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Big Valley Miranda (1965–1969)
TV Episode
  • Director:
    Paul Henreid
  • Category:
  • Writer:
    A.I. Bezzerides,Louis F. Edelman
  • Cast:
    Richard Long,Peter Breck,Lee Majors
  • Time:
  • Year:
A wealthy Mexican Loyalist visits the Barkley's and brings with him a valuable necklace. A female anarchist then shows up at the ranch, plotting to bring the necklace back to Mexico to help fund the Revolution.
Episode cast overview:
Richard Long Richard Long - Jarrod Barkley
Peter Breck Peter Breck - Nick Barkley
Lee Majors Lee Majors - Heath Barkley
Linda Evans Linda Evans - Audra Barkley (credit only)
Barbara Stanwyck Barbara Stanwyck - Victoria Barkley
BarBara Luna BarBara Luna - Miranda (as Barbara Luna)
Sherwood Price Sherwood Price - Matthew Hollis
Donald Randolph Donald Randolph - Don Ramon Monteja (as Don Randolph)
Victor Millan Victor Millan - Lazaro
Don Diamond Don Diamond - Diego
Napoleon Whiting Napoleon Whiting - Silas
Michael Hinn Michael Hinn - Marshal
Antony Carbone Antony Carbone - 1st Mexican (as Anthony Carbone)
Joe Dominguez Joe Dominguez - Julio

Big Valley Miranda (1965–1969)
When a Mexican friend of the Barkleys, Senor Monteja, visits the ranch - he is concern with Mexican revolutionaries that have been attacking wealth farmers across the border. Monteja stops by the Barkley Ranch on his way to San Fransico and leaves a valuable necklace for safekeeping since he had word that the revolutionaries were out to steal the valuable item.

In fact there are people following Monteja in order to steal the necklace. The group is lead by a saucy Hispanic lady named Miranda. Her little group captures Monteja outside of Stockton but after the necklace has been left with the Barkley's.

Now Mirnada hatches this plan that she will be the niece of Monteja and has come back for the necklace to take to San Fransico. The Barkley's become suspicious when her actions are less of a niece of a wealthy land-owner and more of a cowboy on a long cattle-drive.

However, she does turn the head of Nick, who falls goo-goo eyes for the dark haired anarchist. ( it appears that Miranda role was written like a female Nick Barkley.) And after a pillow fight in Audra's bedroom- Nick and Miranda have a special scene that shows them getting way too close.

Now the show comes down to if Nick can convince Miranda to change her anarchist ways or if Miranda can recruit Nick to the side of the revolutionaries. And we the viewers are caught watching this conflict of wills and ways.

Not being a great fan of Peter Breck, I was sure with his long involvement in the script- that at some point he would go overboard on one of his scenes. But that was not the case in this show. For a script that was less than perfect- the acting on the episode was good. Without Peter Breck playing Nick and Barbara Luna playing Mirnada- this could have been a tired and boring show. But they brought the characters to life and made them interesting.

Nice watch!
Barbara Luna is the guest star in this Big Valley story where she plays a Mexican anarchist revolutionary who has it in mind to steal a valuable necklace that used to belong to the Empress Carlotta, but now is in the hands of a visiting Mexican Don at the Barkley Ranch.

The story has some elements of the classic Greta Garbo film Ninotchka in the plot. But instead of the ice cold Commissar that Garbo played, Luna is her usual fiery and sexy self. The Melvyn Douglas of the story is Peter Breck and Nick Barkley shows her that the rich and powerful can be nice people because were not like the Dons who enslave the peons in her country.

It is explained to us that the necklace isn't the Barkley guest's. It was wrung out of the blood and sweat of the peasants to give the Empress a pretty play thing while she was on the throne. It fell to this landowner whom we assume was a supporter of the Hapsburgs. Certainly Carlotta didn't need it in the mental institution where she was committed.

The solution to the necklace problem was a lame one and I won't say what it is. Still Luna is one sexy thing and she and Peter Breck make some beautiful music.
Anyone online know why she only did 13 shows for the 3rd season? After the January 1st 1968 episode she was gone for the rest of the season? I would be curious to find out why. Any information would be appreciated. I am being forced to write ten lines to get published so please excuse me if this seems like a run on question. Did Linda Evans have issues with the cast or crew? I know everyone in Hollywood hated her then husband John Derek but I've never read or heard a bad word for Linda Evans. Anyone out there beside myself think she and Barbara Eden were the two best looking women on 1960's series television? I felt the series was lacking something when she was gone for half a season.