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Wild Alaska Summer (2015)
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    Alex Lanchester,Felicity Lanchester
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The few short months of an Alaskan summer must sustain the wildlife for the whole year. No matter how hot it gets, winter is just around the corner, and there is much to do before the sun sets again. Twenty-four hour sunlight brings its own problems: forest fires, Sahara-like sand dunes in the Arctic Circle and the very speed of seasonal change serve as reminders as to how untameable Alaska is.
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Denny Heide Denny Heide - Narrator (Brazil)

Wild Alaska Summer (2015)
Am a big fan of nature documentaries, especially the work of David Attenborough. Having been recommended 'Wild Alaska' on here while being on a documentary binge, it was instantly put down on my list as a must see. Also heard nothing but praise for it, which has nearly always been a good sign, so that further sparked interest.

'Wild Alaska' may not be among the best documentaries there is and falls short just of masterpiece and piece of art status, then again this is coming from someone who thinks highly of nature documentaries but always expects a lot. It is still excellent, its best parts actually feeling much more than just a documentary. Throughout it's an awe-inspiring, utterly transfixing experience that should have lasted longer than the three episodes it had, for a look at Alaska and its wildlife it is a more than recommendable watch.

The first episode "Summer" is a wonderful second episode filled with as much warmth as the short Alaskan summer itself.

Not really anything wrong here, the subtitles perplex a little perhaps at times and the sound is occasionally underpowered but the good (or shall one say brilliant) far outweighs the not so good.

It is hard knowing when to start with the praise. "Summer" for starters may lack the cinematic quality of some other documentaries but nonetheless looks amazing. It is gorgeously filmed, done in a completely fluid and natural, sometimes intimate (a great way of connecting even more with the animals), way and never looking static. The scenery and habitats are some of the most breath-taking personally seen anywhere, whether in visual media and real life. The rich colours just leap out and the scenery from this part of the world has rarely looked more beautiful. The music here is a remarkably good fit, throughout it not only complements the visuals but enhances them and there is an authentic flavour to it.

What of the narrative and information aspects? Can find little to fault "Summer" in this aspect either. The narration has a great well-balanced mix of facts that will be familiar to the viewer and others that will induce the right amount of surprise. In short, it's just fascinating, informative and thoughtful.

From start to finish, "Summer" managed to intrigue and illuminate, and there is a freshness to the material, not feeling derivative of anything. The narration is delivered articulately, there's an enthusiasm and precision about the delivery and it never feels preachy and always lets the scenery and wildlife and such speak for themselves.

The wildlife themselves are a wonderful mix of the adorable and the dangerous, and one actually finds they're rooting for them in exactly the same way they would a human character. Seeing them adapting to, surviving and interacting with their habitats is fascinating to watch. There is a good deal of suspense and emotional impact. There are some scenes where one is amazed that they managed to be filmed in the first place.

"Summer" feels much more than an episode of a series and it doesn't feel episodic or repetitive. It instead feels like its own story, without being too reliant on that approach, with real, complex emotions and animal characters developed in a way a human character would in a film but does it better than several.

Concluding, excellent. 9/10 Bethany Cox