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Yong Pal
TV Series
Kim Tae-hyun is a talented surgeon. Desperate for money to pay for his sister's medical bills, he adopts the code name Yong-pal and offers his medical skills to those in need of medical attention but who cannot do so publicly, dealing with criminals and corrupt plutocrats. Joining a team of corrupt physicians Kim rescues "sleeping beauty" Han Yeo-jin, a chaebol heiress, from a medically induced coma, leading to unintended consequences.
Series cast summary:
Joo Won Joo Won - Kim Tae Hyun 18 episodes, 2015
Tae-hee Kim Tae-hee Kim - Han Yeo Jin 18 episodes, 2015
Hyeon-jae Jo Hyeon-jae Jo - Han Do Joon 18 episodes, 2015
Jeong-an Chae Jeong-an Chae - Lee Chae Young 18 episodes, 2015
Woong-in Jeong Woong-in Jeong - Chief Surgeon Lee 18 episodes, 2015
Mi-kyung Kim Mi-kyung Kim - Nurse 18 episodes, 2015
Jiyeon Shin Jiyeon Shin - Nurse 10 episodes, 2015
Stephanie Lee Stephanie Lee - Cynthia 9 episodes, 2015

Yong Pal
Joo Won is the doctor hero here. He saves Kim Taehee the princess in this drama from her medically induced coma. The villain is Jo Hyun Jae the evil greedy corporate brother and they are also in a medical setting with decent supporting cast. It's fast, fun and fearless. The only thing that bothered me was how the story starts to sink when the evil brother dies. The show should have ended with the death of the evil brother. Instead you get couple of episodes at the end which fills like a filler.

Of course Joo Won has been in a medical drama before "Good Doctor" where he shone as the doctor with autism. He is brilliant here-very brilliant, he is part doctor/stuntman/hustler and what not. Joo Won is very good here. Kim Taehee is competent in her role but not brilliant here. The only surprising thing about this show is the career turning move and the breakout performance of Jo Hyun Jae who plays the evil brother. This is really the first time he has played a villain of course he played a smirky sneaky adman in "Ad Genius Lee Tae Baek", but this is a full on villain role. Jo Hyun Jae is that actor that has always played the sweet baby faced hero prince in countless Korean dramas. Here, he is menacing, intelligent, cold, heartless, articulate and passionate. Who knew he had that inside of him? The scene of the dinner party is a standout scene for Jo Hyun Jae. This is a revelation-not to be taken lightly. Move over Jo In sung and Jung Woo Sung, here comes Jo Hyun Jae!
Yong pal is a really good drama mainly because of the actors well except for Joo Won as the main lead and because of the realistic plot of the heiress's leadership and gaining ultimate power from her evil surroundings including her own brother. This drama is more focusing on Han Yoe Jin's survival with Yong pal/Kim Tae Hyun's help throughout eps while the title yong pal means gang doctor doesn't really right for the whole story, also inserting their love story.

I really enjoy this drama because of Kim Tae Hee's incredible acting. I'm not really a big fan of her, her dramas which I watched are "stairway to heaven, love story in harvard, iris, jang OK jung" not really appealing for me and her acting felt so so but in "My princess and yong pal" she really did a good job. Here she was acting great portraying a hurtful, loving, and cruel person at the same time and when she did cruel things instead of hating her I felt sympathy to her since we the audiences could understand her reasons and her pains for doing so. Not just a pretty face but this woman really can act. It's hard to gain audiences' sympathy nowadays since audiences' become smarter each time.

However Joo Woon really disappointing while I was his fan at first but now I have to change that. Watching him first time since "Baker king" followed by "Good doctor and Nodame cantabile" (Korean version) feel that yong pal is his most degrading acting. He really didn't have many expressions either receiving bad and sad news, even felt disappointed he showed nothing very lack of affection towards his wive while he claimed he loves his wive so much nearing the end of the eps.

This drama should have ended at 16 but the producer decided to extend it to 18 eps since they wanted the main couple to have a happy ending which I find unnecessarily. The story is perfect ending at 16 where Han yoe jin and kim tae hyun saying good bye to each other due to the difference thought of life, she is a leader of multi national companies in her hand lies thousands of people life depending on her good and cruel leadership while he is a naive doctor who is not thinking bright of humans' mind and rather stupid of business's world helping her evil brother just like betraying his own wive but he did not realize that. Both characters are too different to each other to live together unless she can let go of her company or he let go of his naive thoughts and what he called a kindness if not he'll be continued being used as a tool to hurt her. The writer of this drama at first making yong pal's character really good and bright he understood how the society works but nearing the end the writer wanted to make a conflict between a lover hence creating the naivety of yong pal who was being raised as a poor child and had already felt the cool and the cruel reality of the world which rather not make sense, I blame the writer and the producer who was trying to change the original concept of this drama to their own mellow dramatized version.

Yes it's a happy and short ending.
There are lots of good kdramas, but only perhaps a dozen or so which really stand out as better than the rest. While this one doesn't get that much credit in many lists of top kdramas, I think it is in that top dozen. It's got plenty of intrigue and suspense, lots of medical operating room gore, money driven power plays, and a very nice romantic story anchored by the beautiful Kim Tae Hee. This is a drama well worth watching.