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The Real McCoy
The Real McCoy (1999)
  • Director:
    Pekka Lehto
  • Category:
  • Writer:
    Pekka Lehto,Beatrix A. Wood
  • Cast:
    Andy McCoy,Angela Nicoletti,Michael Monroe
  • Time:
    1h 32min
  • Budget:
    FIM 3,418,808
  • Year:
Rock musician Andy McCoy, formerly of Hanoi Rocks, takes us on a "trip" through his mind, memories and imagination. Documentaries, real life and Mr. McCoy's acid mind intertwine to form an interesting experience.
Cast overview:
Andy McCoy Andy McCoy - Himself
Angela Nicoletti Angela Nicoletti - Herself
Michael Monroe Michael Monroe - Himself
Dave Lindholm Dave Lindholm - Himself
Pelle Miljoona Pelle Miljoona - Himself
Remu Aaltonen Remu Aaltonen - Himself
Esa Anttila Esa Anttila - Priest
Heikki Killinen Heikki Killinen - Policeman #1
Lauri Hakala Lauri Hakala - Policeman #2
Akash Khurana Akash Khurana - Indian police chief
Marco Melander Marco Melander - Photographer

The Real McCoy (1999)

With the profits of this film the producers got Andy a set of dentures to replace his rotting teeth which are so prominent in the movie.

This movie is a combination of documentary, fiction and fictive documentary. It uses old interviews of Hanoi Rocks and live material filmed at several locations and times. The cuts are clever, and the film really keeps you tied in.

Andy McCoy is, to say the least, interesting. The best scenes of him are when he's in a hospital or touring and so on, when he doesn't act, but is himself. The movie gets even fighteningly close to who Andy really is.

Any Andy fan should see this. Just for the music, if nothing else.