEELLLLLLOOO, only David is the ONLY ONE who is supposed to know that girls are witches, even having a maid is TOTALLY out of character. Also having everyone come to Coventry for the wedding was another BIG mistake since the location is a heavily guarded secret among the people of Coventry, that the ISLAND (it's not a dimension in the series but an island near Maine) is shrouded in mist.

One of the MOST important things that they completely screwed up was the notion that Aron was possibly alive and not dead. The death of their father was the one thing that kept the twins focused to learn magic so that they could ultimately defeat Thantos at the end of the book series and get revenge for Aron.

The second most important thing that got screwed up and really got me hot under the collar was the continuation of the relationship between Karsh and Illyana. I've already commented about this for the first movie, that this should've never happened because in the series Karsh is old enough t be her grandfather. He's also her guardian and helping her learn how to be a protector to the twins.

I believe that these movies were nothing but an attempt to give Tia and Tamara a comeback performance. It was Disney's way to introduce them to a newer generation, and they failed miserably. In the "making of" featurette the director said that he searched hard to find twin actors that the audience would enjoy. The best thing they could've done was do what they did with Lindsey Lohan in The Parent Trap remake. This would've been much better for all of us. I beg Disney that the next time you decide to make a DCOM about a book series; you at least use 80% of the series instead of 20%.
When i first saw the trailers of this film, i was expecting it to be bad and awful but i was wrong. I've seen the firs twitches and i liked that one a little better. It seemed that the acting and plots were much better. Twitches 2 is still a great movie to watch but not better than the first one. This one seemed a little too short and kind of rushed into some parts. There were lots of cool magic scenes and amazing special effects. One of my favorite parts in the movie is when the twins were going to the castle than they went into the car and got automatically transferred to the castle, the special effects looked cool. They were both screaming and it was jokes.
I anticipate the most benign feeling of deja vu when reviewing Twitches Too because it would seem all my criticisms and talking points from my review of the original Twitches will be reiterated. In short, this has been a collectively mediocre franchise from the start, with very little brains in its head or feet in its shoes. If there must be a Twitches Three in a later point in time, whether or not it included Tia and Tamera Mowry, I can only hope it goes in a better direction, preferably one I choose.

The direction I'd like for something like this would be a film that relies more on the characters of Alex and Camryn rather than the witchcraft and the modest special effects Disney employed in 2007. The direction I'd buy would be a film that respects the potential charisma of its leads and possibly utilize them in a film that shows the tribulations of fitting in in the modern school system. It's tough as a human - imagine being a witch. Instead, Twitches Too takes the same route as its predecessor, repeating almost an identical plot, capitalizing off of the pretty basic talents of the sisters Mowry, and making for easy-digestible but wholly unsubstantial, unremarkable contemporary Disney Channel-fare.

Tia and Tamera Mowry return as Alex and Camryn, two ordinary teenage girls who are really witches, born in the Coventry then separated at birth. The first film was about them reuniting and cooperating with the fact that they are indeed sisters. The sequel focuses on them now very well acquainted with the witch-life and how they go about pursuing their directions. Camryn wants to embrace the life of being a witch, while Alex prefers a calmer future with college and a career in mind. However, both their agendas are rocked when they learn that their father, who was said to have died in the Shadowlands of the Coventry may now still be alive and waiting for their return.

Here's where I anticipated deja vu in saying that Twitches Too suffers from the same issues as the original. First off, the concept of witchcraft simply isn't that interesting. At least when Disney handles the material. This is the third time I've tried to see Disney do a film with witchcraft at the center, the first time being Hocus Pocus followed by the original Twitches. The concept is very dry, the material is dark and directionless, and witch characters usually revolve around a sort of "look how weird I am" kind of mentality.

And once more, I hate to say, but the Mowry sisters really don't have characters or any special talent here. Their acting is uniformly flat and they are given so little to do it should be considered a personal insult on their behalf. They exist in that vacuous chamber Disney Channel throws their young stars and starlets in. The chamber has little room for creativity and usually possesses numerous film roles that offer no depth or substance. The Mowry sisters may be talented in serious roles, but watching them in a Disney Channel movie flatter than the ground we walk on is hardly the basis to judge their true talents on.

Starring: Tia Mowry, Tamera Mowry, Kristen Wilson, Pat Kelly. Directed by: Stuart Gillard.
The first time i saw this movie, i fell in love with it. Coventry is beautiful and the special effects were even better in this movie than the first one. Tamera did an incredible job as Camryn and Tia shined as Alex and she had the best subplot. Miranda, Thantos, Illena, Karsh, Emily and David and Aron were amazing. Aron, the girl's father is one of my favorite characters and Alex is my absolute favorite. This movie did have scary moments but that was the best part of it. This movie would be good to watch on halloween and i recommend anybody to watch it. If you want to watch a mystery and fantasy movie or a magical romantic comedy than this movie is for you. I give this movie a 10/10 rating.
This movie seems to capture some of the magic of the Harry Potter series. And while that movie series isn't the best set of movies around, they certainly aren't bad. However this incarnation of magic is not really worth remembering. And that isn't a joke.

It already starts out with the twins attending a university. Both of them meet hunks they like (which is usual for a teen girl drama flick). However, a mysterious gas tries to set things apart. And somehow it ends up wanting to destroy the world (of course) and it wants daddy dead.

The magic powers seemed rather pointless and I have witnessed better romantic interests between characters in Space Jam. Suffice to say, this wasn't produced very well. But at least they kept within budget. "D"
Twitches too is definitely better than the first. It has better story, better character development and better hair and style! The story of twitches too is more intriguing that it leads you to further explore the magical kingdom of Coventry and the interrelations of the characters. And a lot more of suspense and mystery have been added to the development of the story too. It keeps you wondering what happens next. And of course it has that magical elements that make you go wow from time to time. Tia and Tamera mowry are as fabulous and amazing as they were in the first, and with better hair and style. Their performance is genuine in their respective roles. Their birth mother Miranda on the other hand seems less convincing to me this time. I don't know if it's the way she speaks or the way she looks in the movie. I was just not buying her. The twins' magical guardians Karsh and Ileana are still funny, although Ilena was replaced by a different actress, the performance was consistent and the chemistry with Karsh was still there. Most of the supporting actors in the movie played their parts well, except for a few I don't know why they are in the movie in the first place, like Camryn's ex-boyfriend and her gossipy friend. I think they're there as nothing more than fillers. And Cameryn's new crush, Demitri the Coventry servant in disguise didn't do much for the plot line either. In my opinion they could have either removed the part of Demitri or developed more. The visual effects seemed to have improved from its first. For sure they're still not up to par with the current Hollywood sci-fi movies you see in the theater, but then again this is only a Disney original TV movie, what more can you expect? For a low-budget movie like this, I think they've achieved the best they can. Overall this movie is better in terms of its story, characters, visuals, etc. It's a fun and imaginative movie that kids, teenager, and the whole family can all enjoy
Some will argue, but it is better than the first. Where the first lacked, the second picked up and went with it. You still had the fun and innocence, cuteness the first had but the first lacked action. Twitches Too, had a lot more action in it and it really made it speed along and a lot more fun. I love the first, but this one was definitely an improvement. Coventery though needs more exploring, but other than that it was a lot of fun with the darkness coming back. Just plain old, silly and guilty pleasure Halloween goodness. Tia and Tamara are great as the girls They bring the most fun to the series with their great chemistry. Also, I liked seeing the mortal friends take part in the action and Ellian and thing, getting married was cute.
This movie kinda disappointed me. I wanted it to be longer, and better acting. Though the plot line was pretty good, it became boring at times. Tia and Tamara are wonder actresses, like on Sister, Sister, but they weren't so great on this movie. There performances were "dry". I just hope if they make a 3rd one, which would be kinda bad, I hope they do this one much better. I love most of the characters, some of them were pointless, like Demitri, didn't know why they let him on it, what's the point? Anyways, this movie was pretty good, though pointless at times, but I still give the movie points for trying. So it wasn't as good as the first, but most of the sequels of movies aren't good, almost at all. But this movie is worth watching a few times, but after a few times, it does get boring, so I won't be watching this movie as much as I will for the first one.
Twitches 2 is a very good movie to sit down and watch with the whole family! Personally, I think Twitches 2 is better than Twitches. I also really hope Disney channel makes a Twitches 3!!!!! I wonder if Disney channel could try and make a twitches series (that would be so cool!!) Illena and Karsh are definitely a lot more funnier to me in Twitches 2 than they are in Twitches. Alex and Camren learned that they have to control their magic if they ever want to become part of the royal family. Miranda can get a little more nervous in the second movie. I think that is one of the best Disney channel original movies ever made because I love all movies that have magic yet are still scary!!!!!!!!
The first time I watched this movie, I was like bad acting, bad special effects, not long enough!!! Then I watched it 3 more times and I looked at it more closer and I was like this is awesome acting, it is long enough to put into a movie like this. Still I saw some of the special effects looked really break (like in the beginning with the bricks to the door and when Fantos makes the twins hover around the castle, I thought it looked very fake). Still Coventry is the most beautiful place and you can't feel a gap between the 1st and second movie.

When I saw Illiana in the 1st one she was too old. In this one she is the right age and she is awesomely funny.

I love this movie and I totally recommend it!